Thursday, August 05, 2010


The other day I got a call from a friend on her way home for work. She said, you’ll never guess what happened to me today.” (So I didn’t.) “I was at the office. Remember that cute guy I told you about who brings his son in? Well, we got to talking and he’s an EMT. Some of his stories got kind of gory. And eventually I started feeling a little of faint. So he hustled me outside to get some air. The next thing I know I wake up slumped against his chest and he’s saying, ‘sweetie, sweetie, are you awake.’

Now there’s a little-used method of meeting men. Who needs internet dating?

Well…apparently a lot of people. According to statistics 10% of people polled attributed their current relationship to an internet dating service.

Here are some other things I learned about dating:

(The text in bold are my own meandering thoughts.)

Dating Statistics: Top Dating Tips Poll Statistics

Have you ever dated more than one person simultaneously ?
1. Yes 53%
2. No 33%
3. Don't Know 13%
I’m intrigued by the people who don’t know.

Do you believe in love at first sight ?
1. Yes 71%
2. No 20%
3. Don't Know 9%

Choose the most important features of a partner
1. Looks 11%
2. Personality 30%
3. Physique 5%
4. Sense of Humor 14%
5. Eyes 10%
6. Popularity 0%
7. Smile 12%
8. Hair 7%
9. Education 7%
10. Career 3%
Hair? Really? Hair?? Anyone here on board with that one? You can admit it.

What is the biggest acceptable age gap for you ?
1. Same age only 0%
2. 1 years 2%
3. 3 years 12%
4. 5 years 44%
5. 10 years 24%
6. 15 years 4%
7. 20 years 2%
8. 25 years 4%
9. Age doesn't matter at all 8%

How hard is it to find someone you really like?
1.) Impossible 9%
2.) Difficult 59%
3.) Fairly difficult 21%
4.) Fairly easy 9%
5.) Very easy 3%
Gotta feel just a little bit sorry for the ones who said ‘impossible.’

Do you like being single ?
1.) I love it 0%
2.) I like it 15%
3.) I don't mind 35%
4.) I don't like it 15%
5.) I hate it 35%
Nobody loved it. Nobody! Interesting, yes?

Do appearance and looks matter to you ?
1.) Yes 67%
2.) No 17%
3.) Don't know 17%
Again with the ‘I don’t know’ Do you suppose there’s someone else who could answer for them?

Would you ever use internet dating services ?
1.) Yes 69%
2.) No 20%
3.) Don't know 11%
Is there still a stigma involved with internet dating do you think?

Girls, do you prefer nice guys or bad guys ?
1. Nice Guys 38%
2. Bad Guys 15%
3. Any man I can get ! 6%
4. A blend of both 34%
5. Neither 7%
Someone was being wayyyy too honest with that ‘any man I can get’ statement

How important are a guy's shoes when checking him out ?
1. Extremely 8%
2. Very 13%
3. Quite 45%
4. Not very 11%
5. Not at all 6%
6. Don't notice 18%
Extremely important? Does that seem strange to anyone else?

Are men too clingy these days ?
1. Yes 38%
2. No 33%
3. Haven't noticed 11%
4. Don't know 18%

What kind of woman do you go for ?
1. Modern career girl 35%
2. Professional go-getter 7%
3. Home-loving girl-next-door 34%
4. The quiet librarian 4%
5. The outrageous vamp 0%
6. The femme fatale 0%
7. The girl at the checkout 6%
8. Someone like mom 1%
9. The free spirited hippy chick 8%
10. Your ex 6%

Have you ever had a one night stand and regretted it the next day ?

1. Yes 42%
2. No 53%
3. Maybe, not telling 3%
4. Not sure 2%
Do you think they’re not sure if they had a one night stand or if they’re not sure they regretted it?

So how about you, are you currently dating? Do you do the internet thing? Would you if you were on the market. Or would you wait to swoon in some cute guy’s arms?


KylieBrant said...

Oh dear lord, I hated dating when I was a teenager. Something tells me I wouldn't like it any better at the age I am now. The one question killed me--how important are the guy's shoes? Really? Why are people looking down there?

Would I try an Internet dating service? I dunno. Seems like a really good way to meet an ax murderer. Or maybe that's just the way my imagination works, LOL!

