Saturday, August 19, 2006

Waahn! Kathleen missed Happy Hour!

And here's the reason. Grandma duty. It was raining when this picture was taken a few weeks ago. Not so yesterday when I picked them up from preschool, but you still get that "What are we gonna do now, Nana? Huh? Huh?" It's amazing what a full-time job they are. I'd almost forgotten. But the one thing I haven't forgotten (that I didn't know or couldn't believe when my kids were this little) is how fleeting this stage is. I need to treasure this time when they have to depend on me to read to them because they can't do it themselves. I need to take my precious vintage Barbies down from the shelves and risk a few lost shoes and separated old seams. When they ask about the Toni dolls, I need to take the old girls down along with the picture of 4-yr-old Nana with her long-gone Toni. Yes, my darlings, that's really me. I really was that little girl. Still am, at least a little bit. Now let's play!

More than at any other time in my life, I love playing with the girls.
And that extends to big girls, girlfriends. I used to do mostly couples
socializing, rarely felt like I could take time for "just us girls" stuff. I
think part of what's changed that for me has been writers' conferences.
Hubby has enjoyed attending with me sometimes--he's quite popular among the regulars--but I don't mind when he doesn't, because then I get to room with "the girls."

It's only been in recent years that I've started getting together with girlfriends for lunch and a matinee in the middle of the week. I'm included in my daughter's m-i-l's regular girls' nights out--generally arranged around birthdays, but there are lots of family females (extending to in-laws) so plenty of birthdays. I love this stuff!

Oops. I hear a little voice calling "Nana" and we have a birthday party on the agenda for today. But before I go, I could use some suggestions.
What are your favorite activities for "just us girls"?
Oh, and Helen...will you be the designated driver for another Happy Hour anytime soon?


Betina Krahn said...

Couldn't think of a better excuse for missing happy hour than those two girls.

Still, we missed you. Come next week. . . or later this week if we have a tough one and need some time with our girls.

So Helen, can we call for a happy hour when we need one, or will this be a regularly scheduled thing? I was thinking that Michele could have used a nod-hold-barred Happy Hour long about Thursday Evening. But at least she got one on Friday!

And Kathleen, cooking with the kids (I don't have girls yet-- both grands are boys. But I have a girl ready to pop from the oven in about a month!) is one of my favorites. Also shopping of various kinds. . . even lying on the rug with lots of catalogs and "window shopping" together. Also--I confess to dancing with the boys and my nephews. They love music.

Helen Brenna said...

Kathy, I'm with Betina. I hereby give you an excused absence! :)

Another HHH? Anytime anyone wants one, I'm game.

Girls activities? Big girls - antique shows are fun. Little girls - painting, playdough cookies, running thru the sprinkler - oh - water balloons!! They're always fun.

I'm a bit of a tomboy at heart.

Donna Caubarreaux said...

A tea party...with big hats, boas, long dresses and gloves. Serve flavored cinnamon tea and neat little sandwiches, lace cookies filled with decadent whatever it is they stuff in there.

Take photos. I love the one on the blog. A tea party is something that they will remember forever.

anne frasier said...

kathy, i love both photos!

helen, i love roaming through antique shops! i rarely buy anything, but i love it.

donna, your post made me think of the gryphon tea room in savannah. yummm.

Helen Brenna said...

Great idea, Donna. I had a tea party bday for my daughter one year. They all loved it! Never thought of boas - that would have been a wonderful party favor.

I never buy anything at antique shows either, Anne. Just lots of fun to look.

Melissa said...

Going out to for a girls only lunch is always fun, too. Especially if you combine it with shopping! Or a manicure/pedicure.

We went to The Dollhouse Tearoom in Oregon for a Christmas tea. 2 little girls and 5 big ones. It was so much fun wearing hats and boas and having lunch with tea! They had dresses for us to wear, too! My daughter now 8 still talks about it.

My oldest, then 7 now 8, and I had the best time when we hit Libby Lou's together. She had a rock star makeover and then together we picked out makeup and hair stuff to buy. We now do makeovers at home. A lot of fun.

Oh, and I just got home from the theater with my 8 yo and 3 yo girls (the boys are at a b-day party.) It was just a community summer school show, but we had so much fun. The girls just loved it.

Kathleen Eagle said...

The Dollhouse Tearoom! Where in Oregon? We're on our way! Did an Alice teaparty for the older grand-d when she was 3. Among my collections--and this is a problem for which I need a 12-step program--I also have teapots. You guys, I can't go antiquing and not buy anything. I have a house full of "treasures" that are doing some serious collecting for me--much dust! Ah, but I love the dressup ideas. A rockstar makeover sounds too cool. I've done the in-home spa party for girls' night out, and it was wonderful.

Candace said...

In-home movie marathons! The last time some of my gal-pals and I got together we spent an entire day and into the night watching the ultimate chick-flick; the complete nine-hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. Ate popcorn. Drank wine. Made sundaes. It was a blast!

Michele said...

Lunch with girlfriends at least once or twice a month, I believe, is mandatory in maintaining sanity. There you can celebrate your triumphs and bitch over the pitfalls/downfalls of life.

So you all wanna know how I got over 'the announcement' this week? (Not that I'm suffering all too terribly--heck, I didn't lose any contracts.) Anyway, some soul soothing was required, so I went and bought myself a Mini Cooper.
Oh yeah!

anne frasier said...

" bought myself a Mini Cooper."

god damn!!!!

fell off my chair. i'm okay now.

anne frasier said...

i just realized i've been looking at this writing gig all wrong. i should be celebrating THE BAD NEWS.

jeesuz, this twist is going to fix my life.