Friday, December 15, 2006

Library Journal's Top 5 Romances of 2006

Just in case you missed this the first time:

Sharing some pretty exciting news. The Library Journal's top 5 romances for 2006 are:

Deborah Smith - Crossroads Cafe (BelleBooks)
Mary Jo Putney - The Marriage Spell (Ballantine)
Mary Balogh - Simply Love (Delacorte)
Wendy Wax - Single in Surburbia (Bantam)
AND our very own ...

Kathleen Eagle - Ride a Painted Pony (Mira)


Deborah Smith's been a past guest on Rider's and she's coming back on Guest Blogger Wednesday, date to be determined. She's going to share some query letters Belle Books has received. Should be fun. Pretty neat she's in that top 5 too. Congrats Deborah!!


lois greiman said...


Huge congratulations! You are a star! Your convertible-riding cohorts are proud just to be in your esteemed company.

Candace said...

Mega-congrats, Kathy, on a well-deserved honor!!

Betina Krahn said...

Congrats Kathy and Deb! We're so proud of you! Now I REALLY can't wait to read RAPP!

Go get 'em Kathy!

:) Betina

Debra Dixon said...

yes! It was great fun to hear about Deb Smith (I was very proud on BelleBooks behalf, naturally) and then when I saw the full list and realized our own Kathleen was on it, well that most cool. :)


Anonymous said...

Ditto from me.
Mega congrats Kathleen and everyone else.
Cindy G

Kathleen Eagle said...

I figured out how to make my excerpt reading available from my web site! Go to then nav bar: Kathleen Reads. My son made this--slide show of our horses as I read passage about the hero and his horse. It's less than 2 min.

We've been working on this since last summer, but since it's homegrown, it took a while to get everything in synch. I loved the reading from Deb Smith's CROSSROADS CAFE! I think you can hear that one at the Belle Books site. Right, DebD?

Thanks for the 'atta girls, guys. It was a huge surprise. The book was barely out! Of course, Library Journal had an advance copy. It's cool to be named in such great company. Deborah Smith is awesome, and the two Marys--whoa...good stuff.

Helen Brenna said...

I loved the excerpt on your website, Kathy! Very nice pictures!