Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day: Pictures with Sweethearts

For your viewing pleasure this marvelous Valentine's Day!

Tike, Betina and Rex, not necessarily in that order!

Christie and surfer guy, aka Rob

Look, it's a flower dog! Too cute!

Lois and Scott

Is that SHORT hair on Lois? Wow!

Debra and Wayne

Pretty good aim, Deb, considering you're looking at the camera!

Kathy and Clive

I love a man in a uniform!

Michele and Jeff

It'll be twenty years this April! Sometimes it feels like forty, other times like two. But he's cute, so I think I'll keep him! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Cindy and Tom

Look at those smiles. Could we possibly have known what we were getting into? Apparently we did. We're still together after all these years. And yes, there was color film WAY BACK THEN - we just opted for the artsy look.

That's what they all say, Cindy.

Helen and Mark

A man can get a lot of mileage out of a good kiss!

Susie and Matt.

(Hehehe. That's what she gets for not sending me a picture.)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

And if you've got a bit of wisdom to share, we're all ears or hearts, as the case may be. Let 'er rip.


Playground Monitor said...

Cute photos everyone! Thanks for sharing them. The DH sent me my Valentine flowers early since my foot surgery is at 2 PM today. It's a red vase with roses and carnations and the most romantic words on the card. I thought it was really sweet of him to send them before I was zoned out on pain pills. Plus, it's 20 degrees outside and if he'd had them delivered today, and they brought them while we are at the Surgery Center, I'd have frozen blooms instead of the gorgeous flowers I have now. Think I'll go smell them again before I hit the shower.


Helen Brenna said...

Foot surgery on Valentine's day. That sucks, Marilyn. Good luck.

Betina Krahn said...

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Be sure to celebrate the love and joy in your life, wherever it comes from!

Oh, and eat some chocolate or drink some champagne!

I love all these photos, guys. They're wonderful! And is it any wonder you're all writing romance? Sweet romance turned into enduring love and marriages that have stood the test of time for each of you. Now that's something to really celebrate.

(And Christie, you get the prize for the most original attendant! A flower dog! Oooooh, I am SO getting ideas. . .

Playground Monitor said...

Counting down til I leave for the center and trying to stay busy so I don't bite my fingernails off. Yeah, Valentine's Day wouldn't have been my first choice of a surgery date, but my doc only does surgery on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So Thursday was the best day of the week so the DH wouldn't have to take off but a day and a half of work. Then I realized next Monday's a holiday and he'd be off work that day too. And that's the day I have to go back in to get the stitches removed. It's my right foot and I won't be able to drive, and I have no family here, though I'm sure any of my friends would have offered to chauffeur me. So today just made logistical sense.

That's me -- good ole sensible Marilyn.

Verification word: bedpshmu. Sounds like a mess in a bedpan. *g*

Debra Dixon said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

My hubby's out of town so he left chocolate. :) He normally wouldn't travel but this was a command performance and a chance to schmooze with the global folks from countries not in his territory.

Basically what I'm saying is that good gossip was to be had and he had to go. (g)

Kathleen Eagle said...

Happy Lovers' Day, all!

We went out to breakfast this morning. I had Swedish pancakes with lingonberry sauce. Yummy. Clyde had eggs benedict. I'm taking a bag of Doves (with the messages) to my Loft class tonight. Yep, teaching "Writing the Romance" on Valentine's Day.

Riders, thanks for this lovely celebration. We don't have a Bridezilla in the bunch!

Michele Hauf said...

THe hubby left me with a box of Dove chocolates this morning. I have eaten nothing but chocolate today! Who said this was some kind of romantic holiday when we stuff our faces and get fat? Hmm...
Hope you all get chocolates today, and I mean the GOOD kind, like Dove or Godiva or Ghiradelli, or...

lois greiman said...

We are/were :) adorable. Happy Valentines Day everyone. Remember to be happy.

Keri Ford said...

I gave my hubby chocolate this morning, he went to work without, so maybe they'll be some left when he gets home!

Love the pics everybody and have a wonderful valentines day!

Marilyn, good luck and milk those down days for all you can!

Christie Ridgway said...

Cute, too cute!

My husband gave me a cute pair of flip flops and 8 tanning sessions at the nearby tanning place (spray-on tans, nothing damaging to skin). How fun is that!

I am giving him a bunch of DVDs, including "Across the Universe." Son 1 and Son 2 get red licorice, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, and Starbursts.