Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get packed!

You're going to a desert island, or maybe a tropical island.  You pick.  You have to go for a year, and your job, family and life will be tended while you're gone.  There will be no one else on the island, no phone calls, but I promise you'll have meals and a warm bed.  You won't suffer, and this is something you want to do.  You get to bring along five things:

Your favorite song (you can only listen to the one song for the whole year)
Your favorite book (yep, just one; no other means to read)
Your favorite DVD (there will be a means to watch it, but only that one movie)
Your favorite game/activity
Your favorite treat (in a quantity to last the full year)

Here's what's in my suitcase:

My favorite song is Hallelujah, as sang by K.D. Lang.

My favorite book would be The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

My favorite DVD would be Dangerous Liaisons (yes, I could watch it daily)

My favorite activity is jigsaw puzzles, so I'd bring along the 3000 piece underwater themed puzzle I own.

And my favorite treat is some nice 85% dark chocolate

Now it's your turn!  List the five things you'll have packed in your suitcase!


krisgils33 said...

hmmm, it's pretty sad that I can't pack up some super hottie cover model and bring him along. but here goes:
1. Nerve Damage by Lifehouse
2. Gone with the Wind
3. The Hangover
4. one of those no-edge puzzles (I forget what they're called)
5.milky way simply caramel

Leanne said...

Yikes! I can't choose just one for most of these, so I'll pick the movie -- The Sound Of Music. I've already seen it about 20 times. What's 365 more?lol My treat would be chocolate chip cookies.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Michele, thank you for starting my day with that fabulous song--always make my throat tingle--and K.D. Lang's amazing voice. She packs in so much emotion, and what an image--bare feet, bare face draped in black--so powerful.

One of my favorite Leonard Cohen songs is "Suzanne." Poetry.

"Amazing Grace" is a song that inspires me, and I've heard it performed in such a variety of ways--it lends itself to the musician or the singer--one lone voice, be it human or bagpipe or whatever--or a whole orchestra. It speaks to our humanity from the heart of the man who wrote it.

"You'll Never Walk Alone" chokes me up, too. I'm like one of Pavlov's dogs with that one--goes way back with me.

"Let It Be" The Beatles
"Imagine" John Lennon

Oh, I'm supposed to pick one? And four other desert island companions? I'll be back later.

Michele Hauf said...

krisgills, i thought about the hunk, but then, if we got to take him along, we'd have no need for the other stuff. :-)

Leanne, choc chip cookies!

Oh dear, Kathy, you're still on the music. Yes, only one. Can't wait to see your movie decision!

And that K.D. Lang song gives me chills every time I listen to it. Though I wish someone would explain it to me, 'cause I kinda get a little 'sex' meaning from it.

Helen Brenna said...

This is hard, Michele, and I'm with krisgils - need that hottie. Giving it a shot, though ...

Song - Springsteen's Born to Run - I figure I can slow it down for some variety and still enjoy it.

Book - since I've not yet read WAR AND PEACE ... a year should do it, right?

Movie - this one is impossible. The only movie I can think of that I could watch over and over again is Pride and Prejudice, the one with Keira Knightly.

Activity - Sex! Ha! Found a way to bring a hottie with me! LOL

Treat - I'd have to go with gum. Chocolate was my first thought, but I'd get sick of it. I NEVER tire of smacking gum.


Stephenia said...

1. I can't pick just one song - maybe someting by norah jones or kt tunstall..I'd have to give it a bit more thought.
2. book = mammoth book of Romantic Suspense or Paranormal - then I'd have lots of stories to keep me amused.
3. dvd with out a doubt would be Pride and Prejudice, the Keira Knightly version
4. activity - knitting, hope the yarn basket automatically refills itself!
5. treat - pizza!

Michele Hauf said...

Helen, you and your hottie taking care of the 'activity'. So who is the hottie?

Two Pride and Prejudice fans! I think I've seen that one, but something about Keira (she is SO thin) that disturbs me. :-)

Oh, pizza. Wish I would have thought of that Stephenia

lois greiman said...

1. I think some kind of Irish instrumental music...not sure who.
2. Something by Tolkein or James Herriot
3. Family Stone...shrug
4. I'd have to bring a horse--probably my current equine in training
5. treats are hard cuz you're going to get tired of anything. But I'm going with cashews.

