Thursday, June 29, 2006

Behind the Mask

I’ve always known I had a thing for Scottish accents. Heck, just about any accent can set my heart all aflutter. But I had no idea a mask could be so incredibly sexy.

Many of you are probably way ahead of me on this, but I just watched the newest movie version of Phantom of the Opera a few weeks ago. Even if you’re not crazy about musicals, it’s worth checking out. Not only is the music moving, the characters are wonderful, the set designs and costumes lush, and the phantom, played by an actor I’d never heard of before, Gerard Butler, is mesmerizing.

He wasn't a particularly likeable or heroic character, if you know the story. And I can't tell you exactly what it was about him as the phantom, his mask, his voice, the tortured nature of his character, his body movements, or some inexplicable combination, that had me running to my computer to Google him the instant the movie was finished. But I can tell you I was totally prepared, expecting even, to see some dorky, pasty-faced, (I never knew I could be so mean) opera singer.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. This is Gerard Butler sans mask.

Low and behold, he is Scottish and apparently a genuinely nice man. I knew I had good taste. He's been flying under my radar until now acting in Indie type movies and minor parts in big-budget movies since 1997. I'm hoping to see more of Gerry in the mainstream.

Ever been pleasantly surprised by the unexpected? Something that's stuck with you for years for some reason. Tell us about it. Was is a gift, a special word, an unexpected kindness?

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anne frasier said...

wow, helen. that's a tough question! all i can say is he's almost as cute and the kitties.
there is something intriguing about a handsome guy covering his face with a mask.