Monday, February 01, 2010

Grammy Nominations and Wins

Did anyone else watch the Grammy's last night? I'll admit it, I'm a huge Grammy fan but ohmygawd there are about a billion categories. Never again will I listen to complaints about the number of Rita categories. It's a wonder it doesn't take a week to give out all the awards.

It was great to see Elton John's cameo in the opening, although who would ever have figured to pair him with Lady Gaga? This pairing was not as unlikely, however, as that of Katy Perry and Alice Cooper!

Is anyone else as surprised as I am that Gaga landed the opening spot? She hasn't been on the scene very long, but I suppose five number one hits shoots her into the spotlight fairly rapidly, LOL.

And I know Kathleen must have been thrilled to see Stephen Colbert on stage . I guess I wasn't even aware that they gave awards for best comedy album anymore. And he won, too, woo-hoo! Some of the comedy nominees make me want to check out their CDs.

I'm not sure why I get more excited about music awards than I do the Oscar or Emmys. Maybe because I'm more familiar with the nominated songs than I am the movies by the time the nominations roll around. I regularly download the latest hits to my iPod, and have much better tailgating music than my self-appointed music guy son does, although he disputes that!

And of course, I always have my own picks for the deserving so have to give a nod to who I think should have won, although many of them didn't :) Below is a partial list of the nominees this year. A star denotes actual winners. And although I left off many categories, including hard rock and alternative, I'd pick Linkin Park and Death Cab for Cutie for those. If you haven't heard of either one--or any of these below--go to iTunes and type them in the search window to listen to a sample. That's often how I find new artists, since I never know who sings the songs I like on the radio.

This url will (hopefully) take you to the amazon page where you can listen to a sample of each of the songs chosen for the 2010 Grammy nominees CD. I buy it every year :)

Record Of The Year


Beyoncé--like her and like this song.

I Gotta Feeling

The Black Eyed Peas--I'm rooting for this one. I love this song! It's an immediate mood elevator. Mostly I hope it wins just because my son and my daughter's boyfriend dislike it so intensely.

Use Somebody *

Kings Of Leon--Good song. Catchy but not worthy of the top award. (Shows what I know!)

Poker Face

Lady Gaga--I like a lot of her music. And yes, I do worry about what that says about me.

You Belong With Me

Taylor Swift--Got my fingers crossed for Taylor, if only to stick it to Kanye West.

Some of these are among my picks below, so if I were in charge of the awards, this one would go to Black Eyed Peas.

Album Of The Year

I Am... Sasha Fierce

Beyoncé--this is a good one. I've downloaded lots of the songs.

The E.N.D.

The Black Eyed Peas--personally, there are only three songs on the album I like. Album of the year? Mmmm, I don't think so.

The Fame

Lady Gaga--worth a listen.

Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King

Dave Matthews Band--I know I should be rooting for the Dave Matthews Band, if only for nostalgia sake. But...the girls have it this time 'round.

Fearless *

Taylor Swift--Great album. Check it out. I'd go with Swift or Beyonce' on this one.

Song Of The Year

Poker Face

Lady Gaga & RedOne, songwriters--Good song. I actually like Papparazzi better.

Pretty Wings

Hod David & Musze, songwriters (Maxwell)--I had to look him up. Sigh. And yet another artist to buy. R&B/Soul and my, does he have a pretty voice!

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) *

Thaddis Harrell, Beyoncé Knowles, Terius Nash & Christopher Stewart, songwriters (Beyoncé)--
Good song and catchy but I don't think it deserves a win.

Use Somebody

Caleb Followill, Jared Followill, Matthew Followill & Nathan Followill, songwriters (Kings Of Leon)--I have the song on my iPod but again not the one I want to see winning.

You Belong With Me

Liz Rose & Taylor Swift, songwriters (Taylor Swift) Okay, I'm not going to lie. I have it as my ring tone on my phone. This is the one I'm rooting for.

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

Hometown Glory

Adele--I like this song a lot. Her voice reminds me a bit of Melissa Etheridge.

Halo *

Beyoncé--This song gives me chills. I have to go with Beyonce for best song. Lord, can that girl sing!

Hot N Cold

Katy Perry--Another great song. She has really become one of my favorite new artists.


Pink--There's a part of me that loves the bad girls of music like Pink and Avril Lavigne. And hey, anyone who takes on Kanye for what he pulled at the VMA deserves my support. Not to mention her ability to pull off a naked glitter dress---on a trapeze no less. Ritas, take note.

You Belong With Me

Taylor Swift--Since I'm rooting for her to win song of the year, I can give this category to Beyonce and feel fair about the whole thing.

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

This Time

John Legend--He isn't my pick but I do enjoy his voice.

Love You

Maxwell--I'll be downloading some of his music.

Make It Mine *

Jason Mraz-- I absolutely love his songs "I'm Yours" and "Lucky" but don't like this one near as well. I'm a huge fan of him, though, so would probably choose him for the award.

