Saturday, December 16, 2006

Kathleen On Sweets in December

I love holiday treats. Sweets are the best treats, and I have a serious sweet tooth. Sweet crown? Got a new crown this week, and I keep thinking if they cover up the sweet tooth with porcelain, the craving will go away. So far, no go. As I may have mentioned once or twice, I've lost a good bit of weight over the last few months--weight that apparently glommed onto me as part of "the change." During the losing phase, I cut out the sweets. It's like an addiction--is an addiction--after a few weeks of not having the stuff in your system, you suddenly realize that you're not mentally pressing your nose against the pie case glass anymore at Perkins while hubby's paying the bill.

But now we're into the Season of Sugarplums. I've let the stuff creep back into my bloodstream. I'm going to hold the line against excess, I swear. And swearing helps, as does weighing myself often. But being very careful about the food you keep around the house also helps, and the other thing I like about holidays is leftovers. I'm a nighttime muncher, and I do enjoy heating up the leftover stuffing, scalloped corn, candied sweet potatoes, etc etc, which is why I make 10 times more than we'll eat for dinner. Saves time, right? You won't have to cook again for a few days.

But I have to remember what all that food did to my body. Left to their own devices, buns will rise. And I have two ovens--top and bottom.

Michele's thoughts on bras hit home with me bigtime. Put on a little weight and pretty soon the cups runneth over. And not in a good way. You go shopping for a new bra, and the 12-year-old "professional bra fitter" says that you need a larger one. Number or letter? you ask. Both, she says. And forget about the next size up. It's been a while since you've visited us, hasn't it? she says. And I didn't go back. Not until the old bras were hanging there like neckaces rather than foundational support. It was nice to rewind, ratchet it down a couple of sizes.

Oh, my. Time to back out of the fridge. Put that second chunk of fudge (but ohh, mmm, yumm...) down and back away. You can do it, Kathleen. You can get through the next couple of weeks without bloating the booty. Just resist one sweet treat at a time.

Got any tricks to share? How do you get through the holidays without blowing the progress you've made in the healthy body department?

P.S. I just posted a new excerpt from RIDE A PAINTED PONY on my website. Go to and click on Kathleen Reads. This rolls you over to YouTube, and you'll hear me reading while you watch a slide show (horses) that goes nicely with the passage. It's less that 2 minutes, and I'd love to know whether the platform works on your system.


Debra Dixon said...

Well, this year I'm not going to worry about the holidays because I blew the whole year.

Exercise is what I have to begin again. That starts in January.

Muscles burn more calories. So I'll be back at the free weights and on the tread mill.

If I just make it through the first two critical weeks I'll be home free. They say 14 days makes a habit.

Betina Krahn said...

Ohhh, Deb-- if only that 14 day thing were true. I'd have the best habits in the world. Or maybe it's just that MY habits take a couple of years to develop and ever-after are impossible to shed. sigh.

However, there's hope on the horizon. When Rex had to go on a low-to-no carb diet four months ago for serious health reasons, I found myself wading reluctantly into one myself. At first it was just the big carbs that went, after all, I wasn't diabetic. . . yet. But as the weeks have passed, I have weaned more and more unnecessary carbs out of my diet and have begun walking three miles three days a week. So far, I've lost 8 1/2 pounds. . . and some of the pressure on my joints. But most of all, I FEEL TERRIFIC! And after three months of really scaled back carbs-- though I eat plenty of protein and veggies-- I actually walk through the bakery and the pasta aisle in the supermarket without a twinge.

I'm just not having those old familiar carb cravings. I feel like I could sit by a whole plate of fudge for hours and not blink. Chocolate fondue? I'll take the fruit meant for dipping and eat it plain. I just don't have the sweet and carb cravings I used to have.

I would never have guessed I would go this way. My previous diets were all sensibly balanced and allowed most everything in moderation. . . which meant I'd occasionally have a big juicy slice of pie or cake. . . and immediately start craving calorie-dense foods again. Not this time. This whole "low carb" approach seems to be working in ways I hadn't expected.

My first holiday party is tonight. I'll report back on how I did.

:) Betina

Betina Krahn said...

Oh I almost forgot the tips!
From my Weight Watcher leader days:

Keep plenty of low carb, low cal, and high fiber foods on hand.

Plan healthy snacks into your daily routine. Shop with them in mind.

Never go to a dinner or party hungry. . . eat something low-carb or low-cal before you go. (Like the old don't-go-to-the-grocery-store-hungry rule, only for social occasions.)

When possible take healthy snacks or dishes with you to family dinners and parties.

Pause a moment before you go to anticipate what kinds of food you'll encounter and what kind of atmosphere you'll be in. (If a restaurant, pre-order in your mind.) Figure out in advance a strategy for dealing with the particular "eating challenge" you'll meet.

Plan a reward for your sensible and healthy behavior. . . plan to take a warm bath and read after you get home. Or have some spicy warm tea and curl up with a book you've been meaning to start. Or get out the body butter and ask your sig-other for a back rub.

Okay, I'm ready for the party.

:) Betina

Helen Brenna said...

It makes sense during the holidays to not try and lose any weight, just maintain. That's usually my goal.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Those are some great tips, Betina. Keep up the great work! Isn't it amazing how much difference a few pounds makes on the joints? (Isn't it amazing that we have to think about our joints? Wasn't it only yesterday that they were just places on our bodies that folded? Easily, too. Sometimes folded double, no problem.)

And Helen...maintaining is all you need to do, dear. You look magnifico.