Friday, April 02, 2010

Summer movies

'Bout time we had another movie chat.  What movies are you looking forward to in the coming months?  Here are some of my picks:

I have to admit, I'm not much for storylines about gods and goddesses.  Should I attribute that to having to read The Odyssey in High School and fill out endless worksheets on the thing?  But I will not miss this one for two reasons:  Sam Worthington - the dude is handsome and sweet, and I want to see him swing a sword wearing that sexy leather skirt.  Hee.  Second reason?  "Release the krakken!"  How can you not want to see this one?
This one opened yesterday, but I think it's a 'wait for the $5 tickets' movie for me.  And 3-D?  Nope, gives me a headache.  How many of you like to watch 3-D movies?  Do you see they are coming out with a 3-D television?  Oy.

Ok, I have a soft spot for superhero movies.  Especially quirky ones.  And this one looks the quirkiest.  It's touted to be a comic-book readers' dream movie.  I watched the trailer and thought 'eh'.  Then I watched the red-band trailer, and knew it would be more interesting than the tame trailer could show.  Oh yeah, I have to see this one!  Just to watch Hit-Girl kick major butt.  [Warning: do not watch trailer if you cannot abide foul language from a 13 yr old girl.]

Due in theaters: April 16

Saw the trailer for this one, and it tweaked my love for quirk.  Andaction/adventure/comedy that tracks three Korean men on a quest to find a lost treasure map.  One's good, one's bad, and the other, well, he's weird.  It's subtitled, but who cares?  It'll have lots of action and less talk, for sure.  It's in limited release, in theaters April 23rd.

Whoever did the casting for the first Iron Man made the dream score when they cast Robert Downey Jr as the reluctant, boozing hero who may or may not possess a bone of compassion.  I can't wait to see the sequel.  Though I admit, Mickey Rourke kinda freaks me out.  Since he's the villain that'll probably be a good thing.  And don't we all want to know how Scarlett Johanson comes between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts?

Due in theaters: May 7

Is it wrong to wish they'd bring back Gilles Marini (the naked shower dude) for this sequel?  I got addicted to SATC while doing research for a Bombshell I wrote a few years back.  Watched all the seasons in one summer.  I love this show!  And while I don't expect much from the movies, it's fun to revisit the girls and see what they're up to.  Will Carrie and Big finally get the big wedding?

In theaters:  May 27

I'm not loving the poster for this one terribly much, but it does promise to be a lovely, romantic pic set in Ireland and features a fisherman who drags up a woman in his nets, who may or may not be a mermaid.  Colin Farrell is a hit or miss actor for me.  I like him sometimes, other times not.  But supposedly he starred in this with his real-life girlfriend, so I will expect some great on-screen chemistry.  And I really love when independent films set in beautiful milieu come out.  If it possesses a fairy-tale quality to it, all the better.  Do watch the trailer, and let me know if you'll try to find this one.

In limited release June 4th.

Despicable Me looks like too much wicked fun.  I think it's a good idea, as adults, to never disregard the kiddie movies and cartoons.  We still need to laugh at ourselves every once in a while.  And while I guess this one will be angled toward adults, I suspect the kids will love it too.  That said, I'll be seeing this one myself.  The hubby isn't much for cartoons.  (But I know he would have loved Alice in Wonderland if he'd gone with me.)

In theaters:  July 9

All right, I confess, I have a girl-crush on Angelina Jolie.  I think she's gorgeous, smart, talented, and she loves her hubby and children.  And she makes some cool movies, too.  I love her in the action/adventure roles, and this one should rock.  She plays a CIA agent accused of being a Russian spy.  Visit the movie site.  Liev Schreiber is in this one and I'm likin' him in movies lately, too.

Opens July 23rd.  I can't wait!

So what about you?  What movies are you looking forward to?  Seen any good ones recently?  I loved Alice In Wonderland and RepoMen!


Helen Brenna said...

Thanks, Michele, for doing all the research for me! I had no clue many of these were coming up, but they sound intriguing.

Colin Farrell seems to have matured. I really like his more recent roles. Did you see In Bruges?

Liza said...

I want to see Clash of the Titans, Iron Man 2, and Sex and the City 2 from your list. Also plan to go see Eclipse when in comes out on June 30. Might have to add Despicable Me to the list. I love kid movies and Steve Carell is always good for a laugh.

I too have a girl-crush on Angelina Jolie, so Salt sounds fun to me too.

Terry Odell said...

We'll have to check to see how far we are from a theater once we move. It might be Netflix all the way. Not that we see many 'in-theater' movies anymore. Too much "other stuff" not enough movie.

Michele Hauf said...

Helen, I saw In Bruges, and I think people were really divided on that movie. I did not like it at all because of the way it ended. Did you like it?

LIza, for those of us with crushes on Jolie, and Johnny how exciting is it to know they're doing a movie TOGETHER?

Terry, there is a lot of extra 'stuff' at movies nowadays. My hubby just asked when they would start putting commercials IN the movies. Probably not out of the realm of possibility. Of course, they already advertise with prominantly placed products. But after all that 'stuff' I think some movies are just getting too long. THey expect us to sit through three hours? I like the 90 minute flicks. If you can't tell the story in two hours or less, then maybe then need to bring back the old intermissions!

Christie Ridgway said...

I'm not in the Angelina Jolie camp, so not interested in seeing her in a movie. However, title & question are intriguing.

My kids will be in line to see Iron Man 2, I'm sure. The Korean one looks fun to me!

lois greiman said...

Thanks, Hauf, you've fired me up for movies again.

Salt looks good and who doesn't want to see Liam releasing Krakken (Crimony, what's a krakken) and Collin in well...nothing. Hah!!

Hey, I saw How to Train Your Dragon! So fun!

Michele Hauf said...

Oh, I want to see How to Train Your Dragon! It's been getting great reviews. Must see.

Cindy Gerard said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up, Michele. If there's s Steve Carell movie, I'm there. And after breaking down and watching Ironman 1 on pay for view, I would LOVE to see IR 2 on the big screen. Love Robert Downy Jr. So glad he got his life and his act together.
Sex and the city also looks like fun!

Kathleen O said...

Can't say that I am looking forward to any movies as yet, but I will say the best movie I saw in a long time was Invictus. I just can't say enough about this movie. I saw four movies nominated for an Oscar and by far this one should have won..