Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And the winners for Cathy's books are:

QLady and Cissycat! Both of you have won Cathy's two most recent releases! Please contact her with your snail mail addys at:



Catherine Mann said...

Hey there! Congrats, Lady and Cissy!! Let me know which of my two recent releases you would like to have - RENEGADE or BOSSMAN'S BABY SCANDAL - and include a snail mail addy. You can also e-mail me at:

Many thanks again, everyone, for teh fun day visiting! This is an awesome place to blog!!

QLady48 said...

Ty ,Ty, Ty, now I can read two of your books in a row!! I would like Renegade. Sometimes I have trouble finding your books when they 1st come out, now I'm all set!! Congrats to Cissy too!!! Thanks to the Riding site too for the interview!! I will email my addy. Sue

cissikat said...

Alright! Thank you!