Friday, July 28, 2006

Lyda Morehouse is not about to be outdone by her alter ego

I suspect this Lyda chick may know a thing or two about Tate Hallaway. One thing is certain, they seem to share the same pets.
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Lyda says: "This is Kirk -- yes, named for James T. When he first came to live
with he was named of all things "Vicious." It wasn't really him. We
had a number of cats in the house all named after Greek/Roman gods:
Artemis, Apollo... so we were entertaining names of that caliber, like
Calypso or Perseus. Then he came strutting in to the kitchen with a
swagger that seemed to say, "How you ladies doin'?" and we both looked
at each other and said, "Kirk." And, as one of my truly geeky friends
later pointed out James T. Kirk meets the god Apollo in the Old Trek
episode, "Who Mourns for Adonis"...."
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vodka and cigarettes said...
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vodka and cigarettes said...

I can't tell if Kirk is happy, sleepy, or pissed. Maybe all three. A handsome guy!