Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Burning Question

Jane asks: What's the absolute hottest type of heroine in romance fiction right now?

Now, our plan is to get all of our team members to weigh in on the weekly Burning Question, but it might take a while this first time around since half of our ranks are bound for Florida for the weekend--riding with the top down, of course. But anyone is welcome to chime in!


anne frasier said...

i keep hearing chicklit is fading fast, and chicklit has a lot to do with the heroine. which leads me to guess that the bridget jones heroines aren't as popular now as they once were.

Kathleen Eagle said...

I'm with Anne on the Bridget Jones heroines, but that might be because they don't "speak to me." I liked Bridget herself all right, but she's been done, and I'm seeing clones.

I see a lot of interest in the kickass adventuress and the woman with something extra like ESP or a past life. I think there's plenty of interest in the woman who, as my husband would say, "has a little age on her." He's quick to add that years add depth of character--ahem. This might be the professional woman facing a crisis, like Kristen Hannah's latest, THE MAGIC HOUR. Or maybe the woman starting over, like Barbara Samuel's last couple of books. Just read her new one--Madam Mirabelle's something or other (pardon me--I should br looking it up). Can't remember the title, but a fine story.

Michele said...

I've just returned from the Romantic Times Convention, and I took note that the majority of the readers were there for paranormal and erotica. So my guess for the current hot heroine has got to be kick-ass paranormal chick with a healthy sexual appetite.


roseginnym said...

I personaly am tired of the "erotica"...I think it is good to leave something to the imagination....also do not agree with the "paranormal". Adventuress, gutsy, take no prisoners, type of gal with sense of humor and maybe some little for me..

Betina Krahn said...

I'm with you, Rose. . . a strong, kick-butt heroine with lots of capability and enough healed wounds in her background to make her strong as an oak, but flexible as a yew. She has lived with her own flaws and faults long enough to not only acknowledge them, but to be able to laugh at them. In short. . . that's the woman I want to be!!!