Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kathleen's Madcap Tattoo Experience

And so, dear friends, here it is. The gecko on my ankle. This was taken last October on our 35th wedding anniverary trip. This is the only picture of me that I can show from that trip. I've lost 40 pounds since then.

Ah, sand and surf. Ah, full moon over Maui. Makes one a little crazy. Playing fast and loose as it were, dear Aniteb. The nice thing about henna is that it's painless. And I must say that sporting a tattoo made me feel different. Daring. Almost tempted to go braless.

Here's a picture of the artist. Isn't he a sweetie?

So I came home with this gecko on my ankle and shocked the beans out of my tattooed son. For half a second he thought I'd actually done it. I mentioned his tattoo history, didn't I? Here's the artwork. When he was maybe 10 or 12 we went to a Rendezvous (mountain man camp/reenactment kind of thing) and he got a camp chair from one of the "traders." I painted this very design on it. Years later, here it is, a permanent fixture on his arm. A step up from I (heart) Mom, yes?

You know what? A tattoo is going straightaway into the WIP. I just saw it with the ol' mind's eye, clear as you please. This story has 3 protagonists of equal weight. I know two of them quite well, but the third one...yes, she absolutely has a tattoo. And I know when she got it and how she feels about it and it has to do with her mother. Excuse me. I have to go do some freewriting right this very minute.


Betina Krahn said...

Cool temp-tat, Kathy! I had a rose on my ankle once. . . for a week. I kind of liked it, but I think I liked it more for the fact that would come off whenever I wanted it to. But I have to say, the sight of those butterflies across the back on made me pause and consider. . .

anne said...

kathleen, the gecko is very cool.

and a 40 pound weight loss is absolutely amazing!!!!

i LOVE your son's tattoo, and the fact that you designed it. thanks so much for posting it.

betina, i'm definitely going to cactus tattoo when i'm in makato this november. hmmm. can i wait that long....?

amy*skf said...

Kathleen--go for the real thing. I think especially in celebration of a 40lb weight loss. Get the gecko on your ankle.

Do it. You know you want to.