Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Professions Turn You On?

I'll admit it ... my favorite heroes are alphas rather than betas. I like the strong, capable, opinionated male character. It's sexy. It's also, and this is important, a fantasy. Something I never really considered before now is that it's not just alpha or beta. Certain types of professions turn me on more than others.

I love a man in a uniform. If that's not alpha, I don't know what is. In fact, is it even possible to have a beta character in a uniform? Cops, FBI agents, Rangers, U. S Navy seals - they're all powerful.

I also love men who are capable in an every day sense. Construction types. You know a man who's capable with his hands knows how to use those hands with a woman's body. Oh, baby!

Then there's the rich man, the self-made billionaire entrepreneur. I don't care how he's made his money, he
done it on his own and that's a different kind of power.

For the first time in my romance writing career I've got a story with a cowboy (kind of) hero. The "kind of" comes into play because he's also a doctor. I know, interesting combo. Not something I planned. It's Sean Griffin, if any of you are following my Mirabelle series. He's the only doctor on the island - which is far from a full time job, given the size of the island - and so he's bought out the stable and livery operations.

Turns out that although Sean grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, he spent his summers all throughout high school and college working on ranches to get away from his domineering doctor father. Working with horses ended up becoming a passion for him.

Honestly, and I know this will come as a shock to some of you, but not only am I not attracted to doctors, the whole cowboy thing has never really done it for me, either. Now, though, as I uncover the layers of Sean's character, I'm finding cowboy hats and scuffed up boots very sexy. I'm not sure if it's Sean, his old faded blue jeans, or the horses, but he's got something going on. Maybe part of it, is the contradictions within this character. The simple man working with his hands on one side, the well-educated, thinking doctor on the other.

Got me to thinking about how we tend to have our favorite types of heroes, so I'm doing an informal poll today. Disregarding the alpha versus beta thing, does profession play a role in your favorite type of hero? Are you turned on by power or money? A man who works with his hands? A thinker?

Does a guy in a uniform do it best for you?

Or do you prefer an ordinary Joe?

Most importantly, I want to know ... WHY?



krisgils33 said...

Thanks for the nice eye candy. I like military, cowboys, cops, firefighters (anyone in uniform really), but I have no clue why. Doctors and millionaires don't really do it for me. Maybe because it seems to me the uniform is the representation of being alpha, whereas the others don't.

KylieBrant said...

Special Ops, cowboys, cops...I think I'm most attracted to men who face danger unflinching. And intelligence...the ultimate turn on!

Michele Hauf said...

Nice post, Helen! I agree, cowboys have never done it for me (sorry, Kathy!), but, if they are well-written and the author really gets into the characters head, then I can read a cowboy anyday. Luck with your hero!

I am not really a man-in-uniform kind of gal. I prefer geeks, like Sheldon on Big Bang. Swoon. Smart guys have me at 'hello'. :-) But apparently vampires do something for me too. It's their history. I would love to meet a man who has lived for centuries and could tell me about it.

Keri Ford said...

Um. I'm not really picky on men. make 'em hot and muscular and I'm there.

but if I had to choose, I'd have to go with the hard outside worker. I just love the idea of seeing a man that can take care of you and all your stuff.

the fact that my husband is a construction worker helps. he comes in every evening with oil smeared on his clothes, welding cap on....

...oh, dear. where was I?

*ahem* it's a nice sight, ladies.

lois greiman said...

Not surprisingly, cowboys DO work for me. It's funny, in fact, my daughter and I will find our heads turning at the same kind of guy. (Maybe it's the upbringing.) There are some subtle differences between cowboys and other guys who wear a hat and boots. Cowboy jeans are usually tight, very long so they wrinkle at the bottom but fit well when they're sitting on a horse and often creased down the front. (I don't get that part...maybe cowboys come with a woman who's obsessed with ironing.) Then there's the walk...it's not a swagger exactly...okay, maybe it's a swagger but it's a swagger that suggests he's taken some pretty hard falls and has gotten back up to tell about it. Add a scuffed pair of working boots and a pair of jingle bob spurs and I'm done for the day.

Helen Brenna said...

Kris, you're welcome! Eye candy is always good!

Helen Brenna said...

Kylie - that's a good point - facing danger without flinching. Maybe confidence? Determination? An inherent belief in right vs wrong? All heroic qualities.

Helen Brenna said...

Sheldon ... love him, Michele, but I think in a different way that you do! lol Geeks and vamps, what a combo!

Helen Brenna said...

Keri, you crack me up! But you brought up an aspect of the hands on guy that I hadn't thought of - that he can take care of you/the heroine. There's a security there.

Helen Brenna said...

Jeans that are tight and creased, makes no sense whatsoever, but I'm taking notes, Lois. And a swagger. Maybe I'm done for the day, too!

Debra Dixon said...

Cowboys. yep. Who doesn't love a cowboy.

But professions are the turn on. It's the men themselves.

How they walk, talk and treat women. Sense of humor.

And "lanky" is good. Which is probably why I like cowboys!

Helen Brenna said...

Good point, Deb.

catslady said...

Uniforms do it for me lol. Maybe because they are usually in good physical condition and carry it off with the selfconfidence that goes with wearing that uniform. I can still remember my husband in his navy uniform over 40 years ago. Unfortunately, it wouldn't fit today lol.

Kathleen O said...

I don't think I have ever been attracted to men just because they have been in one profession or another, but I think I have always been attracted to the Bad Boys... Somthing about the unatainable always turned me on.... And Miltary, Cowboys and the like well, you some times can't get badder than them....In a good way of course..

Helen Brenna said...

Funny, Catslady, uniforms kinda scared me when I was younger. Not exactly sure why. Obviously, that's changed!

In that case, Kathleen, you're in luck. Bad boys can be in any profession, can't they? lol

Karyn Gerrard said...

Policemen usually do it for me, the whole 'protect' thing, and throw in the uniform for a nice touch,

But, since watching 'Mad Men' all of the sudden Suit wearing guys have opened a whole new door for me!

Helen Brenna said...

LOL, Karyn - I so agree - the suit thing can be hot!

And protect - that's another piece of the puzzle.

Cindy Gerard said...

Great questions, Helen. Sorry to be weighing in so late in the day. Deadline dementia. Hadn't realized how late it was.
Anyway, have fun with your cowboys - who do have a uniform all their own with their tight Wranglers (because Wranglers don't have a double seam on the inseam which can cause chaffing when those cut cowboys are in the saddle)
And for me, it's not so much the uniform but the commitment that goes with it. They do lay their life on the line - there's something intrinsically sexy about that quality.

Helen Brenna said...

If you can commit to all that goes with a uniform, you can commit to a woman?

Hang tough on those deadlines, Cindy!

Leanne said...

Helen, great post! Sorry I'm chiming in late too, but I'm doing this jetblue thing and it's keeping me running. A cowboy isn't my first fantasy. I'm more about intelligence and power. That said, when I saw Lois's description, I thought, oh yeah... Also like what Cindy said. It's the commitment to the uniform/life. I'm not a cop girl at all. (Still afraid of getting a speeding ticket?:)

Paula R said...

Hey Helen, so sorry I missed this one. Love the topic. I love men in uniform. There is just something about them, that just gives them that extra humph.

I can't wait to read Sean's story. I am trying to figure out who the heroine will be...don't tell me. Let me think about it more. I think I know who it could be, but I am gonna hold off on sharing...LOL!!!

Peace and love,
Paula R.