Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Trends. Of course. It's Spring!

I am not a particularly trendy person. Heaven knows. But every once in a while I get the urge to redecorate myself. Hair, makeup, color palette in the old closet. I went for a peek at the Spring forcast and found. . . (drum roll please). . .

Jumpsuits! Yes, those wacky garments that make you have to qualify for the bathroom olympics are back They say the "head to toe monochrome look" will "make you look taller." Personally, I think they just make you look like you're in prison or clinically depressed. . . or both. My bad. It says here (my fashion mag) that metallics are going to be big for the jumpsuit look. Which just means we'll have to take a can opener with us to the ladies' room.

Purple lip color. But not just one shade of purple. . . there are hundreds of shades: wild plum, eggplant, loosestrife (!), purple-dove, mad violet, mauve melt, plum brulee, black orchid, pink lilac, venetian rose, rosewood, seared raspberry and my favorite, lick-me-lilac. Did I mention I look cadaverous in purple and that wearing lilac makes perfect strangers pause and offer to donate blood in my name. I probably won't be hitting this fashion trend. . . no matter how cute or alluring the lipstic color names are. But if you're a person who can wear some exotic blend of red and blue. . . this is your year, baby!

Sheers. I am taking this not to mean the see-through drapes that used to be de rigeur on well-dressed windows in fashionable homes. When I looked up a few pics of the clothes involved, I thought I had staggered into a time portal. I thought we had driven a stake through the heart of the sheer/naked blouse years back. Apparently these translucent-to-transparent monstrosities that show the safety pins in your bra, your moles, and your back cleavage have the lives of a cat. Or a vampire. They're back. In both sweeping, scarf-like models and ruffly demure versions. Did any of you wear these in their earlier incarnation? do you know anybody over 15 who did? I have to think this is the ultimate we're-down-to-the-last-idea-in-the-barrell option. "Well, we could always bring back the see-through blouse. Bwahahahahahaha." (Evil laughter echoes throughout the sewers of Paris. And maybe under the Opera House.)

Fruity colors. Papaya, Jamacian Sunset, Pineapple Crash ,Tropical Lime, Banana Creamie, Pomegranate, Pistachio, and Passionfruit. . . as well as Palace Blue. Imagine wearing such things to the office. . . as well as on the beach. . . to backyard barbeques. You know, this is one trend I might be able to get behind. I have too much of a tendency to buy neutrals and dark colors and autumny hues. I could stand to brighten up a bit. A papaya shirt or two. . . as long as it isn't transparent. . .

Here is a smorgasboard of "honorable mentions" that may set your teeth on edge or make you giggle. . . depending on your orientation.

short bandage dress

grecian goddess sportswear (?)

cut out booties

exposed midriff


huge and massive earrings

knee high gladiator platforms

oops shorts (???)

I'm not certain, but I think Stella McCartney seems to have imbedded a tequilla worm in the lucite heels of her spring pumps. Look 'em up and see it you can tell me what that thing is.

Okay, I think there are a few redeeming graces in the season's fashion fare. I fell madly in love with a pair of shoes meant to take us back to the "natural." See what you think. Too much?

Sigh. Now that's FASHION!

Oh, and before I forget, I want to invite you to my new web site. . . BetinaKrahn.com. I'd love to hear what you think of it. Be sure to drop me a line!

Meanwhile. . . what is your favorite fashion trend? something maybe that started out as a trend but became a staple part of your look or your wardrobe? Are you a trend setter or a trend follower? And am I the only person in North America who wishes the 80's legwarmers would come back? I loved those thing-- especially in winter!


Anonymous said...

I have to be honest...I haven't been a slave to fashion since high school. When you are a "woman of a certain age", most of those fashion trends from the runway look silly...like a desperate woman trying to recapture her youth.

Those platform shoes? Wore them in college. Never again.

See-Thru blouses? I'm pretty sure I'd get a request to cover up!

Purple lipstick? Someone would probably start CPR.

Personally, one of the nice things about being a mature woman with a mind of her own means not being a slave to fashion...unless we're discussing designer chocolates, then I'm all over those!

Betina Krahn said...

Cyndi, I hear you. But I have to admit there are some trends I do like. . . like the colors. And I'm all over those "trouser" shorts of recent vintage. They're comfy and yet concealing.

And I'm eternally grateful for whoever made pantyhose "antiquated." Except of course when I'm wearing something special. Then I feel undressed without them.

magolla said...

Hate the jumpsuits and agree that the models look like they are doing time.
I do like the flippy little floral skirts with the darling platform stipper shoes, but I wouldn't wear them. If I was in HS or college, you bet I would, but not any longer. The old back can't handle the stilettos for any period of time--I can attest to this since I wore my heels on Sunday for 5 hours and I've been down for two days!

Cindy Gerard said...

Betina - thanks for the grins. You are too funny. I, personally, can't wait to see you in those platform fairy flower shoes at RWA in DC. They are sooo you.:o)
As for fashion dos - I love walking shorts. And I adore whoever made the decision that jeans were vogue for most occasions.
I've been overseas a couple of times in the past few years and the women there have a sense of style that I really appreciate and they pull it off with basically one item that I'm going to try to incorporate more in my wardrobe: the scarf. Whether it's a pashmina or a silk scarf, that one item just jazzes up an outfit be it jeans and a t-shirt or a sweater and slacks. way cool.

