Friday, March 14, 2008

Missing Sex and the City

Anyone else out there miss Carrie and the girls?

I was late to tune in to S&C – like two seasons late. So I had to catch up with reruns and DVD’s. But oh man, did I get hooked when I finally got on board. I loved Charlotte’s wholesome naiveté – well, wholesome until she discovered the Rabbit. I admired Miranda’s strength and loyalty and quick wit, I gasped (and grinned) at Samantha’s naughty games and revolving bedroom door, yet liked her for her undying love for her friends. And of course – what’s not to love about Carrie? She was smart and sassy and she wore the most amazing shoes on earth.

I’ve often wondered why a show like S&C resonated with me – a little ole Iowa country girl, long married and well past the age where those girls’ sex and the city ways were something I could relate to. I’ve since decided that girls are girls, no matter what the age and a great pair of shoes can be the ultimate equalizer. And the clothes. Oh. My. God. The devil may wear Prada but Carrie and the crew wore the most amazing clothes I’ve ever seen. It was also fun seeing NYC through their eyes – they made several places famous. In fact, last time I was in New York, I had the treat of visiting the Magnolia Bakery for one of the famous cupcakes Miranda used to indulge herself in on a bad day. And I’ve got to tell ya – it was fabulous!! It was around midnight, the place was packed, and cupcakes were flying off the shelves.

I for one am thrilled to know that the Sex and the City movie is coming to a theater near ME on May 30. Yay and joy and hearts abound. I’ll get to see Mr. Big on the BIG screen. What's not to love about that prospect?

In the meantime, both ABC and NBC have attempted to, if not duplicate, replicate the S&C vibes with Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle, respectably. I’ve watched them both and I liked them. Lucy Liu is the big name on Mafia and Brook Shields the headliner on Jungle. Both scripts are upbeat, smart, and provocative; again the fashion and shoes are to die for and the leads and supporting cast are exceedingly appealing. While neither show is as racy (we are talking network here not cable) they still have enough punch to keep things interesting and make you want to invest in the characters.

So, what about you? Have you seen either Mafia or Jungle and if so, what did you think? Were any of you Sex and the City fans? Who was your favorite character? Who was your favorite among Carrie’s boyfriends? And the most important question: What’s the most money you’ve ever paid for a pair of shoes???


Playground Monitor said...

Never watched Sex and the City cause we didn't get whichever channel it was on. I watched the first episode of Lipstick Jungle after the fact cause a good friend told me about the scene where they guy wrote his number on the woman's leg.

I guess I'm not into shoes and clothes so neither show really does that much for me. I'm more of a Survivor, AI and Dancing with the Stars fan. And this year I've come to like Celebrity Apprentice. My husband is a professional project manager and I'm waiting for the day I get ticked off and say "You're Fired!"

Most money I ever paid for shoes? Probably around $60 for a pair of running shoes at an off-price store. And now that I've invested more than several grand in my arthritic big toe, you won't see any pointy toed-spiked heeled shoes on my feet (not that you would have before surgery). ;-)


Liza said...

I love Sex and the City! I own all the seasons on dvd and can't wait for the movie in May. My friends and I are all going to see it together. I don't know if I can really pick a favorite character. I love all the women for different reasons.

I have watched both Lipstick Jungle and Casmere Mafia. They are both good shows, but seem a bit like a watered down version of SATC.

As for shoes, I own so many that I have to give pairs away every year to make room in my closet. I think the most I've ever paid for a pair for shoes was $150-175 and it was for running shoes. I have problem feet, so no high heels for me.

Cindy Gerard said...

Marilyn - I'm an AI and survivor fan too! I guess I'd better face it: If it's shallow and meaningless, I love it :o)

Michele Hauf said...

I just finished watching the entire SATC DVD set in preparation for the movie (started it in Nov). I've passed it along to my daughter, who is doing the same. Then, we're going to see the film the first day it comes out! :-)

I'm hoping maybe Samantha and Smith Jerrad will tie the knot. That was my favorite plot line, those two. When he shaved his head because Samantha was losing her hair from chemo treatments? I cried!

Actually, that show made me cry a lot, because they were just so 'right on' with many issues and things women deal with.

And yes, the shoes! SATC gave me a craving for Louboutin's. Still don't have a pair, but they are on my drool list. I love the heels high and the toes pointy!