Betina Krahn said...

Kylie. . . too much imagination can be a daunting thing. lol. I am living proof that internet dating can have positive, non-deadly results. And I know several writers and other friends who have found spouses or sig-others that way. More and more, it's an acceptable way to meet people you wouldn't otherwise find.

Oh, but one DOES have to be careful and be very honest with self and others about what one will accept and not. After a couple of experiences, I swore never to contact or respond to balding guys over 50 who ride Harleys and pose in their leathers. Just don't need to be a mother again. . . or a bad girl. Also have seen too many "old guys" who have "laid down a bike" and were never the same afterward.

Also, the shoe thing-- a man who takes care of his shoes is generally careful with other things in his life. (Warning: he may not let you eat in his car!!!) And guys in top echelon business DO notice each other's shoes. . . part of sizing up the potential opposition. I figure, if it's important for them . . .

krisgils33 said...

the last time I dated was 1987. glad to be out of that loop. I don't know how I would handle it now.

Cindy Gerard said...

Fun survey. And while I haven't waded in the dating pool for Many, many, mannnyyyy years, if I had to get out there again, I'd absolutely try on line dating. Have at least one great friend who met the love of her life through match dot com. Great to see her so happy!

lois greiman said...

Betina, I didn't know you were happily on-lined. One of my best friends met her husband that way, but I think they're still a little embarrassed about it. I find that interesting.

Michele Hauf said...

Wow, good coaching on the shoe thing, Betina! I wouldn't have thought shoes mattered, but now...

I always say I'd be a basket case if I suddenly had to start dating again. I couldn't imagine having to put myself out there and well, admit it, sell myself as an interesting date. Because how do people meet nowadays? I met the hubby in a bar (arranged date) and that's how must of us did it way back then. Going to a club, dancing, that sort of thing. Sigh...

Anna D said...

I just want to know if your friend scored a date with the cute EMT?? That was a great romance intro...I'd read about it:)

Helen Brenna said...

I'm with Anna - cute EMT story, Lois. Love the survey, too.

I think I'd try internet dating, if I wasn't having any luck in more traditional avenues. I know people who've been happy with the outcome.

lois greiman said...

Oh, yes, I seriously think they have seen each other every single day since she swooned in his arms and it's been well over a month. They're going away for the weekend soon. She's giddy. Clever ploy on her part, yes??

Kathleen Eagle said...

Like Cindy, I'm a long time out of the dating pool. Internet dating service sounded crazy to me at first, but I can see the advantages. Probably better than college mixers, which were pretty awful. Wonder if they still have those...

Kathleen Eagle said...

Back in the late '80's my sister moved from CT to MN for a job with a pre-internet dating service. The company was based in CT, and the MN branch was new. Suffice it to say, MN confounded them.

lois greiman said...

Apparently very few think of dating as tons of fun. Maybe that's why alcohol is so numb the terror.

Lou Gagliardi said...

I answered the questions myself:

Do you believe in love at first sight ?
1. Yes

Choose the most important features of a partner

2. Personality
3. Physique
4. Sense of Humor
7. Smile

What is the biggest acceptable age gap for you ?

4. 5 years

How hard is it to find someone you really like?

1.) Impossible to Difficult

Do you like being single ?

4.) I don't like it 15%

Do appearance and looks matter to you ?

1.) Yes, but not as much as a good personality and sense of humor does

Would you ever use internet dating services ?

1.) Yes

Girls (what about gay/bi guys?), do you prefer nice guys or bad guys ?

4. A blend of both

How important are a guy's shoes when checking him out ?

6. Don't notice

Are men too clingy these days ?
2. No

What kind of woman do you go for ?
1. Modern career girl
3. Home-loving girl-next-door

Have you ever had a one night stand and regretted it the next day ?

2. No

catslady said...

I've been married 41 years so it's hard to answer anymore lol. As to internet dating - don't forget to google the guy because people lie! A close friend had her wedding plans made until someone googled the guy - ended up he had been arrested for taking pictures of underage children - and this was Mr. church guy - scary!!!

lois greiman said...

Catslady, good advice!! Thanks.

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