If You Don't Know Me By Now

Seal--Curious that he's up for a remake. I much prefer his remake of "Stand by Me."

All About The Love Again

Stevie Wonder--I couldn't find a sample of this on iTunes and haven't heard the song so have no opinion. Other than I didn't know he was still recording.

Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals

I Gotta Feeling *

The Black Eyed Peas Best. Song. Evah!

We Weren't Born To Follow

Bon Jovi--How can I not root for Bon Jovi? Their sound never gets old and I'm thrilled they're still out there recording.

Never Say Never

The Fray--I'm a huge fan of The Fray but I learned to buy their singles from iTunes rather than their CDs because their songs are hit and miss for me. This one's a hit.

Sara Smile

Daryl Hall & John Oates--maybe it's just me, but it seems like to be up for a Grammy they should have to have a new song out rather than retreading old ones. Humph.


MGMT Yeeech :(

Gotta go with Black Eyed Peas, although I'll still applaud madly if The Fray or Bon Jovi gets it.

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals

Sea Of Heartbreak

Rosanne Cash & Bruce Springsteen--This is a great song and what an unusual duo to sing it. Maybe it's me, but I didn't think Springsteen's voice really melded with hers that well.

Love Sex Magic

Ciara & Justin Timberlake--not to my taste.

Lucky *

Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat--I love both these artists and I'm so glad to see this song up for an award because it rocks! And it's hard to hate the name of the CD: We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. This is my pick.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Willie Nelson & Norah Jones--although I love, love, love Norah and enjoy Willie, this duo just didn't do it for me, even though I like the song.


Taylor Swift & Colbie Caillat--if you haven't heard this song, you have to give it a listen. I'm biased, I love both these artists. Although I'm pulling for Colbie and Jason, I wouldn't be upset if this duo won.

Best Pop Vocal Album

The E.N.D. -- The Black Eyed Peas *

Hmm. Although I love a couple songs on this album, I can't say I'm a fan of most of them. Personally, I picked and chose singles from this rather than buying the whole thing.

Colbie Caillat--I like her voice well enough that I buy her albums--all of them--because I know I'm going to like most of the music.

All I Ever Wanted

Kelly Clarkson--another of my favorite artists. And I love "My Life Would Suck Without You," and "Already Gone."

The Fray

The Fray--yes, they're hit and miss for me, but this album has tons of great songs. If you like their sound, I can recommend it.


Pink--featuring "So What", "Sober", "Please Don't Leave", this is a pretty good album.

Know what? I have no pick in this category. Most of them are deserving.

Best Dance Recording

Boom Boom Pow

The Black Eyed Peas--believe it or not, highly danceable :)

When Love Takes Over

David Guetta & Kelly Rowland--although I like them both, I'm not that fond of this song.

Poker Face *

Lady Gaga--this is one of my favorites.


Madonna--Ummm, no. Just no. And it has nothing to do with my dislike of Madonna. Really.


Britney Spears--see above. Ditto.

I'd give this one to Lady Gaga.

Best Electronic/Dance Album

Divided By Night

The Crystal Method--I can only imagine what this music would sound like to someone who'd just smoked a couple joints. Although it's even more painful to listen to it without smoking one.

One Love

David Guetta--great song. I like his music.

The Fame *

Lady Gaga--I like some of her stuff but this isn't one of them.

Party Rock

LMFAO--at the risk of sounding like my dad, this is just noise.


Pet Shop Boys--I'm never been a fan and they haven't improved with age.

This isn't even close. I have to go with David Guetta.

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

A Swingin' Christmas

Tony Bennett--okay, I'll admit to being a huge Christmas album geek. I'd consider this one for my collection although some of his renditions of familiar classics are a bit painful.

Michael Bublé Meets Madison Square Garden *

Michael Bublé--who doesn't love Michael? Great album.

Your Songs

Harry Connick, Jr.--not a bad album. But I wouldn't want to listen to it straight through in one sitting.

Liza's At The Palace

Liza Minnelli--sometimes I'm in the mood for this sort of music. But I'd rather listen to Michael Buble' :)

American Classic

Willie Nelson--absolutely love his rendition of 'Fly Me to the Moon.' My dad is a huge fan of his and I'll be picking up this CD for him. I know he'll love it.

No surprises here, though. I'd give the award to Michael Buble'.

Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance

Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

Bob Dylan--okay I know this makes me un-American or something, but I've never liked Bob Dylan. Am I the only one who thinks the man can't sing?

Change In The Weather

John Fogerty--Like Fogerty but don't like this song.


Prince--I like some of his stuff but couldn't find this song anywhere to listen to a sample.

Working On A Dream *

Bruce Springsteen--I gotta go with the boss on this one. And it's not because I'm a huge fan-girl. Though I am.

Fork In The Road

Neil Young--why this song is up for an award and not the much superior "Light a Candle" I can't even fathom. Love Young but this song doesn't do much for me.

