Friday, April 16, 2010

Debra – Random Thoughts

I make no claim to wisdom, but important thoughts do cross my mind on a regular basis. Here’s a sampling from today:

1) Do not insult the people who prepare your food. Even if they’re too stupid to live.

2) Little white lies are like a gateway drug.

3) Moderate your praise for purple pig figurine gifts unless you want more pigs or purple.

4) Cutting your own bangs is risky.

5) Scottish savory puff pastries are YUM!

6) Weird is rarely the best choice.

7) The Pocket Book of Boners? Seriously? Language is truly wondrous and changeable.

8) Tomato plants don’t mature faster if you think mature thoughts at them.

9) I need to laugh more.

10) I need chocolate.

So how about you? What important thinks have you thunk today? What 10 truisms have sprung from your daily life in the last couple of days?


Venus Vaughn said...

This one came from a co-worker today:
Getting plastic surgery is like breaking the factory seal on your body.

Cindy Gerard said...

Love it, Deb. My thought for the day:
Don't try to out think Deb. You'll just look stupid :o)

lois greiman said...

Thanks Deb. Pocket Boners! :)

My current thought is that we have limited opportunities to get a way with making foolish decisions so we should use them judiciously.

Keri Ford said...

okay--pocket boners, too funny!

my hairstylist has told me directly that I am not to ever, ever, ever, ever again cut my bangs. not even a little snippet trim. guess my hair cutting skills have not improved since I was a toddler.

hm, my thought for the day, forget what you think others think! be proud of that story and get it submitted ASAP! It's fun, unique, the best you've written yet and that thing *is* gonna sale.

Leanne said...

Deb, these are wonderful. So wish THINKING would work with tomato plants because I sure DO love me some homegrown tomatoes! A few of my thinks? I can either discipline myself or be disciplined by someone else. I can pay first and play second or play first and pay second... but I will always pay. Finally, there are people who put pennies in my jar and people who take them out. Better to spend more time with people who put pennies in my jar.:) LOVE your post!:)

Debra Dixon said...

Venus-- ROFL. Breaking the factory seal? That's is so perfect. I'm stealing it.

Debra Dixon said...

Cindy-- Oh, but thinking sooo gets me in trouble on a regular basis!

Liza said...

My thought for the day: It seems like a dark chocolate M&M's day to me.

Helen Brenna said...

Love this, Deb. The food one really cracks me up. And the factory seal!

How 'bout this one. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, what's paving the road to heaven?

Happy Friday!

Debra Dixon said...

Lois-- Brilliant. Judicious use of foolish decisions. We have to be allowed to make some because sometimes taking a leap of faith when nothing else supports the decision but our own believe is really really important. Even it the decision might look foolish to others.

The trick, like you said, is to recognize we don't get many of those.

Debra Dixon said...

Keri-- Things sure as heck don't happen if we do nothing! So, I think that's a good one. "Do something. Don't just sit there pining for courage."

Debra Dixon said...

Leanne-- Oh, no! Yours are better. Rats. I'm going to have to steal them too. I love love love the "pennies in the jar."

I've a need for just that perspective lately! Perfect.

Debra Dixon said...


Yes! It seems like a dark chocolate M&M day to me too !

Which leads to me to edit my thought #10.

10) I need chocolate and I'm responsible for having it on hand. Must make a habit of checking the pantry.

Debra Dixon said...

Oooh, Helen goes to the top of the chart with a bullet!

But my mother told me never to discuss religion, politics or sex if I could avoid it. Heaven is a religious concept so...

How 'bout them Yankees?? (g)

Christie Ridgway said...

My thought of the day:

You can always engage a moody teenage boy by talking about the funny thing the dog did.

(He was terrified by the neighbor's cat during our walk, turning and running so fast he leaped right out of his collar.)

Kathleen Eagle said...

Way to spoil my fantasy about growing tomatoes, Deb. I suppose "thinking mature thoughts at them" won't on kids, either. Damn.

Debra Dixon said...

Christie-- That's good advice. And funny about the dog.

Debra Dixon said...

Kathy-- Boy, if we could perfect the "thinking mature thoughts" mind control program we could make a fortune from frazzled, worried parents!

Betina Krahn said...

DEb, this is a great post.

The thought that's been helping me of late is: "If you're facing something monumental and don't know how to proceed, just the take the next small step."

Came in my fortune cookie two weeks ago. Sometimes I do feel like there aren't any coincidences.

Debra Dixon said...

Betina-- You're kidding? In a fortune cookie? I'm not a big believer in coincidence either.

"Take the next small step."

I like it.