Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Work(s) in Progress

Betina here. I'm working while waiting for my Opus Magnificat, The Book of True Desires to hit the bookstands. The September book is my best shot at "romantic adventure" and "funny." My editor said this was the strongest heroine she'd read in years. I want to BE her. My personal favorite is the hero. . . who is not only sexy in his too-rational sort of way, but he's got a wicked sense of humor. Ooooh, and he comes to really dislike chickens.

Meanwhile I'm juggling three novels at various stages of production and one non-fiction book-of-my-heart. Can you say "at a crossroads?"

The WIP I'm working on today is a contemporary about a woman who gets sucked into something. . . um. . . medical. . . and has to help others. . . in spite of some other people. . . and ends up discovering a special ability that allows her to. . . um. . . help others even more. Along the way, she meets two men, figures out what to do with her life, heals her family, and has some really hot sex. If I say more, I give away my premise.

I've been told this book is attractive because it has a "platform." Which in publishing-speak means it deals with a marketable issue that can be used to promote the book in addition to just a fictional storyline. Bear that in mind, people, when you're planning your next work.

Platform. It's not just for shoes anymore!


Helen Brenna said...

Betina, have you ever written a contemporary before? How do you like it?

Michele said...

Yes, yes, Betina's books are always fabulous. It's a given. The woman is a writing goddess. But let me just note that she gets no brownie points from me for posting at 5:30 in the am! Who does she think she is? I mean, the world isn't actually awake at that time, is it? Is there even sun out that early? How does she see to find her way to the computer? Normal people do not rise until well after 8!
This just proves, the woman is not human, which is why she is able to forge such wonderful stories and make it seem so effortless.


anne said...

platform! that's my problem. i need a platform. i don't think i've ever heard that before.

it sounds very intriguing, betina.

Kelly Parra said...

Yeah, platform, maybe I need that too! ;D

Betina Krahn said...

Alas, Helen, I have written a contemporary before. Back in '85. It never saw print. I have two contemporaries in the works. . . several more in early stages. My crit partner said I have found my contemporary voice and it's good. We shall see.

And as for the inhuman part-- Michelle, that was 5:30 PACIFIC time, which for some reason Blogger seems to always be on. I posted at a very civilized 8:30 my time. I promise.

And as to "platform," Anne and Kelly-- consider that my contribution to the greater good. Who knew that there could be something so fundamental that still seems to be a big publishing secret. Why doesn't anybody tell us about such things?

Helen Brenna said...

Betina, I bet you have a great contemp voice!! Can't wait to read it.

Michele said...

Ah, well then. But you're still a goddess in my book, Betina.