Friday, April 30, 2010

Coming soon: Action, Adventure, Skulls and Swordplay!

Hey all!  In about a week or so, my next release hits bookstores, cleverly disguised under the Alex Archer pseudonym.  This is the second book I've written for the Rogue Angel series, and I just can't get enough.  I love this series, the action and adventure and the capable and very smart heroine.  I allows me to explore plots I wouldn't normally get to in romance.  And I do love to mix together odd ideas.  For example THE BONE CONJURER involves a missing infant's skull rumored to be the Skull of Sidon, a Ukrainian bone conjurer (or necromancer), a Forbes 100 businessman on the rise who suffers debilitating migraines and has a daughter dying of brain cancer, a 500-yr old immortal man with abs of steel (hee), much swordplay and a fun action scene on the NY subway, and a rockstar professor who likes to play guitar and cruise the young girls when he's not teaching archaeology.  Toss in a sniper or two, an awesome battle with the heroine wielding an air nailer as a weapon (Yes!  I so wanted to shoot someone in the head with an air nailer!), and I think this is a pretty fun and action-packed story.

Whew!  With all that going on, there should be something in there to appeal to everyone, eh?  Add to it the recurring character of Annja Creed, archaeologist and adventurer, and that's my kind of read.  Think Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft.  For me, it's a nice break from writing romance because I don't have to think too much about developing a new intimate relationship for the heroine (that's not allowed in the series), yet she can flirt and have relationships on her own terms (when she has time; but who has time when you're always chasing down adventure?).  In other words, it feeds my inner Bombshell.  :-)

So do you like that cover?  I love it.  Though I have to say nowhere in the story does the Statue of Liberty ever make an appearance.  I assume that was the artist's means to quickly and easily show the story is set in NY.  (Cover art is by the amazing graphic artist Tim Bradstreet.)  And I had hoped for a skull, and didn't actually find that until I'd had the cover for weeks.  Can you all spot the skull?  Also, the story is set around Thanksgiving, and it's snowing.  A lot.  I promise you I would never send my heroine out in the chilly weather wearing a short leather mini skirt, but...sigh...  The audience for this series also includes men, so you know, it's all good.  ;-)

So this is what I want to know today.  I believe the majority of Riding's readers love romance.  But when you need a change of pace, what genre do you like to read in?  (And did you spot the skull?)



Whalehugger said...

Wow! This sounds like a very fun read! I love a good rollicking adventure story. when I need a break from reading romance or mystery, I like to read fantasy or sometimes some non-fiction.

Yes, I did spot the skull - it's behind the heroine. It's tricky to see because it's turned at an angle so you've got to look twice. Looking forward to see this one in the stores!

Helen Brenna said...

Nope, can't find the skull. Like the cover, though!

When I need a break from romance, I read women's fiction or general fiction. Have found some authors I really like that way.

So when are they going to make a series of movies from this series?? Would be cool.

Michele Hauf said...

I think this series would make an awesome TV series, actually. Who knows? I could happen!

Kathleen Eagle said...

You *are* happenin', Michele!

Cool cover. I love the pleated skirt. Gives her a bit of school girl appeal.

Kathleen O said...

We have been chating on one of my bookclub chats about "Angels" being a recuring theme in books this year... So I am looking forard to reading your book... I must admit to not having read this series yet, but I am looking forward to getting started..

I love action adventure and a gal that can kick ass!!!!

catslady said...

I only saw the skull after you mentioned it but I think seeing the book in person it would show up. I like a variety of reading. I think the only books I'm not thrilled with is both ends of the spectrum - inspirational and erotica.

KylieBrant said...

You've really had some awesome covers, recently! Love this one and the story sounds great!

Debra Dixon said...

Yeah, I had to look for the skull, but that's no problem. It's a great cover. The skull is just a little extra.

I think the leather mini is a scream, not to mention heavy! But I can see it swirling in a big roundhouse swing in the the sword fight. (g)

Okay, what to I read when I need a change of pace? I read so much outside of romance these days that romance is my change of pace. It's like, "Oh, I remember this. I love this."

Laurie said...

I read satirical Tim Dorsey,intrigue Robert Ludlum, John Grisham, Lisa Jackson, Lisa Gardner and Tom Clancy.
I'm rereading many of The Classics I read in HS and college...
Alexander Dumas, Mark Twain, Richard
Adams,Charles Dickens,George Orwell, Orson Wells,Louisa May Alcott, Graham Greene...

Next up:
I want to start Anne McCaffrey's White Dragon.

Yes, I saw the skull!