Thursday, January 28, 2010

Buy now!

With yesterday's announcement from Apple regarding their new must-have iPad, I joined the world (mostly the women) in a snicker.  Who named that thing?  And were there any women present during that meeting?  I think not.  Any woman would have nixed the name like that.

Ok, I want one.  Who doesn't when it's announced with such fanfar and pronounced magical?  Yes, they use that word in their advertising.  We can hold magic in our hands now!  It's so George Jetson, so Minority Report.  Must.  Have!

It's priced to buy, too.  Beginning at only $499, who can resist?  (Strength, give me strength to resist.  I don't need it, I want it.)

What else do I want?  I want one of those SlapChops.  I saw the commercial one night about five times during an hour and a half TV-watching session.  The announcer is slick, droll and we're going to 'love his nuts'.  Seriously!  But look!  Just a few slaps and you can get skinny again, one slap at a time.  One slap!  Easy to clean, easy to store.  Only $19.95, but if you call now you get a 2nd set free.  You know we're not going to do this all day...   Someone get the phone!

So do I want this stuff, or has the magical marketing spin burrowed beneath my skin and invaded my very nervous system?  Those marketing pros really do know how to grab your attention.  Why don't they hire these guys to represent say, a charity foundation or a homeless shelter in need of donations?

I guess the slick sell has become a part of our collective breathing.  And millions just buy, buy, buy because they've inhaled that air.  I want to know what you've bought spur-of-the-moment because you took a breath of that air.  Come on, confess!  You must have a ginsu knife or a slapchop or even a chia pet stuffed in your closet somewhere.  And if you haven't succumbed yet, you've got something in eyesight.  So what must-have item do you want?

Me?  I can honestly say I've never bought anything off a TV comm—wait!  Ok, so maybe I did.  The Sleep Number bed.  Over a decade ago.  Order right now and get the mattress for a 90-day free trial!  We ordered.  We loved.  We paid for the thing after 3 nights.  Still love that bed.



Cindy Gerard said...

LOL Michele. You made me think - took me back a ways. YEARS ago a girlfriend and I decided we were too fat (yeah, I'd chew of a finger if it could get me THAT figure back again) and we ordered these plastic, inflatable pants that were supposed to compress and sweat the weight off your tummy, thighs, and hips. Did it work? Nah. Did we have more giggles than a couple of school girls over trying to get the damn things on? Oh yeah. And getting them off again was cause for hysterics.
But we HAD to have 'em. And then we HAD to giggle and laugh because they were just so ridiculous!
Tanks for the memories :o0

Helen Brenna said...

Ah, you guys are funny!

The only thing I've ever bought from a TV comms is a Magic Bullet. Got two of those puppies, too! We use it all the time. My dh got sucker--er bought some of those whammy shams, or whatever they're called and they su--er don't work.

The iPad name is just plain silly. I'm betting the next generation will be called something different.

Michele Hauf said...

inflatable pants? Sounds like a bad fashion choice, Cindy! :-) But maybe you can repurpose them as those squeezy massage thingies they make now for legs.

What's the Magic Bullet, Helen? And really, those shams don't work? Bummer. They look amazing! But then, that's the point isn't it? Marketing is counting on us to think they are amazing. Magical!

I remember when we were kids (so loooong ago) and the hot commercial of the times was the knife that carved tomatoes and roast beef so thin your in-laws would never come back. My mom ordered one of those (the in-laws still visit) and do you know, she still has that knife, and it's still sharp! That one truly was amazing.

lois greiman said...

:) I love you, Hauf.

My daughter, sooooo sensible normally, needed one of those little electric fry things...for college of course. I don't know what they're called. She used it twice, then I took it to Goodwill. DH has gotten about 75 sets of knives. But myself, I don't breathe that air, don't drink the Koolaid. Of course, I think you have to watch tv to get caught up in the hype and I'm not sure I know how to turn the thing on anymore. Ahhhh, how I miss mindless tv.

catslady said...

I just ordered something from a TV commerical late at night and it's been weeks and I haven't got it. I should have known when I entered my info and it went straight from getting my charge card number to saying it would be shipped. The shipping was double what I thought and they added something I thought I said no to. Oh, the item was a heating pad (and cover) for my outside feral/stray cats. The unfortunate part is she passed away because of the cold (and she was 15) and it not coming in time. We now have to keep checking our charge card. Never again (sigh).

