Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend extra: What was he thinking?

I posted this photo of Sly with my blog the other day and captioned it:
"Attitude, I gots it!)

So many people got a kick out of it that I asked for more caption suggestions on my facebook page. Wow. Did they come through.
So just for fun, here are some of the many GREAT captions suggested.

"I guess you can take my picture my adoring fans need to see me!!!" - Natoi

Also from Natoi, "This is not the way to the kitchen!!! and this is not a can opener!!"

"I'll move when I'm good and ready. YOU find something else to do now." - Lynn

"Bow, my minions, bow." - Halli


"Don't You Have a Laptop You Can Use?" - Sally

Also from Sally: "You think I've got Cattitude; You Should See my Big-Shot Pet Person, She's got Authorattitude!"

"Put the key board down and walk away.... to the kitchen. I want dinner now!" - Arlene

"Touch my computer and die furball!" - Jane

"I said you're finished for the day...Don't make me hurt you!" - Lori

"Come on, I dare you! Make my day!" - Ruth

"I's the guard kitty ~ you no touchy the 'puter!" - Patricia

"I know there is a mouse somewhere in this mess!" - Elise

"Quit putting super glue at my ankles-I know I'm attractive in this pose , but geeze let me just do it." - Joan.

Also from Joan: "Attitude-I's gots it-who ARE you?"

"Enough strokes on this thing! It's MY turn now!" - Judi

"Bow and worship me. Bow dammit BOW!!" - Rebekah

"You've been ignoring me... sleep with your eyes open."- Sydnee

Care to add your 2 cents?


Virginia C said...

"I know I'm beautiful. You know I'm beautiful. It's about time the rest of the world knew it too!" >^..^<

Cindy Gerard said...

Love it, Virginia!!!

Helen Brenna said...

"You wanna piece of me? Huh? Huh?"

Fun, Cindy!

Cindy Gerard said...

love it, Helen. You guys have mr Sly nailed.

gigi said...

Look deeply into my eyes,
You are getting very sleepy,
when you wake up every time you hear me 'meow' you will give me a treat.

Cindy Gerard said...

LOL, Gigi. Fits perfectly :o)