Cindy Gerard said...

Hi Liza - Props to you for being on board with Sex and the City. And I'm kind of with you. I like all the girls although Carrie might be at the top of the list.
As to shoes - My buddie, JoAnn Ross has a pair of high top high heel tennis shoes that are a scream. She wore them in NYC last time I saw her and they looked like a million bucks.
I heard the other day that they now make hi heels with tennis shoe technology - but they look like dress pumps. I'm going to be checking into those soon.

Cindy Gerard said...

Michelle - oh - yes! When he shaved his head it was so poignant. And you're right - on the surface the girls seem to be all about life in the fast lane but the show dealt with some heavy issues and handled them beautifully.
I'm all for a pair of Jimmy Choo's one of these fine days - although I don't know if my conscience will ever let me part with that much money for something that will most likely cause me extreme pain :o)

lois greiman said...

I'm looking forward to the movie too. For one thing I'm hoping to set a book in NYC and they do the city beautiful. And too, in my dottage I've realized the magic a four inch stiletto can work on a calf muscle. :)

Kathleen Eagle said...

It must be the shoe fetish. I don't have one. I don't like shopping for shoes. I go for comfort. Periodically I purge my closet of shoes that turned out to be cruel--donate them to the Vietnam Vets. I wear the same shoes most of the time, and it's not pretty. I think it goes back to being self-conscious about one part of my body growing up--my big feet.

Is this why I never got into SATC? I never really identified with the characters, and I'm not a SJP fan. I have a few sit-com faves--Cheers and Seinfeld--but I didn't get into them until they went to syndication, probably because sit-coms aren't my top chices when I'm channel surfing. Some of my BC (Before Cable) favorites were Norman Lear sit-coms. And, of course, Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore. But I tended toward dramas back then. Now I'm HGTV, History and Discovery, MSNBC, Bravo, TLC, ESPN (for basketball, even though my T-Wolves are in the basement) and PBS.

Helen Brenna said...

Yay, for ONCE I can say I've seen one of the new shows. Love Lucy Lui on the Mafia show, although it's hard to say whether or not I'll get pulled in as a regular.

My shoe life is boring. Never paid too much. Betina, dearheart, where are you??? LOL

Liza, just in case you come back today - email me at with your mailing address. You won Kay Stockham's book from last week.

Kathleen Eagle said...

MICHELE! I just realized I missed your Barbie post yesterday. Funny! So maybe I get enough of a fashion fix from my old Babs collection that I don't need the SITC crew? Barbie is pure nostalgia for me. I'm so sentimental it's sickening sometimes. But then I loved dolls before I had anything to be nostalgic about. I was born sentimental, however.

In the old days Barbie wore only one shoe style. Yeah, they were spikes, but one size, one style fit all. Like the SITC chix, she had her tight posse (see how hip I amd?)--Midge, Francie, Stacy et al--but she was loyal to Ken. And there was no sex. They did not do it in the city, did not do it in the country. Did not do it in the convertible or the camper or on Dancer the horse, not in the Dream House or in Malibu. Not even a mile above Barbieland in the American Airlines plane. Otherwise nicely appointed and generously accessorized, Barbie's missing the boat, as it were, and she had no reason to call Ken "Mr. Big." Ah, innocence.

Cindy Gerard said...

Lois - I suspect there's not a muscle on you that isn't taut and rock hard so I don't think I'd worry about 4 inch heels.

Kathy - I LOVE HGTV. And I find a morbid fascination in watching Brava's Project Runway. I love all the contestants, quirks, pouts, panic attacks and tattoos and all - but I find it very scary knowing what kind of people are driving the fashion industry.

Cindy Gerard said...

Helen - i find it hard to believe that anything about any part of your life would be boring - except maybe playing blog mommy to us riders :o)

Michele Hauf said...

Oh dear, Kathy, I think my Barbies must have been sex maniacs then. They did it in the Camper, in the Airplane and I'm sure right in front of the Barbie Baby. :-)

But yeah, I think it was Barbie that got me hooked on the spike heels. Didn't her legs look great in those shoes?

Debra Dixon said...

My shoe life is mucho boring. LOL!

I never did get into the SITC girls. We didn't have HBO. Wasn't that an HBO series? We got rid of the premium channels when the kid was little and just never added them back. Now I have NetFlix and it'll be years before I can ever say, "I have nothing to watch." LOL!

