Monday, May 15, 2006

Does this mean I get to go shopping?

As Kathleen mentioned, the Romantic Times convention is upon us. I've just emerged from a wicked deadline, and with my flight taking off for Daytona in two days, I suppose I should start packing, eh?

And, yes, I did go shopping. A lot. And I still feel the urge to go once again. Because you just never know what you'll need, right? I feel an intense need for a Meeting The Editor For The First Time outfit. That is just cause for shopping, yes? I'm sure I can convince The Hubby that it is. Oh heck, who needs to tell?

My list of clothing is growing, and it's taking a weird turn. I've got the Meet the Fans in Club RT outfit. It's comfy, yet sassy. I'll be doing a stint as one of the members of the Vampire Vixens on Wednesday afteroon in Club RT at 3:00, so stop by. Then, there's the Sexy Fantasy outfit that I need for the Ellora's Cave party that night. Yikes! I'm not sure about that one. I think it'll be pretty difficult to get Johnny to show up on such short notice. The costume just wouldn't be right without him!

Thursday I need only worry for the Faery Ball. I've got some swishy stuff, but the wings will have to stay home. I've got my own wings, anyway. They're always there, behind me, just most mortals can't see them. :-)

Friday demands a Luncheon dress. Got it. And later for the Vampire Ball something vampish. I think I've got that working as well. Picked up some snazzy, stilleto heels studded with silver rivets. Don't shoes just make the outfit? Just wearing some pretty pumps does something for me. And how I do adore them high and pointy!

Saturday I 've go the Author Signing Outfit, which I'm still not sure about. Casual dressy, or dressy casual? The signing is over 3 hours long. I've got to go for comfy, no matter what. That night the CosmoChix (hey, I'm in that group, too!) are throwing a shindig before the big Racing Party, so I've got that tee-shirt and skirt for that. You can find each of the six CosmoChix by looking for our tee-shirts that say, er...CosmoChix. :-) Betina and Lois are also Chix, so come say hello to us! And don't forget to cheer on Lois's son as he's striding the runway for the Cover Model Contest right before the Chix party. As for that Racing Party? I'm thinking of taking the night off. But who knows? I suppose I could borrow one of the many hundreds of Earnhardt tee-shirts The Husband owns.

Now, after all the clothes have been sorted through, and the shoes matched and necklaces and earrings and bracelets are coordinated, I still find myself with a few items extra. Hmm, seems I've actually overshopped. But that's not possible, is it? Nah. I'll save that spider-web-laced corset for the next family reunion. That should go over well, eh? ;-)

Talk to you all when I return. I'll try to snag a few photos.

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