Wednesday, August 09, 2006



Current project: I’m working on a sequel to Pale Immortal, my September 5 release. The manuscript is due December 1, and at this moment I’m trying to get the first draft completed by August 22.

What happens August 22? I’m co-hosting a cool, cool, cool writing contest at The Clarity of Night.
Anyone can enter, so please check it out!

Once that’s finished I begin a month of book signings, conferences, travel, and hanging out. I start with a signing in my hometown of Burlington, Iowa, at the beginning of September, and wrap up October 2 in Madison, Wisconsin, where I’ll be attending Bouchercon, the HUGE international mystery conference, Never been to Bouchercon before, so this will be interesting.

But wait! That’s not all!

I started my personal blog about a year and a half ago at the suggestion of my editor. Didn’t want to. Had no interest in it. Didn’t believe in any kind of self-promotion. Now I’ve actually been dubbed the internet magpie. I kid you not. This is because once I decide to do something, I go a little crazy. Ask anybody here. Hehe.

So anyhoo, I have few blogs. You might want to visit some of them.

STATIC: This is my personal blog where I tend to blog about whatever is on my mind. I also have a big mouth and have been known to bitch about industry topics some writers think of as taboo. This pisses people off -- which in itself can be highly entertaining. I have a ton of great links. Several are romance, but most are crime fiction and suspense oriented.

Immediate project:

PROJECT PIMP SQUAD, or more politely called 100 BLOGGERS BLOGGING. I came up with this concept about a month ago. I’m trying to get 100 bloggers to blog about Pale Immortal on September 5. A virtual party. It is going to be a blast, so join us if you can.

If you are interested in being part of this project (OH, PLEASE, PLEASE!) you can email me at and I’ll put you in the PIMP SQUAD email address book and send the posting info to you, or you can simply go to my blog a few days before September 5 to get all of the information. I will also be posting it here on September 5. Right now I have about 50 firm commitments, so I’m halfway to my goal.

PALE IMMORTAL blog: This has been recently updated and contains an intro to the book, the first chapter, a five-minute book video, and some photos and text to spark the imagination. Please check it out!!

MADAME SOSOSTRIS: another one of my blogs. I know. I’m insane. Madame S does tarot readings, but half the time she’s in rehab.

When do I have time to write? I don’t. Gotta do something about that when I get home in October.


Helen Brenna said...

Sweetie, you can't wait until October to find time to write. You gotta have a first draft done in ... 2 weeks!

Almost there?

Helen Brenna said...

Wow. How did you do the ticket stub and album label?

Michele said...

I want to blog about Pale Immortal!

anne frasier said...

helen, yes i'll be done the first draft in another week or so. then i'm taking a deep breath a bit of a break!

isn't that ticket stub cool? :D one of those generated things.

why is my post staying at the top? arghhh! i have to look at the time stamp!

michele, are you saying you want to be in the pimp squad? yay!!!

Kelly Parra said...

You are so a blogging/Internet pro now! yay! Everything sounds great this month. And I'll be emailing you soon about the Sept interview! =D

anne said...

kelly, that will be great. :) i'm looking foward to it! that's another reason why i wanted to leave september open so i can focus on that kind of fun stuff.

Betina Krahn said...

Project Pimp Squad! LOL! I love it! I can't wait to read Pale Immortal! And sometime you'll have to tell us all about your trailer and how you managed it.

anne said...

thanks, betina.

the trailer was fun and interesting to make. not sure i'd ever do another because i'm not convinced they really do anything, but i'm glad i tried it. my daughter made it for me, so it was child labor. :D