SITC is on my list somewhere. I love the DVD option because you don't have to wait a week for the next episode of anything.

Christie Ridgway said...

I loved SITC, but haven't seen those new shows because...I don't know why! I'll have to try them.

Mr. Big.... Oh, I love that man (and Chris Noth himself).

Most I've paid for a pair of shoes...well, instead I'm going to tell you them most I've =saved= on a pair of shoes. I paid $17 for a pair of $225 at Off Saks Fifth Avenue. The shoes are beatiful and comfortable. I don't know why they were there, but I have small feet so sometimes I run across amazing bargains. In the old days I used to get what was known as "sample shoes" but I don't think they have those anymore.

Cindy Gerard said...

Deb - we recently got a DVR and I love taping movies and shows for later viewing. It's like having an entire library that I don't have to find storage space for.

Christie - bless you and your tiny tootsies - you lucky duck.
I've been known to snap up a bargain or two myself. Have a pair of Liz Claiborne sandals I bought for a song on a 70% markdown. Gotta love those sales racks.

Cindy Gerard said...

Hey Helen - i just noticed your post about Argentina. I let my last two books there. If I can help, holler!!

Kathleen Eagle said...

I'll try not to hate you for your small feet, Cinder--er...Christie. I'm right there with you celebrating the killer bargains. Nothing gives me a boost like scoring a great markdown, especially on high-end shoes that fit.

I forgot to mention HBO among my favorite channels. We got it for The Sopranos. So many good series come from HBO. I wish the premium channels weren't so...premium.

Cindy Gerard said...

You can hate her, Kathy. Christie has a mean streak. She wants to kill me for losing weight while eating chocolate and marshmallow cream. Now how mean is that? :o) It's not like I'm not eating my fair share of veggies, fruit and fish, ya know. Ah, but those small rewards that taste so sweet are so worth it.

Betina Krahn said...

Helen-- I'm late for some reason! Aghhh! Yesterday was hectic and I think I checked in early and it wasn't up and didn't get back to the blog later in the day.

I watched Sex and the City some and enjoyed it. . . until Carrie dumped John Corbett's character. I was so irritated, I quit watching. It seemed to me that she was incapable of having a good relationship-- that she was addicted to drama and the impossible guy. . . which was why I knew she was going back to Big even before the grand finale. It will be interesting in the movie to see if it's Big she loves or just the drama of wanting something out of reach. Will they find true love together?

Sheesh-- I guess I'll have to see the movie when it's out to find out.

And as for the shoes-- I LOVE shoes, but I didn't really seem to notice them in the show that much. I was too focused on other stuff.

Louboutins! Yeah, baby! One of these days, before I die, I'm going to own a pair. . . just not the four inch stiletto variety. Christian L. does make more sensible heights that are just as stylish. Michele, you got me started on them and now each season I go to the web and check out the latest offerings.

Those sexy red soles. . . sigh.

Cindy Gerard said...

Hey Betina

Now you and Michelle have me wondering about Louboutins. I'm gonna have to check them out.

Candace said...

I love Sex and the City and have all the seasons on DVD. The last time my sister visited from the West coast, we made ourselves a big bowl of popcorn and a batch of Cosmos (okay, two batches) and had ourselves a marathon.

What I liked about the show (besides the killer shoes) was that all the gals ultimately got what they needed most, even when it wasn't what they thought the wanted. Lone wolf, workaholic Miranda got a baby, a husband, and a house in the 'burbs. Image conscious Charlotte got a short, chubby, balding man who makes her happier than her first trophy husband. Commitment-phobic Sam got a solid relationship with a man who values her for more than sex. And Carrie got Mr. Big, who "gets" her.

Cute as he is, I never expected her relationship with the John Corbin character to last. He didn't see her for who she was. Neither did the guy who took her to Paris. They expected her to conform to their image of her. At least, that's my take on it.

As for the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes... I think I'll take the 5th on that!

Cindy Gerard said...

Candace- ha.
Notice I haven't said how much I paid for shoes :o)
And you're so right about all the girls. Although, I have to say, like Betina, I was disappointed in Carrie when she dumped Aiden (John Corbett). He may not have totally seen her for who she was, but he loved her so much - and she did him so wrong. Big sigh.