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First let me say thank you to Cindy Gerard and all the incredible authors at Riding with the Top Down for having me. It’s so great to hang out with you guys
and talk ETERNAL HUNGER, the first book in my Mark of the Vampire series,which hit the shelves as of October 4th!!

And...(drumroll) here's a debut sneak peak of the hot off the presses cover for my second book in the series, ETERNAL KISS!
(out 4/2011)

Covers. Oh boy, that can be a wild, interesting, maddening, thrilling topic, no? Walking down the aisle in your favorite book store, your eyes running over the sea of titles – what catches you and makes you pick it up, flip it over and read the back? Or heck, what makes you cringe and turn the other way?

Since moving from category romance to paranormal, I’ve seen hundreds of awesome covers, drooled over many a hunky bare-chested hero, and yet I’m always interested in what everyone
else deems a ‘killer cover.’ There’s been some talk lately about the hero chest cover shots being overdone. For me, there can’t be enough ripped chest - and throw in a little strong jaw and a tat and I’m a buyin’!

Hee hee.

So what about you? Are covers a huge deal when you buy a book? What kinds of covers attract you? And what kinds have you running from the store?

I have 2 copies of ETERNAL HUNGER to give away so please comment!

Hey gang - Cindy, here, chiming in to let you know that the buzz for ETERNAL HUNGER
is at a fever pitch! Publisher's Weekly, in a starred review says: Just when it seems every possible vampire twist has been turned, Wright launches a powerful series with a rich mythology, page-turning tension, and blistering sensuality. Cool, right? Make sure you rush right out and check out this amazing book!


buddyt said...

From the reviews this sounds like a story with a lot of new twists.

I would love to get a copy so please enter me in the giveaway if it is open worldwide.


Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

mariska said...

I usually decide to buy a book, from the blurb on the back cover. not very into the cover person.

the spooky the cover, the more 'interest' i'm with the book. well still, i read the blurbs first :)

uniquas at ymail dot com

Betina Krahn said...

I love covers with hunky guys. but there are so many of them these days, it's hard to decide! Who knew there were so many hot guys in the world?

But there usually has to be something else I'm interested in on the cover. . . an archaeological site, a ship, barbed wire. . . heh. You covers are top notch, Laura. And has anybody ever told you that you look a lot like Anna Paquin in that photo?

krisgils33 said...

the blurb on the back is what makes me buy the book. although I must admit I am not immune to the delicious eye candy on the front cover!!!

Cindy Gerard said...

So happy to have you with us today Laura! Rock on girlfriend, I hear the book is going gangbusters!!!

And Betina - LOL on all the hunky guys. I think there are actually only 4 - they just recycle them and take off different clothes for different covers :o0

Keri Ford said...

when I'm in a bookstore, I do look at covers. a barechested guy never hurts anything :)

and OMG-- you DO look like Anna Paquin!

Laura Wright said...


Morning all:-)
Thanks for coming and I'm so excited be here! (Hey Cindy:-))

Carol - Glad your here! I loves those twists too!

Mariska - Interesting.. Back cover first, and the scarier the better, eh? My kind of girl:-)

Betina - Yes, cages and barbed wire help show off those tats and muscles. So many hot guys so little time - I think my mother said that. Or maybe not..
:-) Anna Paquin? one's said that, but thank you!! (Must be all that good lightning and airbrushing!)

Krisgils33 - First of all, your name makes me want to write a mermaid book - love it! And yes, I'm so with you on the hunky dudage:-)

Cindy - Again, thanks for having me here - I feel so at home!!

Keri - Pretty picture, hun! Forget Anna P, look at you:-)

gina said...

Hi! I've just added these two books to my goodreads list :) so happy to have heard about them.

To answer your question- I'm a librarian, and I often go by cover alone when ordering. The book may be brand new with no reviews yet and I can't get it in my hand to learn more so a cover can be a deal sealer (or breaker!). I've heard the "don't judge a book by it's cover" and to that I tell the adults and teens in my library "Why not!?" Take a book home based on nothing but it's cover and you might just get turned on to a new author you've never heard of before!

Laura Wright said...

Wow, Gina!! This so fascinating. I love hearing from Librarians, and learning what the choose and why!
"Yes, go try that book based on the cover!"

CrystalGB said...

Hi Laura. You have some nice covers. If a cover is interesting I will pick up the book to see what the book is about but the cover doesn't influence my buying decision. It is more about the back cover blurb and inside cover mini excerpt.

Laura Wright said...

Hi Crystal! Thanks for coming by. So glad you like these covers..they do have some nice man candy:-)
I rely on the inside cover excerpt too - usually gives tone and a little story..

Stephenia said...

I love the hunky bare chested men on the covers these days! I don't like seeing too much of their face, I like to fill in that blank by myself.

