Friday, December 15, 2006

Through the Eyes of Children


Helen Brenna said...

My favorite is the one about kissing in church, although not wanting to be reincarnated as Jennifer Horton is pretty funny too.

My apologies to all the Jenny H's out there!

lois greiman said...

I looooove these.Obviously these kids have a much closer relationship with God than most of us. Makes ya think.

Betina Krahn said...

How cute! Helen, it's just what I needed this morning. . . chuckles with an "awww" at the end.

Do you remember your own innocent conceptions of God and religious stuff? I remember being in church a lot as a kid and hating to have to sit still. I remember thinking God was like my daddy-- only with a long white beard. I remember being a little worried about the Holy Ghost thing. And I remember wishing I could fly like the angels. . . looking forward to it someday. Sadly, I no longer do. The price of maturity, I guess.

:) Betina

Debra Dixon said...

What always amazes me is how "clearly" children think. There's no filter there. They cut right to the heart of their issues!

These were great.

Loralee said...

God bless the children!