Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Helen: Holiday Traditions

Everyone's got them, I think. Holiday traditions, that is. Some are fairly ... well, traditional. Some families go to religious services at a particular time, some eat a special meal, others open presents at a special day and time. My family, too, has several traditional traditions. We almost always get our tree on Thanksgiving weekend, for example. When we get together with my DH's side of the family the meal is ALWAYS pork roast.

But every once in a while, it's fun to shake things up. Isn't it?

My own little family, me, my DH and kids, have a strange tradition that started several years ago. Can't quite remember how it happened, but on the day/night we celebrate the holidays with just the four of us we make egg rolls.

Weird, I know, but if you've ever tasted a fresh, hot, home-made egg roll, you know why we think they're special. It's the only time of the year we do it. I prepare all the ingredients, and we each roll our own. We talk and laugh while we're doing it, Christmas music in the background. My kids love it, and they won't let me get by without doing it. Every year. I guess that means it's become a tradition in our house.

What non-tradtional traditions have you and your family developed over the years?


Candace said...

Joe and I have a pasta dinner on Christmas Eve. It's not a tradition passed down from family on either side, it's just something we started doing in time past memory. I don't know if spaghetti on Christmas Eve qualifies as a non-traditional tradition or not.

I suspect if either of us were Italian, it wouldn't but seeing as we're both Germanic, it does.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Christmas Eve always meant oyster stew when I was a teenager. Later, when our kids were young, we had family friends in ND who revived the tradition with us. We'd go to their house for oyster stew, then get together sometime during vacation (not Christmas Day) for some kind of feast and an afternoon of pinocle. But I had to contribute something to Christmas Eve for my brood because, while I love OS, the rest of my family does not. I broke out and refined my old 3-can "Tuna Cheddar Chowder" recipe, which now requires more cans. But my brood loves it.

Debra Dixon said...

We do the big Christmas Eve dinner at our house. We offered to change that this year because my sister (a new saint) is raising her grandson who'll be 3 this March. I figured she might want to stay home Christmas Eve instead of dragging him over to my house.

There was a mini-revolt at the idea so I'd say that dinner at our house is officially an unbreakable tradition.

Next year I'm making a new table runner with Chrismas drawings that can be colored by the grandson and signed by everyone at dinner. The sort of thing that will have Christmas messages through the years. (It's a long table.) I'm looking forward to that.

Helen Brenna said...

Pasta - I can relate, but oyster stew? That's a new one, Kathy.

Deb - funny how changing traditions can cause a stir. I suggested trying something other than a pork roast for xmas dinner one year, and my husband looked at me as if I'd grown horns and was angling a pitch fork at him!