Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Not in Atlanta

Everyone's in Atlanta for the RWA national conference. Except me. At least, that's the way it feels. All the blogs are quiet. Nobody's sending me email... Of course, it was my choice not to go this year. I have a finite amount of money allocated to conferences and I've already spent this year's allotment to attend the annual Association of Fundraising Professionals conference--also, at it happens, held in Altlanta this year. I am a grant writer in my other life, so it was money well spent. I learned a lot. Did a lot of networking. Made a lot of contacts. All the stuff I'd do at RWA. But, darn, I didn't get to wear sequins even once!


Kathleen Eagle said...

Also not in Atlanta. I'm in the early stage of writing a new book and can't afford to be away from it. Darn. I've lost a good deal of weight since the first of the year, and I ought to be showing it off in sequins.

anne frasier said...

i'm also not in atlanta. I have a first draft i need to have finished by the end of august, plus i really can't afford more than one conference a year. I'm going to Bouchercon -- the huge mystery convention -- in Madison end of Sept. never been to that, but i've heard it's overwhelming. we'll see!

i'll report back once it's over. my publisher, Penguin/NAL, is going to be there and are planning some events and face-feeds.

Barbara McMahon said...

I'm home, too. Went to RWA last year in Reno, where I could drive. But it was too much to go to Atlanta this time of year. I also have a book due in August and need to work on it.

I think with the Internet, I don't need my "fix" of being with other writers like I used to. Now I communicate all the time, not once a year in a huge gathering.

But everything is really quiet on the boards and email. Should enable me to get a lot done, but I keep checking.

I like to think I'm providing a great service to those who go--they can tell me all about it and relive it again.

Best, Barbara

Pat White, Romance Author said...

Hey, Lucy Monroe is actually having a Blog Party instead of going to Atlanta. What fun! Check it out at: