Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Barbara McMahon Plays Ball

Meet S'mores and Mandy, the proud owners of author Barbara McMahon.
Barbara's latest book is THE SHIEKH'S SECRET, a July release from
Harlequin Romance, and you can catch her "Dishing With the Divas"
by taking the link we've provided in our sidebar.

Here's what Barbara says about her two beauties:

I believe all homes should have a pet or two or three. I currently
have a darling cat and two wonderful, sometimes wild, dogs. S'mores,
because of his coloring, is my favorite, until Mandy, the German Shepherd,
comes over for a kiss. Their favorite activity by far is "Play Ball."
Whenever I say that, they both jump up from wherever they are and head
for the door. We have a chucker (plastic thing that holds the ball on a
long handle and I can throw balls farther than I can by hand--and I don't
get dog slobber on my fingers!). I usually have about 10 tennis balls
around at any one time. As fast as I can sling those balls, they run
after them. Time and again.

For a variation on a theme, in winter, when we have several inches
of snow, they love to chase snowballs, often digging in the snow where
one went in trying to locate the "ball."

The rest of the time they're in my office with me, lying on my feet,
or nearby--bringing me joy and delight every day.

Oh, the cat is equally loved. Cassidy just puts up with the dogs.
His favorite spot is in my office window sill trying for the birds
at the feeder.

Barbara McMahon
TRUTH BE TOLD, Harlequin SuperRomance, June, 2006
THE SHIEKH'S SECRET, Harlequin Romance, July, 2006


Barbara McMahon said...

Hi Kathy:

Thanks for posting my babies on your blog! How funny is this, today on the Fog City Diva's blog, I posted a note about these very dogs. And will follow up on Friday with a discussion about cats. My babies are famous!

We are exchanging dog stories on the Fog City Diva's site. How about some here?

Who was your favorite dog and why? Currently these two are my very favoritest in the world.

All the best,

Nicole said...

Oh....I love German Shepherds! So cute!

My favorite dog was a German Shepherd named Chava. She was just....hmm...herself. So pretty. Not very well-behaved though. Fiercely protective of us.

Kathleen Eagle said...

The first dog I considered to be MY dog looked like a small collie. I named him Prince. I was 10 years old, and we lived on Guam at the time. My best canine friend was Cisco, the Aussie we had to put down last winter. He was 13 and had cancer. He was my shadow, followed me everywhere, even to the bathroom. Almost too protective. But such personality! I miss him more than I can say.

anne frasier said...

aw, what a couple of cuties! thanks for sharing them with us, barbara!

favorite dog... that's tough, but i think my favorite was an aussie named elsie. she was so incredibly smart and sweet. unfortunately she carried the blindness gene, something we didn't know until she had blind puppies. then she went blind. but she actually got around fine, and the people who took her puppies loved them. but that's something you have to watch out for with aussies.