Thursday, June 03, 2010

Anatomy of a New Book

Trying to re-discover the seed of a new story (or harder yet, a new trilogy) isn't easy. My new book, out June 1, the first of my new Three Kisses trilogy, isn't any exception. I think my agent was the one who came up with the trilogy moniker, "Three Kisses," because it's about three sisters with the last name of Baci ("kiss" in Italian). I was planning to place it at a vineyard in the hills above Malibu, near the setting of my last trilogy, but my editor wondered "Why not Napa?" From there, ideas started buzzing in my brain.

Trilogy tagline: One failing winery, two feuding families, three unforgettable pairings.

The Tanti Baci ("Many Kisses") winery has been around 100 years and is teetering on financial ruin when the three sisters of this generation, Alessandra, Stephania, and Giuliana, take over. It produces a special sparkling wine served only at weddings--and no couple who served it at their nuptial celebrations has ever divorced (or so it's said...could it possibly be true?)

CRUSH ON YOU stars youngest sister, Alessandra Baci, who has a tragic love story in her past and who is now known affectionately around her small town of Edenville as the "Nun of Napa." She's determined that the historic cottage on the vineyard property will be renovated by the end of the month as a wedding venue in order to bring in a new, much-needed revenue stream. But to get that done, she must turn to one of the Bennett brothers next door--Penn, who just happens to be the star of Hollywood's hottest home renovation TV show.

You can read an excerpt at Romantic Times gave it 4 1/2 stars and made it a Top Pick for June. I hope you'll look for it!

Tell me how you read a trilogy/series. Do you buy them up but wait and read them together? Or do you read each installment as it shows up in stores? (I'm inclined to read right away, and then re-read earlier entries in the series before starting the next.) Or, tell me what to do about my knee. Yesterday, I was watching my in-law's yellow lab along with our own and the pups slammed into me from the side, sent me flying off my feet and momentarily dislocating my knee. ::sigh:: It's back in place but the size of a melon today.


Michele Hauf said...

Ouch! A melon knee. Not good. Well, while you're recouperating, you could read...a series! :-)

I usually read a series as each installment shows in stores. Though I admit, some of the longer series (6 books or more) I'm intimidated to even start. Like I want to start reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter's but she has like 50-bajillion of those out!

MsHellion said...

This series sounds intriguing, like a cross between Bottle Shock and Under the Tuscan Sun... Must find book!!

As for the question. Depends. I think I read the Stephanie Plum books out of order...starting with 9, then 10, then going back and reading the other 8.

But when the Harry Potter series came out, when I finally decided to read them (I didn't want to because they were kid books), I read the first four, then I STALKED the other books as they came out. STALKED.

krisgils33 said...

I have a real hard time waiting (I'm already foaming at the mouth after reading your 1 paragraph synopsis in the blog!!!). If I read or hear about a new release, I end up getting too excited and just can't wait (case in point: Susan Mallery's Chasing Perfect. I wanted to wait, but heard too many good things and HAD to read it). Having said that, I much prefer to have all the books in my hand (or Kindle) all at once and read them back-to-back. I really enjoy how the authors tie them all together, while making each one a new story. (I could NEVER do that!). About your knee - no idea, I'm super squeamish. ice and put your leg up on a pillow?? Hope it gets better soon!

Kathleen O said...

I got the call this week, that my pre-order of this book was in for my to pick up at my local bookstore. So I am going over to p/u asap.
I love trilogy's and the store they weave about families or friends for many years and the towns and villages that encompase so many great characters who lives we just can't wait to read about and become part of.. This one I am sure will be no exception, as all of your books...

Christie Ridgway said...

Michele: I know what you mean. It took me a long time to try the JR Ward BDB books because there were so many already out.

Ms. Hellion: I love Bottle Shock! And Under the Tuscan Sun is inspiring me for the 3rd book in the trilogy which I'm working on right now.

Krisgils33: (I'm a huge Susan Mallery fan.) I love being able to read back2back with books but I'm also impatient. I just finished THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET'S NEST and I wished it wasn't so long ago (and it wasn't that long, but I forget quickly) the others in the trilogy.

Thanks, Kathleen O, hope you enjoy it. :)

Leanne said...

