Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sam Worthington!

So the Riders have been chatting behind the scenes lately about ways to increase traffic to this blog.  Got any suggestions?

As a group of writers, we use this blog for at least two purposes.  One is for promotion.  We're writers; we want to make our readers aware of what books we have available.  The second, and most important, reason is for connection.  To have this simple means of connecting with readers, writers, and friends is really quite amazing, if you ask me.  Fifteen years ago, give or take a year or two, writers were the lonely critters perched before their keyboards, creating their masterpieces, never really sure what the world thought about their opus.  Occasionally the publisher would forward the writer a piece of fan mail or two.  Connection!  If only from that one precious handwritten (or typed) note.

Nowadays we may lament the days when connection was a precious thing.  I know there are days I turn it all off, the TV, the computer, and my phone.  But then I miss the emails from readers, the chats here at the blog with friends and fellow writers, the brief glimpses into other peoples' lives through FaceBook or Twitter.  It's all kind of fun, and can be very useful if not overdone.

I'm curious today, as to how you all feel about the connections we make in this day and age.  Do you look wistfully backward to a few decades ago when privacy was easier and a letter in the mailbox was a delicious purveyor of news or friendship?  Or do you prefer the easy connections we have now, where you can find out what's up with your grandchildren merely by logging onto Facebook, or you might check the score of a game you missed earlier on CNN, or even send a fan letter to an author who made you smile (and sometimes even receive a reply back the same day!).  Let me know.  I'm curious about the connections and communication forms people enjoy most.

Oh.  Are you wondering about the post title?  Well, like I said the Riders are discussing ways to increase traffic to the blog.  When I looked up the most popular search term that brought readers to this sight?  Sam Worthington.  Go figure.  Heh.  Well, I'd hate to disappoint...

(I promise to pay due homage to the sexy firemen and sexy cowboys that also landed our search list sometime soon.)  


MJFredrick said...

You certainly got my attention with the title of this post, though I follow the blog :)

This week, I'm lamenting the good ol' days. Not getting much done, because it's too easy to click away from the WIP instead of charging through the rough spots.

Also, sometimes I don't want to know some of my Facebook and Twitter friends are idiots, you know? Comes out in posts a lot, and I'd just rather not know.

KylieBrant said...

Have to admit that I have no idea who Sam Worthington is, but I saw the pic and said, "Oooooh!" A hottie, definitely!

I love the instant connectivity the Internet brings. Love chatting with friends while I'm writing away and the online shopping ability alone makes the Internet my friend! We are redoing our bathroom and buying a combination steam shower/whirlpool tub on line. When you live in the middle of nowhere and have to drive 2 1/2 hours to a large city for shopping, this is very very cool!

Helen Brenna said...

Sam'll do it for me every time! That's so funny that he's the top search word for out blog.

Kylie, he's the main guy in Avatar - yes, the tall blue guy. Also Clash of the Titans.

Overall, I think the whole quick connect thing is good for me. I'm lazy, so didn't get many letters out. But email is great. Love the fact that my long distance is now free.

My opinion today, anyway!

Terry Odell said...

Well, my comment got lost. I like quick communication from my end (and living in the remote Colorado mountains, it's practically the only kind I get). But I also like getting snail mail--just not having to write it.

As for driving traffic to your blog--dunnno. Still trying to figure that out for my own blog. Personally, I prefer the 'non-promotional' types of posts. I like to learn "other stuff" about authors, and I especially like craft type tips.

Most popular search term for my blog? "Criminal Thinking." I did a series of posts recapping a workshop I attended, and that seems to be a popular topic. Of course, it's not "me" and the people who are looking for that kind of information aren't going to be regulars at my blog.

(And I'm looking forward to meeting Cindy F2F at RomCon.)

Michele Hauf said...

MJFrederick, I agree on not wanting to know ALL about my FB friends. And sometimes you find out more than you want. I really like that 'Hide' feature. :-)

Kylie, Helen mention Avatar, and Sam was in Terminator 3 and I think, that Clash of the Titans movie (though not positive about that one) He's got a certain charm. Someone here must have mentioned him in a post because his name had 18,ooo impressions. Interesting.

I go back and forth on connectoins. I pine for the old days of letters, but then I don't really like sending and writing letters myself. I prefer email. And if you live far from a big city then the Internet rocks in so many ways.

lois greiman said...

Yeah, I think you got it right, Hauf. Hot guys pretty much amp up the traffic. Cute pic.

As for me, you probably know I'd rather chisel my novels on granite than do anything electronic. But...sigh...I think technology might be here to stay.

catslady said...

Oh, I like how it is today. I use to have to do all the letter writing in my family (husband's parents were divorced) and I use to spend ages writing it seemed. And as to photos, I spent a fortune developing and mailing pictures that sometimes got lost.

I love the immediate feedback and that since you can talk back and forth more often, it doesn't seem like such a big deal.

I think the blogs I enjoy the most are when there is feedback all around.

krisgils33 said...

It's pretty embarassing for me to say I have no clue who Sam Worthington is.

As far as Facebook goes, I resisted for quite a long time, and now I can honestly say I like the connections I've made.

I'm also recently new to the blogging world, but I can say this one attracted me for the couple of authors I already read, AND connected me with new-to-me authors (which, despite my overflowing TBR pile, I'm always looking for new authors to try out).

Stephenia said...

I didn't know Sam Worthington either, but he IS nice to look at! I found the blog through Cindy Gerard - she mentioned it at the RT Website when she was a feature author there one time. And since she is one of my favorite romantic suspense authors, I browsed on in and now enjoy visiting regularly. There is a great group of authors here. Have you thought to do a regular give-a-way and get the word out at places like (West of Mars) or (writerspace)?? I have browsed into other author sites that way.

Keri Ford said...

Hm. tough question. anxious to see what yall come up with!

I added an honest book reviewer to my group blog and we've gained more hits because of that. She posts every other Friday and then a lot on the weekends. she gives out flaming hearts. (Hee, yall could do car keys!)

Maybe add something to the weekends? Maybe some more Sam Worthington?