Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Anne McAllister's sweet guys

Join us in welcoming Anne McAllister as one of our featured guests.

Anne has written over 50 romance novels for Harlequin Presents, Silhouette Desire and Special Edition and Harlequin American as well as novellas and a single title.

She has won two RITA awards from the Romance Writers of America -- for COWBOY PRIDE and THE STARDUST COWBOY -- and has had seven other books which were RITA finalists. Her books have also been finalists for the National Readers' Choice Award. In 2000 she was named Midwest Fiction Writers "Writer of the Year" and also received Romantic Times' Career Achievement Award as "Series Author of the Year."

THE SANTORINI BRIDE, Presents, Feb 2007

Meet Gunnar -- who reads Proust and eats spaghetti and gives speeches at the drop of a hat.

Micah, who never met a person he didn't like or a toy he didn't want to carry around in his mouth.

Mitch, who thinks that everything is a ball -- or should be -- and would you please stop just standing there and THROW something so he can chase it.

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Helen Brenna said...

What adorable boys!

Anne McAllister said...

Thanks, you guys (gals) for showing off my trio! They are always delighted to have their pictures displayed (not a shy bone in any of them).

Gunnar gets to pick winners of contests on my blog. He reads all the answers very carefully and gives a great deal of thought to it. But then, he also accepts bribes, so I'm never sure how impartial he's being.

The other two are waiting for their turn. Like Susie's dog, they were all "second-hand" -- even though Gunnar and Mitch were pups when we got them. They'd still been shuffled around a bit (or in Gunnar's case, a lot).

Again, thanks so much. It's fun to have them here!

anne frasier said...

anne: LOL!

i LOVE that photo of gunnar. that's a christmas card.

Betina Krahn said...

Anne, what great pictures of your critters! Beautiful doggies!

I'm going to have to get the camera out to improve the photos I had planned to post of my beasties!

Susan Kay Law said...

Wow, what gorgeous creatures! Great pictures, too.

Three, though? That's a lot of dog you have there.


Anne McAllister said...

Susie, once upon a time we had four. It was something of an accident -- but when they turn up, what can you do?

And they are all special, as you know, from your experience with Emma.

Looking forward to meeting your furry family, Betina!