Fun game.

Janga said...

I don't have a list to post, but I've spent a lot of time today thinking about my answers, :)

catslady said...

The book would be Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel (I'm sure it would have some nifty tips for me too lol).

I love the same song as you, sung by the same person - heard her sing it at the Olympics and fell in love with it.

DVD is a lot harder - I have like 2 dozen movies I watch over and over. How about Dirty Dancing!

Food of choice would be pizza with all the toppings including anchovies lol.

Thing would have to be a deck of cards since there are tons of ways to play solitare. (I'm assuming a computer is off limits?)

KylieBrant said...

Let's see, I'm going to be a risk taker and admit that yes, I do love Black Eyed Peas "It's Gonna be a Good Night" so I'm taking that. And I'll be going tropical :) Who needs desert? I'd like to take along my all time favorite book To Kill a Mockingbird (winning out barely over Holden Caulfield, but gotta love Scout!) DVD will be one of Bourne movies--any of them. Game--online bridge and treat...tough one. I think a truck load of Jujubes sounds about right.

Michele Hauf said...

Lois, I'm going to let that horse slip, but I was thinking more 'packable' hobbies. :-)

Catslady, I fell in love with that song when I heard it at the Olympics too! (Yeah, no computers)

Kylie, love the Peas too. And in a year's time, you could totally choreograph that song and come back and give us a great show. ;-)

Kathleen Eagle said...

Well, all right. I'll go with "Amazing Grace."

Book: The Complete Shakespeare

Movie: Dirty Dancing

Food: spaghetti

hobby: Do I get to take the whole vintage Barbie collection?

Kay Sturm said...

Amazing Grace
Dara Joy - Mine to Take
Laura - (Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney)
72% dark chololate

such hard choices - and lots and lots of paper to write on!

Columbus, OH

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Song- Just one? I can't just have my iPod? Darn! I can't narrow this down so anything classical would work.

Book- Naked in Death by J.D. Robb (first in the series). I really wanted any of these books but went with the first. I re-read this series every November for my birthday month and any time that my husband is deployed or TDY.

Movie- Dracula (1992)

Food- Steak, baked potato, broccoli with iced tea.

Hobby/Activity- Books are my hobby so I want to take my fully loaded Kindle along. If that's not allowed then I guess I would go with a bunch of notebooks and some pencils. Or maybe crossword puzzles. Ugh, this was the tough one for me!

Treats- Bavarian pretzels and laughing cow cheese. I thought about sweets but I just don't want them all the time.

LSUReader said...

My suitcase has
“In My Life” by the Beatles
The Bible
the movie Casablanca
A huge book of crossword puzzles (complete with plenty of pencils)
Chocolate--lots and lots of chocolate

ivanova said...

This question is way too hard, so I asked my girlfriend to do it. She said:
-Tropical island, please
-The idea of just one song disgusted her so much that she said don't even bother
-Book: Wisdom of the Enneagram
-Movie: Love, Actually
-Game: The Sims 2
-Treatie: apple pie
That was fun!

Michele Hauf said...

It's so interesting to see that many have a hard time choosing just ONE, especially on the songs. Hee

Kathy, you take along as many Barbies as you can squish in your suitcase.

Kay, Scrabble! A classic

Anna, no Kindles! I know, that would be sweet if you could take that along, but I think trying to pick just one is more interesting. Broccoli! Dude, I'm so into broccoli lately. You and me, we need to go out to eat some time. :-)

LSUreader, crosswords and the bible. YOu know, I keep telling myself I'm going to reread the bible some day, and then never get around to it. I'd like to find a version with pictures. ;-)

Ivanova, ok, slightly cheating on the electronic game (but then I didn't specify) I was hoping for unplugged stuff, but we'll let it pass. ;-)

LindaC said...

Favorite book-The Count of Monte Cristo
Favorite movie-Shawshank Redemption
Favorite food-seafood or Chinese
Favorite activity-knitting(I don't know how, but I would have time to figure it out without any distractions, right?)
Favorite song-Imagine by John Lennon


Helen Brenna said...

All I know is a year is a danged long time. I'm not sure I could choose just one hottie, Michele!

Kathleen Eagle said...

Michele, I love the cover for MY LADY MADNESS. Great title, too!