Thursday, July 31, 2008

Couple more pics, and contest!

Here's Judy Baer, our own Betina Krahn, Thea Devine, and...I'm not sure about the fourth chick. And that's where the contest for Those Left Behind comes in. Email me at: with your guess (or maybe you know for sure) who the fourth lady is. I'll draw a winner on Monday from the correct answers, and the winner will receive something fun from the Riders.

Pat White also sent a picture of Nina Bruhns from her cell phone. She's up for a RITA this year!


Anonymous said...
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Michele Hauf said...

CheryeB, I took off your comment so others wouldn't see the name you guessed. BUt don't worry, you're entered.

If anyone else has troubles with my email address, post here and let me know.