Sunday, July 30, 2006

Anne Stuart Lives With a Real Phantom!

Anne Stuart is hands-down one of our favorite authors. She does bad boy heroes with her own delicious flair. I'm a big fan of Romance with a strong focus on a complex hero, and Anne's men never disappoint.

But how about her pets? No surprise that her cat, Phantom, demands to speak for speak for himself.

"I am the magnificently adorable Phantom, proud owner of the Stuart-Ohlrogge family. Mind you, I have to share custody with Pooska, who thinks she's the Queen of All Creation because she happens to be long-haired, and Cello, who's so fat he can't even jump on the table. And then there's Rosie the dog, who's entirely mellow unless I come near her food.
But I, of course, am really in charge. I showed up here last fall, appearing out of nowhere like a ghost, flitting in and out until someone bribed me inside with a piece of cheese. And then they had me castrated! The indignity of it all!
I still am a mighty hunter, and I graciously climb in Anne's lap while she's using her laptop computer and shed into her keyboard. Most of the time I like to curl up on the quilts she's made. Cello coughs up hairballs on them, but all I do is shed.
In all, they're quite a good set of humans, even though Anne calls me "Helloooo Kitty" in an annoying voice everytime I rub up against her face (which is everytime I climb in her lap which is everytime I get off of Richie's or Tim's lap).
I'd appreciate it if you'd buy my pet's latest book, because if you don't I'll probably be out of Fancy Feast and Half and Half and back to dry cat food and water. Besides, she's a lovely woman if she'd just stop calling me "Hellooooo Kitty."

Dont' miss COLD AS ICE, Anne Stuart's next suspensful release from Mira in November. Check out her web site: We've added her blog to our link list, so do bop over and say hello!

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anne frasier said...

ah, the castrating power of cheese.

phantom, i could make a joke about phantom *cough*balls, but i won't because that would be tacky of me.

so glad you stopped for a visit!