Monday, July 10, 2006

Pirates and Wedding Gowns

My son's getting married in a few weeks. He's twenty-one. Yikes. I'm pretty sure I was never that young. And I certainly wouldn't have gotten married at such a tender age.

Well, okay, I was exactly the same age he is when I spoke my connubial vows, but still, twenty-one is younger than it used to be. Right?

Anyway, young or not, he is giving me the opportunity to buy a new dress. Never a bad thing. However, my sister recently informed me, quite cruelly I think, that the mother of the groom is supposed to wear beige and keep her mouth shut. Ouch. I've never been that fond of beige. Or of keeping my mouth shut, come to that.

So I'm planning to wear red, display his naked baby pictures, and tell stories about the time he wore the end of a watermellon on his head for three straight hours. Oh, and about how he loves pirates. That's right, he may still be an infant in my eyes, but at least he's old enough to appreciate the beauty of pirates. In fact, he and his bride will be coming home just so we can all go see Captain Jack Sparrow on the big screen. Ahhhh. I told them we'd have to dress in costume in honor of the event. They didn't even refuse to come home after they heard the news.

So I'm off to look for formal gowns and pirates sashes. Any suggestions on either would be greatly appreciated. Unless they involve the color beige.


Helen Brenna said...

Enjoy the movie! Johnny Depp's wonderful, as usual.

And I can't see you in beige, Lois. Just can't.

Susan Kay Law said...

Twenty one! Oh my gosh.

Oh yeah. I was twenty.

working okay so far.

Still, I have very hard time picturing you as a mother of the bride. Certainly not one that fades into the wordwork!



Kathleen Eagle said...

I was ALMOST 23. Clyde, however, was...21. My dirty little secret is out. I robbed the cradleboard.

Pirate garb. Hmm. An eye patch. And maybe a couple of other patches. You wouldn't want to cause too much of a stir now that you're a step away from grannyhood, m'dear.

Betina Krahn said...

Having gotten rid of--er given away two sons, I can only suggest something that makes you happy. I went for teal for the winter wedding and periwinkle blue for the summer nuptials. I heard the same "beige" advice and honestly looked for a beige dress because I LOVE beige. Found zip.

MOB at summer wedding wore a chic coppery bronze sheath with no back. . . me in periwinkle chiffon looking like a Rose Parade float. sigh.

Just ask what color the MOB is wearing and avoid it. . . to keep things friendly. Then please yourself.

Candace said...

I will never be the mother of the bride or groom since Joe and I decided early on not to procreate. However, I have been the aunt-of-the-groom at several weddings lately. They cut you more slack as the aunt. Being a writer helps, too. No matter how I might dress or behave(or not) or how outrageous my toast may be, it all gets explained away with "Oh, his aunt is writer. Of romances," and everyone nods sagely, as if that explains anything odd I might do. You can probably use that, too, Lois. "Oh, his mother is a writer," the other guests will tell each other as they smile induglently. People expect writers to be a little weird, I think. It can be a tremendous advantage.