Friday, August 18, 2006

Helen's Happy Hour

It’s Friday, the end of a long week, as Michele and the other Bombshell authors well know. And I’m declaring it happy hour! Woo hoo! In fact, I making it my occasional “theme blog,” if you will, from now on. It’s HHH time.

Happy hour’s something I actually miss about an office job. Don’t get me wrong. I love not having to fight rush hour traffic, but it was nice to occasionally head out after work and visit with co-workers over a drink. Or two.

So here goes. Grab a glass of wine or beer, pour yourself a martini or a cocktail. Sodas and water work too. We don’t have the noise, the pushy crowds, the smoky bars, but we can still gab. About anything.

So what should we talk about? Any new visitors?


Helen Brenna said...

Okay, now I'm wishing I had some calimari. Or buffalo wings.

Betina Krahn said...

I'm heading out to the movies in a few minutes. . . I wanted to see the snakes on a plane thingie, but the other three of our foursome are squeamish. . . so we're seeing "World Trade Center." So here's to movie time. Hey, what are your favorite movies of late? Anybody see "Barnyard?" It did not compare with my favorite penguins, but it had it's cute moments. IF you could get past the udders on the "boy cows."
AGHHHHHH! I must be getting old. I didn't appreciate Sam Elliot's alter ego waddle around with an udder where his penis should have been.

Bring me another Cosmo!gzojxsl

Helen Brenna said...

Snakes on a Plane. I'm sure it's a perfectly good movie, but isn't that the studidest title you've ever heard of?

Betina Krahn said...

Let me try that last sentence again.

"I didn't appreciate WATCHING Sam Elliot's alter-ego waddle around with an udder where his penis should have been."

That's better.

What do they put in these Cosmo things, anyway?

Helen Brenna said...

Betina, I just realized - you're my excuse for starting happy hour at 3. That's 4pm EST, right?

Christine said...

I'm oh so ready for happy hour.

I've got my lemondade and I really like getting together and not having to get dressed up, but no one is bringing me any snacks.

I haven't seen any movies lately, so my topic is fully enjoying every single writing success. They're hard to come by and we deserve a celebration.

The next round is on me. :-)

Helen Brenna said...

And Chris has a particular writing success she'd like to share. Right?

Candace said...

I just finished a l-o-o-n-g day of writing about biometric technology for a client. I've been up to my orange roots in algorithms and IOS and ANSI standards (you don't want to know)since 6:00 am. I just ended the final (I hope!) conference call of the day and am headed out for Mexican food and 'ritas with my DH. TGIF!! Cheers, y'all!

Susan Gable said...

We don't go out to the movies that often (watch them home much more often) but we went to see Taledaga Nights, which I thought was pretty funny.

I'd like to see WTC, but I think that one I'd rather watch at home, alone, where my crying and nose blowing won't bother anyone else.

Thanks for the happy hour, Helen! I think my boys bought back some leftover chicken wings at lunchtime, so we could nosh on those if you like. (They like them pretty hot, though, and I don't like them that hot.)

Christine said...

Thanks Helen. :-)

That's anouther great thing about this bar. No one can see me turn red.

I found out today that I finaled in the Golden Gateway contest. And I'm thrilled.

I may even have TWO lemonades.

Helen Brenna said...

Hey, Susan! Thanks for joining us!

I don't know if I can watch WTC. Maybe have to, haven't decided. I saw Taladega Nights too and liked it. In fact, blogged about it a couple days ago!

Enjoy those wings!

Helen Brenna said...


Chris is in my critique group. She's got a winner is this ms. Good luck in the contest, sweetie!

And you're not driving. Have three of them lemonades!

Helen Brenna said...

Oh, and Cheers to you too, Candace!

Michele said...

Congrats, Chris!

And Betina thanks for clarifying about the cows. I saw the trailer in the theatre and whispered to my son "Isn't that a boy cow? But he shouldn't have that, should he?" My son just shrugged. I've been confused ever since, even a little disturbed. Until now! :-)

I'm thinking of checking out Little Miss Sunshine this weekend. I loved that little girl in Signs, so think she'll be awesome in this movie.

Helen Brenna said...

Michele, it's looks a bit different, but how can that movie not be good? Great talent there.

Melissa said...

Read about your Happy Hour on the H/S loop and wanted to stop by. After taking the kids to the Childrens Museum, Toys R Us and out to lunch, I could use a drink. Maybe a couple. I'm on the West Coast so not sure when you got started!

Congrats Christine!

I really want to see WTC, and I'd like to see it in the theater if I can 1) find the time and 2) get a sitter. I decided to wait until Flight 93 came out on DVD because I used to work for United and on that type of aircraft.

Helen Brenna said...

Hi, Melissa. Welcome! My kids are older, 12 and 17, but I well remember those summer days.

The 9/11 movies are touchy subjects for so many people.

Helen Brenna said...

I'm off to have dinner with a friend. Happy Friday, all!

anne frasier said...

just got back from getting my redjob. looks like i missed happy hour, but what a great idea, helen! i finished my first draft this week, so i always feel like celebrating when that's out of the way.

congratulations, christine! that is fantastic!!

and so nice to see the new faces here!

i don't go to movies much anymore. i have to confess i don't like being squeezed up against strangers. last movie i went to was land of the dead. i was almost the only female in the theater. i'm a weirdass, what can i say? before that it was bruce campbell's man with the screaming brain. bruce was there to talk about the movie. he's a sweetie.

Betina Krahn said...

I'm baaaaaack!
I wasn't sure what to expect, but WTC was a wonderful movie. Very tear-jerker in places, but real and heartfelt and even uplifting. I imagine it must be very, very emotional for folks in New York. I have to say, Ollie Stone did a really good job with this one. He can do it when he tries!

And welcome to all the happy hour newbies-- Susan, Christine and Melissa! What a way to end the work week. Not that writers ever actually stop working. . . sigh.

Congrats Christine on finaling in the Golden Gateway Contest! Details, woman-- what kind of MS?

What? Closing down? But it's only 9 o'clock! Sheesh. Alright, alright, I'm going. But I'm takin' the peanuts with me. . .

anne frasier said...

susan, i just read your very cool post over on booksquare.

Helen Brenna said...

Anne, Susan's the one who coined that great phrase, "Save an author, buy a new book," that I posted the other day. She did write an exceptional article. How'd your hair turn out?

Betina, sounds like I'll have to check out WTC, sad or not.

Well, I'd say Happy Hour was a success. I'm alread looking forward to the next one!

anne frasier said...

helen --
two words:



Helen Brenna said...

Can't wait to

Christine said...

Thanks everyone for the congrats, :-)


My ms is long contemporary aimed at SuperRomance.

My husband just took the kids with him so I can write. So I better get to work. :-)