Indigo said...

The IPad (how in the heck am I supposed to say that with a straight face) looks awkward to handle to me. It will be interesting to see what the first rush of "I want that", have to say after they purchase it. I'm still not sold on e-book readers and this to me looks like something most people are using their IPhones for now - except it's easier to view.

Then again I didn't own a cell phone until 2 years ago and that was only after I could get texting. Strange enough I'm using a computer to write. (Laughing) so I haven't fallen that far off the technology wagon.

And honestly NO I have never purchased anything off of a commercial.(Hugs)Indigo

MsHellion said...

Ha! That's exactly what I thought about the name! A group of ENGINEERS thought this was a great name? Really? Clearly none of these guys were sent by their wives to the feminine hygiene aisle for a package of Always.

What's next? They'll create a small one called the iPon, so you can fit it in your pocket and no one ever need know? You can go to the beach with it?

Ann Elle Altman said...

I want the new IBM Courier.
It folds in half.

april said...

I technically have never bought anything off the tv, but I have bought items advertised on television from a store. My husband and I buy each other little As Seen on TV products for Christmas excluding last year. We use our ShamWow for under the toddler's booster seat. It works just as well as any other towel, but it isn't as advertised.

We liked the OvGlove which is allegedly similar to what firefighter's use to combat heat. We did find out the hard way that it is good as a potholder and love the glove design, but it does burn if left near a burner. :)

My mom also adores her ped egg.

My friend and I've been joking that the next version will be the iTampon because it'll be sleeker, slimmer, and more portable.

Michele Hauf said...

catslady, oh no! Ok, that's a good warning to me not to succumb to the allure of buying stuff from the TV.

Indigo, I must admit after the first rush of 'i want that' for the iPad, I have settled a bit, and realize it's just a glorified iTouch without phone or camera. Maybe I'll wait for the next generation to be released (hopefully) with a new name.

MsHellion, that makes me think of a conversation overheard in the tampon aisle few days ago... A dad and two kids, one in his arms, the other a four year old girl. He's perusing the boxes, and the little girl says 'Dad, I think mom will like the pink box.' So sweet. If I would have looked at him, I'm sure he was ten shades of red.

Betina Krahn said...

Okay-- I must really be out of it. When I heard the name, I didn't immediately think of "those" pads.

Technically, it's a tablet, right? But I-Tablet sounds clunky and not Apple-cool. So they bought a vowel and changed I-Pod to I-Pad. You're right. Male techno-geek engineers. To them it was logical and rqational-- they wouldn't see such a connection if it jumped up and bit them in the---

Anyway, I'd like to have one someday-- after the price comes down to $299 or less. I agree with whoever said it was just like an I-Phone, only bigger and without the camera and phone. I got an I-Phone for Christmas and I LOVE it. I'm never far away from my e-mail and my phone and a fairly good digital camera. And it's so easy to use! I can't believe how proficient I was after only a day or two. I'll just keep my I-phone and my Nook reader. I feel like I've made a giant leap into modern-dom.

And oh, on buying from TV. . . I bought a Pedi-Paws. My dogs hate it, but it works pretty well. It's a lot more humane than the old clippers/slicers, but you have to make them sit still. Arghhhh.

I confess, I bought two of the salsa choppers with the crank handle, some time back. That is, I thought I bought two. It turned out they sent me TWO for each order and I ended up with FOUR. I gave three away. . . still have one and (sigh) don't use it to make salsa.

Liza said...

I'll get the i-pad in another year, you know once the price goes down. Plus, I don't have AT&T, and don't want to pay money to 2 different cell phone companies(I'm with verizon). Really hope in another year it will be open to other carriers for the 3G network.

Have to say that I did laugh at the name. Don't know why they didn't name it the i-tab instead.

Linda Henderson said...

I've never bought anything off of an infomercial. My grandson last year when he was 5 used to quote us all the information on the Magic Bullet and kept telling us he wanted one. Now he thinks we should get My Baby Can Read for my preemie granddaughter. He thinks it will make her read. And no I won't be buying the ipad.

Kathryn Magendie said...

That slapchop guy - oh dear....he looks so pitiful, doesn't he? I almost want to buy from him just because I'm feeling maternal *laugh*

Although, I've heard slapchops are slap-not-good *grin*