Michele Hauf said...

Yay, for fringes!

GunDiva said...

Thanks for the morning giggle, Betina. And, Cindy, amen to the jeans. I am SOOOOOO not a slave to fashion (but then, what do I know, I wear scrubs to work every day). There are times, however, when I wish I had sort of a clue about it. You know, those times when I'm NOT at work and I'd like to go out in something other than jeans and a t-shirt. Then I look around at what is considered "fashion" and snap back into reality :)

Kathleen Eagle said...

Gray for spring? Is that a sign of bad weather or hard times?

I like the fruity colors. Cheers!

Kylie said...

Fruity colors are great :) And you're (sorta) in luck because although they aren't leg warmers, leg hugging tights (same thing) have been in for a couple years now.

I tend to wait a couple years before deciding I like a fad and then jump on the fashion caboose as it's train is pulling back into the station, LOL.

There just doesn't seem to be any originality as everything old is new again. But the bare mid-driff thing needs to be over until or unless people can buy mirrors before leaving their homes!

Kathleen Eagle said...

No killer stilettos for me, thanks. I'm a sensible shoe kind of gal.

I got a kick out of all the news anchors discussing Michelle Obama's "kitten heels" this week. And I appreciate her willingness to wear flats with some of her skirts. And clothes off the rack as well as the designer stuff--that's so cool. I loved Jackie Kennedy, but I'm ready for a stunning first lady in down-to-earth fashion who speaks for real women.

Playground Monitor said...

Put me in the jeans category. I couldn't wear a jumpsuit even if it was in a fruity color. I'm long-waisted and jumpsuits aren't. I'd have a constant wedgie.

Cindy, are you talking about the wrapped-around-your-neck-with-the-ends-hanging-in-front scarf look? I bought 4 cheapie pashminas in Chinatown last summer and I bought a cute blue batik one here and have worn them several times. They look so nifty on TV and everybody has them in the shows, but around here I'm not sure they've quite caught on yet. But I love the look.

Yeah, I'll be looking for Betina and her flower shoes in July. Should we have 911 on speed dial in case she topples over or gets faint from the lack of oxygen at altitude? ::grin::


Debra Dixon said...

Love the website, Betina! Although my sister who surfs at work would choke you for including music on your website. It gets the work-in-an-office gals in trouble. (g)

But I hate the trends! I have a tunic that's a thin cotton fabric called lawn and I hate dragging out the camisole to where with it!

M. said...

*clears throat*

'She walks in petals, like the sight
Of bloomy fields and blossom twigs..'

OK, that's as far as I got.

Kathleen said...

I am not nor have I ever been a slave to the what hip in fashion. I wear my own style and if you don't like it tough. I like to wear what looks good on my not some pretzle thin model. But I will admit that when the leggings and long overtops came in I was in heaven. I still wear my tops long but have had to forgo the leggings. And Purple, Mauve, Lilac, now these are colours. So I should fit right in this year.

catslady said...

I too am in the jeans category. Although it seems like they have been around forever - my mom has never worn them and I live in them.
And boy do I remember those jump suits - a girl could pee herself before getting out of one of them and the contorsions you had to go through so as not to get anything wet - yuk. Oh and forget platform shoes too.

lois greiman said...


Personally, I love jumpsuits. Can't help myself. Although the top three models look a bit like the walking dead, it's probably not because of their garments. Could be for lack of food.

As for me, I'm lovin' those crinkly, big pocket pants that you can carry small dogs in when you hike.

Keri Ford said...

Love the colors. Adore the shoes. Would totally wear them if I could cut off the platform part under the toes. Never liked that look.

And well, when I wore earrings, my ears could handle the weight of the big dangling hoops and whatever else until they touched my shoulders. I still have a couple pairs and I love them. Hubs think their stupid. I wear my own style to what I'm comfortable in.

Website looks great. Went for a peek and before I knew it, I was surfing through the pages!

Estella said...

Having never been a slave to fashion, it's all I can do not laugh at the new fashions.

Christie Ridgway said...

I like those fruity colors. Pretty and fun.

The jumpsuit does not look good on me...I think a much better style for people like Lois who are tall.

Cindy: I knew you were going to say the scarf as I started reading that! So many women do it so well and I just can't myself. I don't know why. Doesn't feel like me. Hmm. Maybe I don't have enough neck.

Betina Krahn said...

Thanks so much, everyone who left a comment! Sorry I've been away from the computer all day-- I meant to get back for individual responses, but didn't.

Interesting how we find comfy stuff and stick with it, come age and high water. I'm a big fan of penny loafers. I know it comes from the high school days. .. preppy was king. I don't wear them much these days, but I always look for them.

Betina Krahn said...

Hey, and thanks to every one who took a peek at my new web site!

Nikki said...

I like those fruity colors. But the shoes with the flowers in them? scary. just plain scary.