Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lois's Prize Pecs Are On Sale This Week!

This week? Or was it last week? I know it's Lois's day to blog, and she's off somewhere doing something else. Is she Tempting? Or has she been thrown to the Wolves? The hoards of fans who've been waiting for Lois's latest passion-filled historical may have trampled our fair Lois in their rush to attain the prize! Maybe there's a S.O.S. posted at http://www.loisgreiman.com. Or, there might be more pecs on the site. One never knows until one takes a peek.

Oh, wait. I nearly forgot. Lois is preparing to walk her handsome son down the aisle this weekend. Oh, man, the pressure! A new baby appears in the bookstores just as the first baby leaves the nest. We're here for you, Lois!

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