Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Anonymous said...

And to you, too.

We had our traditional GREEN EGGS AND HAM breakfast to celebrate. Can you tell I have small children, and am not Irish?!

How does everyone else celebrate the wearin' o' the green?

Michele said...

Wow, green eggs? Do I need to ask?

We don't celebrate. I spent the day doing my taxes, which surprised me just a teeny bit in that I'm get the very teeniest of refunds. Whew!


Anonymous said...

Two drops of green food coloring mixed into a three-egg omlete, then cooked. I mix two more drops in some water, and use a basting brush to paint the ham after it is cooked.

We also have honeydew, kiwi and green grapes!

Helen Brenna said...

Anonymous, I'm nominating you for mother of the year!