Christie, I love the premise. And the nun of napa. I just bet your shero is a sweetie. I must grab this one for the beach! I'm an equal opportunity reader. I don't have to read in order. I'm just happen when I have TIME to read. Regarding you knee, I'm so sorry. Ice, ice, ice...

Jane said...

I try to wait for the whole series to be released before starting book one, but usually I can't wait and end up just buying the first book soon after its release. Hope you're not in too much pain.

Helen Brenna said...

Christie, the premise of this new series sounds awesome! Love it AND this STUNNING cover!

I read series books any which way. I'm not picky.

As for your knee, I've had this happen to me at the dog park - from now on when there are pups going berserk around me, I always keep my knees bent. Probably look very silly, but, hey, dogs do NOT look where they're going.

catslady said...

Sorry about your knee - only advice would be to stay off it if possible.

I'm very inconsistent when it comes to series. Trilogies I sometimes wait until I have all three (especially if I know the author). I hopefully at least get the first one and then can decide if I want to buy the other two. Sometimes I end up with the second or third book which means I have to find the first book. Sometimes I do or other times the series goes unread (sigh). Usually I prefer stand alones to avoid the above lol.

amy kennedy said...

I'm inconsistent too -- it depends if it's new or not, I don't need all the books in the series or trilogy out before I start reading though.

This sounds fabulous. Fabulous. Cannot wait to read it.

amy kennedy said...

and your knee...I put lavender on everything, remember "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" her father and his Windex...that's me and lavender.

Debra Dixon said...

I love the "Three Kisses" moniker and the concepts/ideas behind this.

One of my favorite parts of the blog is the little peeks inside the ideas and molding of stories.

Debra Dixon said...

Re: Reading series

I'll buy them as the come unless they are not "self-contained." Many of the big honking epic fantasy work is very difficult to "keep in your brain" if there are 2 years between books.

But for romance series, in which I know I'm getting a lovely complete story I'll buy them as they come out.

Christie Ridgway said...

I have this cool little handmade lavender pillow a friend gave me for headaches. I'm going to try it on my knee, Amy!

Thanks for all the sympathy, friends. I'm seeing the doctor in a couple of hours because Surfer Guy told me "knowledge is good" and took the day off to take care of I'll let him drive me to the doctor and hold my hand when they prod me.

I can get very impatient for the next book in a series myself and as I just read Lisa Kleypas's MARRIED BY MORNING, I was happy to see the last book in the series (and one I've been waiting for) comes out just next month. Yay!

Stephenia said...

Christie, ouch! The danger with "dislocating" your knee is that you might have actually torn some of the ligaments that keep your knee stable. Melon sized joints deserve ice, rest and a trip to the doctor to be checked out. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Your upcoming trilogy sounds like a light and fun summer read. I am a fan of trilogies, especially those that come out over a 3-4month period. I like reading them in order.

I have a few authors who have multiple connected books that I enjoy reading (like Cindy Gerard's). It is fun to revisit tidbits of characters in successive books. And Cindy's books seem connected but still are stand alone type stories and those are my favorites.

I'm off to read your excerpt, congrats on being a top pick for June!

Martha Lawson said...

First off, go to the doctor for the knee! I had a fight with the garbage can a few years ago (don't ask) anyway, I had to go to the doctor - he was afraid I'd shattered my knee cap. Luckily I hadn't. So it might be more serios than you think!!

If a series is coming out back to back I'll usually go ahead and read it right then. If it's going to be awile, I usually save them till they all come out.

Hope the knee gets better fast!!

Laurie said...

I'm a read as they come out. NO PATIENCE!
Sometimes I will read a book by an author and then glom on to as many as I have hidden in my TBR pile.
I like winery stories. I loved Susan Mallery's series The Sparkling One, The Seductive One etc...

Three Kisses sounds fabulous. I can't wait to read the series!

Playground Monitor said...

Sorry I missed this yesterday. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of t his and I Loved It! I can't wait for the other books. I usually read trilogies as they come out unless I don't discover them til they're all out in which case I read them all at once.

Ouch on that knee. Hope it's feeling better.


Mitzi H. said...

I usually read them as they come out….unless they are huge cliffhangers. I’ve been reading the Outlander series for years and one giant cliffhanger series is enough for me…..very frustrating….but once you get in to a series like that you can’t quit either.

And many times I do a reread before the next book….especially if it’s been a long time in coming.

Hope your knee is OK.