Friday, July 21, 2006

Tree covers and car covers

All right, I had to restrain myself to two covers. I've had so many fabulous covers. And a few duds.
TAME ME NOT was my third book, and I was so excited to see the cover because the hero was a musketeer! Whoopee! There would be a fab musketeer tunic, flashing that gorgeous silver lace fleur de lys, a jauntily tilted hat and swords, swords, and more swords!
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingInstead, I got trees. Not even pretty trees with leaves on them, but ugly trees with no color whatsoever. The hero is wrenching up the heroine's skirt because he's jealous, he didn't get the blue corset she's wearing. Cause it least it would have been similiar in color to the musketeer tunic he should have been wearing. Oh, I got the hat with the feather. It's difficult to see, but what looks like a black horse butt with a white tail above the "M" in ME is the hat. Sigh...
Now my current favorite happens to be my September Bombshell release, GETAWAY GIRL.
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Sure, I've complained on my own blog about it looking like Kill Bill: Vol 3. But it's very eye-catching, don' t you think? I feel sure it'll draw interest when on the book shelves. And it's got a BMW. Just what I asked for! Even the exact color and model.
Now, not once did I ever put the heroine in a yellow jumpsuit in the story. She likes to wear short, flirty plaid skirts and chunky Doc Martin boots. But that jumpsuit is how the art department translated my description of her attire.
I'm over it, though, because this cover rocks. And the blurb line on the cover? SHE'S FAST—AND THAT'S MAKING SOMEONE FURIOUS. Corny, but effective.


anne frasier said...

when did tame me not come out, michele? i'm guessing late eighties? that's such a great example of how publishers like to imitate other books -- all the way to the font!

i love the getaway girl cover. kill bill. mod squad. there's a bit of kitsch to it that is a very cool, good kind of kitsch -- like the avengers. Emma Peel wore yellow jumpsuits.

i definitely think people will spot this book and pick it up.

Candace said...

I'd defintely pick up the Getaway Girl, just based on the cover. It looks a little futuristic to me. Well, the girl does. The car looks very now.

Helen Brenna said...

I LOVE the Getaway Girl cover!

Michele said...

Anne - Tame came out in '99, I think.

I'm glad you like Getaway. Let's hope all the readers will be drawn to it as well!

anne said...


wow! i was at least 10 years off.

it will be really interesting to see how getaway does.

Kelly Parra said...

I like the GETAWAY cover too. I like what they've been coming up with the Bombshell covers. More modern and hip. Of course, I'm eager to see mine next year, too! =D

Betina Krahn said...

Dynamite "Getaway" cover, Michele! Wow. I'll have to watch for that one!
Also-- your worst-- there were years, decades I would have killed for that cover!

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