Monday, July 31, 2006

Stephanie Feagan's fish does Sea World

Now this is cool. Today we're featuring Stef Feagan's pets, and what a great time to do so. She's probably just returning home after winning a RITA for Best New Book at the Romance Writers of America convention, which took place this past week. Congrats, Stef! Pink rocks!
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Here are Stef's comments: "Pets? Hmm - I've got fish, a couple of turtles in the backyard who come to the door and look in, wanting cheese, and a very hairy, bad-tempered cat. [The cat's] name is Louie, but we always call him Kitty, or The Catman. If I yelled out the back door, "Hey, Louie!" he'd never answer. Shout, "Here, Kitty!" and he's there. The fish is named Buddy, and - I'm not making this up - Mike holds his food just above the water and Buddy (a beta) jumps up to get it from his fingers. He always says, "Sea World's got nothin' on me!" Men."


anne frasier said...

i don't mean to downplay louie, bless his heart, but i find the rest of the photo as intriguing as the cat.

we have a sink.

we have something that looks like toothpaste in the background.

we have a prescription bottle.

and then we have a row of strange jars, with strange lids with what appeared to be openings of the same shape. on top of one lid is a set of metal tongs. it looks a little medical, but then we have a fish and a cat...

anne frasier said...

i hope stephanie drops in to explain this. otherwise i might not sleep tonight.

Michele said...

Oh, now you've got me intrigued, Anne! Hmm, very interesting...


Stephanie Feagan said...

LOL! It's the laundry room. The Rx bottle was for our dog, who passed on about a year ago (this is kind of an old photo). The containers? That's me being anal - I bought them for cat food/dog food/and dog and cat treats. After Mike rescued the beta (Little Buddy) from our daughter, who was a very bad fish mama, he set his bowl by the sink, where the Catman discovered it. He never, ever drinks from his kitty water bowl - always from the fish bowl.

Alas, we lost Little Buddy about two weeks ago - he lived almost 5 years, which they tell me is amazing for a beta. I thought I'd have to sedate Mike - he was so attached to that fish. We gave him a proper burial in the backyard, and my oldest daughter played Taps on her harmonica.

No, I'm not kidding - it was corny, but appropriate somehow.

Thanks so much for including our menagerie!-

Michele said...

Thanks for clearing that up for us, Stef! And mega congrats on the RITA!

anne said...

yes, i'm glad that's cleared up. thanks, stephanie!
i had a beta for several years and it was awful when he died. strange to get so attached to a fish, but it happens!