Saturday, September 09, 2006

Seven Days Out

Sunday: Betina

Monday: Susie

Tuesday: Michele's new Bombshell release GETAWAY GIRL

Wednesday: Deb Dixon joins the blog - Fresh mea ... er ... new voices - Hooray!!!

Thursday: Candace and Helen switcheroo

Friday: Anne's last day, say it ain't so, Anne. Say it ain't so. EVERYONE out there, say it CAN'T be so!

Upcoming: Deb Dixon will be interviewing Deborah Smith about her new release, THE CROSSROADS CAFE, from BelleBooks. Maybe Friday, 9/22?


anne frasier said...

great picture, helen!

about my leaving...

when kathleen invited me on this roadtrip, i was hesitant since i haven't written romance in about 8 years. i was also hesitant because i have three other blogs, and i know what a wonderful and seductive time-suck blogging can be -- and what a commitment. it's gotten to the point where i actually spend twice as much time blogging as i do writing! sadly i have become a blog addict. i need rehab!! so to tempt me with another blog was like offering crack to a whore.

Debra Dixon said...

Amen! I hear Sister Anne's warning about the "Temptation of the Blog" for a writer. All that freedom; so much to comment on; so little time. Fortunately this is my first blog as a contributor so I have two more to go before I need rehab. :grin:

Helen Brenna said...

I know, Anne! But you can't blame a girl for trying, right?

Helen Brenna said...

And Deb, watch out, sweetie. Anne's not kidding, this blogging's addictive.

anne frasier said...

hehe! debra, if you only have one blog you might be okay. when you have several but don't tell family and frineds about two of three of them -- then you have a problem. ;)

helen, i appreciate that!!