Friday, December 22, 2006

Lois on Vacations

Something about this time of year makes me consider vacations. I’d love to hop a plane to some sandy destination that requires minimal clothes and no functioning brain cells, but I have a couple problems, namely finances and time. So, instead of heading for the airport, I’m doing a little virtual tour of vacations past. Here goes:

The first picture is of my son, Justin, and Bint Areah. We were in the Black Hills of South Dakota, one of my favorite places in the universe and this pic always reminded me of Jesse, the fictional, faceless hero from Romancing the Stone.

The second photo is from last year’s Romantic Times convention. I’m not sure why Travis (eldest son) is holding up a girl. Probably just because he’s Travis.

The hammock shot was taken in Cancun. It looks serene but really there was an epic battle for hammock supremacy taking place.

The last two pics are of my husband and me from a million years ago--one of me on our honeymoon in Hawaii and one of Scott and Delite (a friend who's been with me for 28 years) in Yellowstone Park.

So here’s what I’ve learned:
No.1--I’m getting seriously old and should have appreciated those Hawaii legs more :).
No. 2--We live in a fantastically beautiful country which we should really take care of.
And No. 3--It doesn’t much matter where you go, it’s who you go with that counts.

So how about you? What are your very best vacation memories? Where were you? Who did you go with? And if you had a zillion dollars and a ‘get out of work free’ card, where would you go tomorrow?


Debra Dixon said...

Excuse me. I'm still fanning myself. I have no idea what the blog was about but Ohmygoodness. Who were those gorgeous men??

Are we allowed to lust after the offspring of our peers? I mean, that seems wrong somehow. Of course in the south you really don't have to worry unless you get verklempt over some guy who stays closer than a cousin to you on the old family tree. So, you can see that I have no frame of reference over where to draw this line.

Helen Brenna said...

Deb, you better cool down there. You're melting our snow, and my kids so want a white xmas!

Lois, some of my best vacation memories are when the four of us went to Alaska. We rented a 29ft RV and tooled all over the place. The planets fully aligned for that one!

A zillion $s and a no work to worry about? I think I'd take the entire family to Europe, a whirlwind tour. (I'm adding the extra assurance of good weather.)

Anyone have a lamp I can rub, or a lottery ticket?

lois greiman said...

Lol. Here's my take, Deb-every guy is someone's son, aye? I'll tell them you considered them lustable. I'm sure they'll be thrilled.

lois greiman said...

Europe. Oh yeah. Wouldn't that be fun to go with your whole family. It was great when they were tiny, but it's maybe even more fun when they're grown and can do their own be 'lustable.'

Betina Krahn said...

Me? I'd head for someplace with a white sugar beach and not so many people. . . like maybe the Virgin Islands. Or someplace with great old stuff to explore, like the Yucatan and all the Mayan pyramids. Although, I think a Mediterranean cruise would be lovely. . . stopping in Sapin, the Cote d'Azur, Italy (Sardinia), and Greece. Never been to Greece, but I have it on reliable info that it's gorgeous in spades.

Sigh. I'd also take a Colorado or Appalachian mountain hideaway with a babbly brook nearby.

Or that perfect mountain lake and a cowboy like the one in the final photo. . .

Hey, Lois. . . is he available for rental?

;) Betina

lois greiman said...

Hmmmm, rental, let's talk.

I! That would be wrong.

Candace said...

Lois, you have some good-looking sons there! Of course, they come from a superior gene pool.

As for favorite vacations...well, they don't include the beach (maybe because I grew up near one and got it out of my system early.)

Our best vacations have always been when we just get in the car and drive. Usually we have a very loose time-table and a general destination in mind but no real itinerary. We did the southwest that way...Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelley, Zion Canyon, Tombstone. We did the Black Hills that way, too: Deadwood, Custer State Park, Mt. Rushmore. Just driving along, following our noses, taking side roads that look interesting, stopping when we feel like it.

Other favorite vacations for me are great cities with great restaurants, great museums, and great entertainment. New York. Paris. New Orleans. San Francisco. London.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I took our dream vacation 3 years ago--down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon for 10 days. We got a nice hike alomst every afternoon--waterfalls, ruins and amazing wildlife. We hope to go back and do it again in a few years.