Thursday, July 06, 2006

Candace Schuler's Girls

Welcome Candace Schuler to our happy band of riders! No, this isn't Candace. These are her gorgeous Dobies, Gabby and Xena. That's Xena, smiling for the camera. Gabby takes the draped over the top of the sofa approach to resting.

Candace says: "Xena, the Worrier (not Warrior) Princess is the big one with the mostly gray snout and eyebrows. She is a natural-born worrier and started going gray when she was about three. Squirrels worry her. Birds at the feeders worry her. Other dogs walking in front of our house worry her. Even a throw pillow not in its proper place on the sofa worries her.

"Her sidekick, Gabriella—called Gabby—is the exact opposite. 'What? Me worry?' She’s a happy girl. Though it was a little dicey when we first brought Gabby home, the two of them are buddies now. They make sure I get up out of my chair at regular intervals during the day and are pretty much the only reason I get regular walks."

Our guest author critters will be coming along soon, but first, our own little petting zoo. Care to guess how many of our pets have found their way into our books?


Helen Brenna said...

Candace, cute doggies. I especially love the pic of the one sleeping on the back of the sofa. Too funny!

anne frasier said...

aw, what cuties!