Saturday, July 29, 2006

2006 Daphne Awards

2006 Daphne Published Winners and Finalists

Category (Series) Romantic Mystery/Suspense

Camouflage Heart by Dana Marton -- FIRST PLACE
Blue Jeans and a Badge by Nina Bruhns -- SECOND PLACE
Take No Prisoners by Gayle Wilson -- THIRD PLACE
The Business of Strangers -- HM
Worth Every Risk by Dianna Love Snell -- HM

Historical Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Every Whispered Word by Karyn Monk -- FIRST PLACE
Suspense and Sensibility by Carrie Bebris -- SECOND PLACE
His Dark Desires by Jennifer St. Giles -- THIRD PLACE
Counterfeit Countess by Cheryl Bolen -- HM
The Lady in Question by Judith Laik -- HM

Inspirational Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Love the Sinner by Lynn Bulock -- FIRST PLACE
In Plain Sight by Lorena McCourtney -- SECOND PLACE
Distant Echoes by Colleen Coble -- THIRD PLACE
Black Sands by Colleen Coble -- HM
Her Brother's Keeper by Valerie Hansen -- HM

Paranormal, FTTF Romantic Mystery/Suspense

Unmasked by C.J. Barry -- FIRST PLACE
Crimson moon by Rebecca York -- SECOND PLACE
Heart Choice by Robin D. Owen -- THIRD PLACE
Brighid's Quest by P.C. Cast -- HM
Through a Crimson Veil by Patti O'Shea -- HM

Mainstream Mystery Romantic/Suspense
Unzipped by Lois Greiman -- FIRST PLACE
Killer Takes All by Erica Spindler -- SECOND PLACE
Batteries Required by Jennifer Apodaca -- THIRD PLACE
Darkness on the Edge of Town by J. Carson Black -- HM
I Spy by Jacey Ford -- HM

Single Title Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Sex and the Serial Killer by Jennifer Skully - FIRST PLACE
Dead Reckoning by Linda Castillo - SECOND PLACE
To The Limit by Cindy Gerard - THIRD PLACE
Wednesday's Child by Gayle Wilson -- HM
Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare -- HM

And the committee is thrilled to announce the OVERALL WINNER of the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery Suspense is:


The Daphne Committee is pleased to announce the UNPUBLISHED winners and finalists of the prestigious 2006 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense:

Category (Series) Romantic Mystery/Suspense
The Hostage Heart by Kathy Altman - FIRST PLACE
Secrets by Jerre Ferns - SECOND PLACE
Forgotten Danger by Kathleen Cherry - THIRD PLACE
Best of Intentions by Kathy Altman - HM
Man on a Mission by S.L. Hardwick -- HM

Historical Romantic Mystery/Suspense
A Dangerous Affair by Nancy Herriman - FIRST PLACE
The Assassin's Lady by Delilah A. Ahrendt - SECOND PLACE
Secrets of the Blackwood by Christine E. Johnson
Fire at Midnight by Lisa M. Wilkinson - HM
My Pirate Love by Inara Scott - HM

Inspirational Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Gift of Death by Ronda Wells -- FIRST PLACE
Cargo to Die For: A Want-Ad Mystery by Kelly Ann Riley - SECOND PLACE
Neither Race Nor Creed by Ruth Logan Herne - THIRD PLACE
Manna Reign by Dineen A. Miller - HM
Asylum by Jill Nutter - HM

Paranormal (FTTF) Romantic Mystery/Suspense

Queen of Psycho Hearts by Joyce Ellen Armond -- FIRST PLACE
Cold Fury by Caroline Dunsheath - SECOND PLACE
Vamping the Chameleon by Barbara Monajem - THIRD PLACE
Waking the Dead by Carla Hughes - HM
Phantom Spirit by Sharon Forret - HM

Mainstream Mystery/Suspense *Due to tied first round scores, six finalists advanced to final round judging)
Second Hand Rose by Kathryn J. Kelly - FIRST PLACE
To Each Man an Island by Barbara Nickless - SECOND PLACE
No One Heard Her Scream by Cindy Marolt - THIRD PLACE
What You Wish For by Mira Lyn Sperl -- HM
Above the Fold by Corrina G. Lavitt -- HM
The Mandate by Philine Tucker -- HM

Single Title Romantic Mystery/Suspense

Under Cover by Allison Fippinger - FIRST PLACE
The Village by Allison Carmody - SECOND PLACE
Chasing Maggie by Susan Lanier-Graham - THIRD PLACE
Affair at Midnight by Sharon Wray - HM
Prey Tell by Valentina Plant - HM

And the committee is thrilled to announce that the OVERALL WINNER of the UNPUBLISHED Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense is:



anne said...

yay, lois!

Kathleen Eagle said...

Lois! Our own Lois Greiman is sitting in the Daphne driver's seat for UNZIPPED! Congratulation to Lois on winning FIRST PLACE and to our good friend Tina Plant for her honerable mention in the unpublished group. Way to go, guys!

Kathleen Eagle said...

Oh, heavens. That's honorable mention.

anne said...

yay, tina!!