Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This works for me in the garden...maybe.

Or maybe I should say, Will this work? My tulip show is over, and I never know how to conceal the big floppy foliage in the narrow bed between garage and sidewalk. Last fall I neglected to take in some of the pots--we had such a nice long fall that I sort of forgot--so I had some broken pots in the spring. This is Minnesota. I found a use for them as props when the tulips started leaning across the sidewalk. (You're saying I should move the tulips? That would be work.) Now I've curled the foliage down in the pot, added potting soil, and planted annuals.

Question is, will the foliage be able to die back properly, and will the annuals thrive? Any bets?

"This Works For Me" is one of the blogging springboards we thought we'd use occasionally--spread some of our clever ideas around, maybe trade for some of yours. And if any of mine turn out to be not-so-clever, which often happens, I'll report back.


Jane said...


I love the Blog! It's a great idea and I look forward to reading it on an ongoing basis. I've bookmarked it in my browser so I can jump into it quickly.

Let's see, I should ask some kind of a question, shouldn't I. How about this: what's the absolute hotest type of heroine in romance fiction write now?

Jane Lindstrom

Michele said...

I don't know where I read this, but I think some avid gardeners do a little braid on their tulip leaves, or fold them, or work some sort of fancy thing with them, so they're not flopping all over, and yet, they still look decorative.