Friday, July 07, 2006

but it's a dry heat

we're still trying to figure out the beat of this group blog.
what do people want to read?
what will they respond to?
let's just consider this a test post.
if any riders think it's tasteless and want to delete it, i won't be offended.

naked bookseller

writer Lee Goldberg ran into the naked bookseller on his way to ThrillerFest last week in Arizona. This has become one of my all-time favorite photos. Lee has a new Monk book out that's getting great reviews. And yes, naked bookseller is holding one of lee's books.

lee goldberg

another not-so-naked man:


Stacy~ said...

I'll take the 2nd one ;)

Helen Brenna said...

I agree with Stacy. You already know I love Scottish accents. Well, I'll take the kilt too!

Kathleen Eagle said...

I looked at a few romance blogs yesterday while I was doing Romance by the Blog--lots of male cheese, but no one quite like Naked bookseller. I'm trying to imagine myself actually purchasing a book from this fellow. I give him the cash and tell him to keep the change and, no, a bag won't be necessary. Now I'm working this scene into a book. Wait! Working it into a writing class. Set up this scene and have students free write. But do I show them the picture? I probably just describe it. Let them use their imaginations. That's what's so great about words.

I do enjoy looking at a man with a good butt, but in a pair of jeans. Love a rear shot of cowboys hanging together at a fence. Kilts? Not so much. I used to look pretty cute in a kilt and knee socks myself.

Nicole said...

Naked bookseller....scary!

Other guy....Mmmm....

Kelly Parra said...

lol,lol,lol! The interesting people in the world. Yes, this guy would make a unique character. =D

anne frasier said...

stacy, helen, and nicole: i thought most people might feel that way. :)

kathleen: i'm with you. i normally prefer a covered butt.

you say you used to wear a kilt and knee socks... interesting....

kelly: if i ever make it to AZ i'm stopping at this guy's place. it's right off the interstate.
i'll bet that photo gets him a lot of business.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Well, yeah, I wore kilt and knee sock. Along with the proper foundation, of course. I suppose the style dates me, huh? The kilt was top o' the knee length when I was in jr-hi, but by the time I was, oh, maybe a soph, those skirts were getting up there. And no more knee socks. My generation's British Invasion did not bring kilts!

anne said...

kathleen, i don't think i had one of the kilts, but i definitely remember that style. i think they had a large pin on one side. i'm glad you had the proper foundation. that was my worry. ;)

my senior year was the first year we were allowed to wear pants/jeans to school. what freedom!