Friday, June 30, 2006

My guys

Yep, they're my guys. Sebastian Evinrude Hauf (aka Baz) is on the left and Toast (aka The Toaster with the Moster) is hogging all the room up front.

Baz has been around for 15 years, and Toast only half that time, though he is bigger, and is much more like a Meatloaf than a thin slice of toast. They're not really buds, but they fake it if they both want to sit on the window perch shown in the picture. There's a bird feeder to the right, outside the house, that attracts finches. It makes the guys happy to watch the birds, yet not have to actually chase them, since that would waste precious energy better spent napping.
Now, Baz has been diagnosed with psychogenic alopecia, which means he's got OCD. He chews off his fur for no particular reason, other than that it's there. He likes his tail to be hairless half way up. Looks like a rat tail, but I still love my guy.
Oh, and Baz has another talent.

Oh yeah. How many cats do you know that can invoke the laser beam of death (red eye) while simultaneously activating the spooky green night vision eye?



Kathleen Eagle said...

Oh, my goodness, Sebastian's eyes are fantastic! It's no wonder witches choose cats for their familiars. Or cats put up with witches the way they do all humans. "I don't care how weird you are--just feed me and don't bother me when I'm sunning."

anne frasier said...

toast has one of those cute, saggy bellies.

and what an amazing photo of sebastian. wow. everything about it is cool. beautiful.