I also like covers showing the guy smooching on the girl's neck, there is something so intimate looking about that.

The cover might draw me in, but the blurbs and first few pages are what entice me into making the purchase.

Laura, both of your covers would make me take a look inside! (quilter892ataoldotcom)

Helen Brenna said...

Hi Laura. Thanks for coming to visit today and congrats on the new release and wonderful PW review. Sounds like you've got a hit series!

I love covers and yours are great. I'll pick a book up just because of the cover, but won't buy if I don't like the blurb.

I don't think we can ever get enough of ripped, bare-chested guys!

Laura Wright said...

Stephenia - I completely agree - LOVE covers with smooching or guy behind the girl.. or out of focus embrace shots!

Helen - Thanks so much, and for coming by today! I'm realizing just how vital that back cover blurb is!!

Kelly M said...

Hi Laura,
Just wanted to let you know that I love, Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE the new cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to read about Nicholas!!!! YUMMY, YUM, YUM!!!!

love ya tons,

elaing8 said...

oh yeah the buff chest and tats are hot on a cover.
They definitely draw me to a book,even drool, but the blurb or reviews are what makes me buy a book.

Laura Wright said...

Hey Kel Bel:-) I'm so glad you love the cover. Nicholas is pretty hot. Lord, that back! Hellloooo:-)

Hi Elaing8 - yea, the reviews get me too. Especially if it's an author I'm super into!! But also, it's a story theme that gets me as well. If I love that theme, you got me!

Susan said...

Love both covers...

Gorgeous chest and rip abs would grab my attention any day. Tats are bonus.

Laura Wright said...

Lol, Susan! Rip abs - Yes, please!

lois greiman said...

Hey Laura, thanks for joining us. Very pretty covers.

I got an interesting email from a fan a couple of days ago. She said she loves my mysteries and wants to try my romance novels, but she can't carry THOSE covers around. "I'm an educated woman!" Huh, so educated women don't like hunky men?? I told her to tear the cover off. :)

Congrats on the great review!!

catslady said...

Probably the only covers that I sometimes shy away from are the cutsey ones. Your's is very eye catching. Bright colors and of course a hunky man is always appreciated lol.

Michele Hauf said...

I love those covers!

Covers play a big part in getting me to pick up the book from the shelf, but then the back cover copy is usually what sells the book.

Congrats on your new release!

catslady said...

I hate to make a grammer mistake - "yours" lol

Jen Lyon said...

Hi Laura! This book has so much buzz going for it, I must have it!

Great covers induce me to pick up the book to give it a closer look. Your covers would definitely get my attention!

Laura Wright said...

Hi Lois! Thanks for having me:-) Your post made my guts squeeze because I've heard this too. Don't understand the same-factor..maybe it's just that no one wants to have to deal with snarky comments from others?
Makes me sad though..

Laura Wright said...

Catslady - LOVE your name! Thanks so much - glad you like the covers. Are you talking cartoon covers?

Laura Wright said...

Hey Michele! You know, me too. The cover gets me to pick it up and the blurb makes me buy it..

Laura Wright said...

Hello Jen Lyon! Grrrrowl. (sorry had to do know, lyon/lion)
Okay. lol..
Your covers always make me swoon! So beautiful and sexy..

Maureen said...

Congratulations on your new book Laura! The covers that catch my attention are different and unusual. If I've seen it a bunch of times then I'm not going to notice it.

Laura Wright said...

Thanks Maureen! I love different too - and when it's an odd color, like pale green or purple, that works for me as well.
Thanks for coming by!

donnas said...

Of course I prefer a good looking cover. And you have great ones. But it doesnt influence me really when buying the book. Its really all about the story.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Laura Wright said...

Thanks Donnas!

Love an honest woman:-)

Laura Wright said...

Thanks Donnas!

Love an honest woman:-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new release!

I've got to get a copy of "Eternal Hunger"! Paul Marron is on it! Call me shallow but the last few books I bought all had him on the cover. (yes, I laugh at myself for that, too)

Of course, the blurb is important in my book buying decision, but Paul, Nathan Kamp, and Jed Hill will catch my eye, especially if the book is by a new-to-me author.


Laura Wright said...

OMG, Cories5 - that's who that is?? Lol, that's so great! Thanks for telling me:-)

Karyn Gerrard said...

Yes! Paul Marron, I wish we knew the names of more of the more popular models! Gorgeous covers, all the best for your release!

Laura Wright said...

I emailed him!! Asked him if I could interview him for my website!! lol.. thanks for the tip:-)

Martha Lawson said...

Been waiting on this one for months!! Enter me please and best of luck

follow on gfc

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Laura, if you interview him, can you post a signed pic of him for us fangirls? ;) Thanks!


Laura Wright said...

Thanks Martha!

Lol, Cories5 - I'll do everything I can:-))