Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Prom Season!

Do you see the signs around your town? The limos, the party buses, the groups of well-dressed teenagers waiting for tables at the local restaurants? As surely as birds singing and flowers blooming it's spring...and prom season.

I love to catch sight of the prom-goers. The girls' hair is magnificent these days. Loops and braids and half-updos. All day Saturday at my local department store, the young women are sitting on stools at the make-up counters getting their faces done so that seventeen looks like...cover model. So fun!

And the dresses! (Sorry, I pay little attention to what the boys are wearing.) Short, long, strapless, halter, all lovely. The shoes blow my mind as well. Four-inch heels, people. A person in the know tells me that all the girls bring a second pair to actually walk and dance in. They only hope to make it into prom in the wildly exotic footwear.

We had a party last Saturday night that turned into great fun when we started swapping prom stories. Two married couples were in attendance who had actually been prom dates with their now-spouses! My prom tale: My date's dad had let him borrow his very expensive and beautiful Cadillac for the night. As we left one house where we'd taken pictures to go on to the restaurant, we were following part of our group in another car. You guessed it, less than an hour into our big night, when they suddenly braked ahead of us, we crashed into them. Nobody was hurt, nothing was damaged, except for the grill of the fancy car--and probably the mood of my poor date. Another woman at our party told her story: She got a call during prom season from "Daniel." (Excitement, she had a big crush on "Daniel.") He asked her to prom and she said an ecstatic yes!...and then realized it was a different Dan than the one she had eyes for. All's well that ends well, though, he's now her husband and father of her four sons!

Do you have a good prom story? Does remember your dress make you shudder? Or your date? Enjoy your Memorial Day, everyone.


Cindy Gerard said...

Hey Christie. Fun story. And wow, prom was a long time ago for me but I do remember the dress. Loved it. it was aqua, I think :o-0 long an d slim and darn, I wish I could get into it today!

Christie Ridgway said...

Cindy: We had Junior Prom & then Senior Ball at my h.s. I loved my Junior Prom dress but couldn't find a thing I liked for Senior Ball and settled for this pale blue number that made me look 10 years old. Prom dresses these days are =much= more sophisticated!

Helen Brenna said...

Okay, so by now EVERYONE must know I didn't go to prom. You messin' with me, Christie? LOL

My senior year we boycotted prom (in other words, didn't have dates) so all of us went to a friends cabin for the night. Fun, fun, fun.

I got to live vicariously through my daughter, who, btw, went to every dance!!

Christie Ridgway said...

Helen: My 2 best friends (Homecoming Queen & Christmas Ball Queen) did not have dates either. We'd pretty much dated all the guys in our group already. I was asked by someone from a different crowd...

That's what happens when you got to school with the same kids from kindergarten on.

Leanne said...

Helen, I didn't attend my prom either! But my daughter went all four years in high school. WONDERFUL fun for me!:)