Friday, July 28, 2006

Tate Hallaway harbors vampire kitties

Ha! Made you want to read this post, eh? Seriously, these kitties are too cute to be dangerous.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Tate says: "The big orange kitty is our beloved prince, LeBeau. He died at six
years old of a heart attack (no kidding), but he was always
personality plus. You know how some animals find you and not the
other way around? When Shawn found Beau playing in traffic in Swede
Hollow, Shawn asked him if he wanted to come home with us. Beau
literally just stepped into our car as if to say "Home, James!" So,
after checking the neighborhood for a lost cat, she did just that.
Then she called me at work and said, "Uh, there's this cat on our
porch..... We don't have to keep him, but...." Before she could even
say another word, just said, "I'll call the vet to make an
appointment." I just knew he was staying with us."
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting "The other two babies are Inky and Peep. They're with us now. They
live with their foster mother Delia, Miss Piggy, and All Ball. (Yes,
we're the crazy cat ladies). Anyway, this photo was taken when they
were only six weeks old. Mason, our son, was just over a year old and
so we asked him to name the new kitties. His first inclination was
Inky and Blinky, but then Peep talked. Peep can't meow properly (vet
says her mother may have had a cold when she was pregnant with her;
though Inky her sibling meows just fine). The sounds she makes are a
very high pitched, whispering "eeeehhpp." So, she became Peep. My
favorite thing about Peep is that once a day she will come into the
computer room and "yell" at me. She lets out a long string of peeps,
apparently just to let me know she'd rather have stayed with her
mother all those months ago. Inky is the only male in our household
besides Mason. Like Mason, he prefers the toilet seat up. He's the
only cat I know that like to drink from the toilet like a dog. ;-)"
Thanks for sharing, Tate! Please stop by Tate's site. And also check out her blog.

[note: let it be said the Michele HATES photobucket. After maxxing out my account for the month I moved over to Photobucket. Their resizing feature is NOT GOOD, I tell you. I resized many times, and it kept showing a monstrous pic, but now, it shows teeny pics above. Sigh... Wanted them to be bigger, but I gave up.]

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anne frasier said...

aww, sweet kitties...

i'm a crazy cat lady too. but when my daughter moved out she took some of the cats with her, so that worked out pretty well.

michele, i have the same problem with photobucket. it's useless for resizing. i justed joined flickr. didn't know you could use it to resize. i'll have to try that.

thanks for the kitty pics!