My award goes to the Boss. But Neil, I wanted you in the running!

Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals

Can't Find My Way Home

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood--there's something very 70s sounding about this song. And although the 70s wasn't the greatest time for music, Clapton and Winwood were two powerhouses from the decade. A great song.

Life In Technicolor II

Coldplay--I like me a little Coldplay but this one isn't one of my favorites.

21 Guns

Green Day--fantastic song. It's on my iPod.

Use Somebody *

Kings Of Leon--I've got the song downloaded and I do like it but up against Green Day, Clapton and Winwood? I don't think so.

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

U2--worth downloading but see above.

I have to go with Clapton and Winwood, hands down.

Best Rock Song

A Songwriter(s) Award.

The Fixer

Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready & Eddie Vedder, songwriters (Pearl Jam)

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

Bono, Adam Clayton, The Edge & Larry Mullen Jr., songwriters (U2)

21 Guns

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt & Tré Cool, songwriters (Green Day)

Use Somebody *

Caleb Followill, Jared Followill, Matthew Followill & Nathan Followill, songwriters (Kings Of Leon)

Working On A Dream

Bruce Springsteen, songwriter (Bruce Springsteen)

Okay, Green Day gets this one because I gave one to Bruce already. I'm all about being fair.

Best Female Country Vocal Performance

Dead Flowers

Miranda Lambert--I like her voice. I'd check out her songs.

I Just Call You Mine

Martina McBride--I do like Martina :)

White Horse *

Taylor Swift--at the risk of sounding like a broken record, she is awesome! This is a great song.

Just A Dream

Carrie Underwood--I love her music, but don't like this song as well as others of hers.

Solitary Thinkin'

Lee Ann Womack--see above.

I'd give the award to Taylor Swift. So sue me. It's not like she isn't going to take home a cartload of them anyway.

Best Male Country Vocal Performance

All I Ask For Anymore

Trace Adkins--too too country for me.

People Are Crazy

Billy Currington--not exactly a deep one.

High Cost Of Living

Jamey Johnson--not a fan of his voice.

Living For The Night

George Strait--nice song. I'd download it.

Sweet Thing *

Keith Urban--I wish I could say there was even a contest. But no one, *no one* can win out over Keith. He's a fav of mine and I buy all his albums.

Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals

Cowgirls Don't Cry

Brooks & Dunn--I've never been a huge fan.

Chicken Fried

Zac Brown Band--new to the scene but worth a listen. And that guitar solo last night was truly impressive!

I Run To You *

Lady Antebellum--I really liked this one!

Here Comes Goodbye

Rascal Flatts--ooh, it's tough for me to be unbiased when Rascal Flatts is in the running. I love their music.

It Happens

Sugarland--this is really the sort of country music I don't like.

Rascal Flatts gets my vote. No contest!

Best Country Collaboration With Vocals

Beautiful World

Dierks Bentley & Patty Griffin--hmm, not a big fan, although I like him more than her.

Down The Road

Kenny Chesney & Mac McAnally--easy listening.

Start A Band

Brad Paisley & Keith Urban--Paisley AND Urban???? That's like having pie topped with cake for dessert. They're both huge favs of mine.

I Told You So *

Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis--if it had been anyone, anyone other than Travis I'd be more impressed.

Everything But Quits

Lee Ann Womack & George Strait--George is another one who will never be a favorite. Hands down, this award should be given to Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.

Best Country Song

All I Ask For Anymore

Casey Beathard & Tim James, songwriters (Trace Adkins)--not a bad song, just wish he didn't sing it.

High Cost Of Living

Jamey Johnson & James Slater, songwriters (Jamey Johnson)--I just don't like his voice.

I Run To You

Tom Douglas, Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley & Hillary Scott, songwriters (Lady Antebellum)--this is a great song and I really like her voice. I'll be downloading some of her music.

People Are Crazy

Bobby Braddock & Troy Jones, songwriters (Billy Currington)--naw :(

White Horse *

Liz Rose & Taylor Swift, songwriters (Taylor Swift)--okay, just to prove I'm not totally biased (and besides, I gave her the nod for this song in an earlier category) I'd give this award to Lady Antebellum.

Best Country Album

The Foundation

Zac Brown Band--worth a listen if you like country. They actually won best new artist.


George Strait

Fearless *

Taylor Swift

Defying Gravity

Keith Urban

Call Me Crazy

Lee Ann Womack

Taylor or Keith??? How could I possibly decide between them? Either could win and I'd be happy. I have both their albums and both are great.

Well, you only have to do a quick scan to see how close my picks matched up with the true winners. Did you do any better last night? Did your favorites win or get unfairly overlooked? Any artist you think should have been nominated and wasn't?


Cindy Gerard said...

I started watching last night, ended up DVRing it and watching something else. I must be getting old. (well, yeah) because I simply had to stare, my mouth agape at some of the costumes and spectacular productions as I wondered: Isn't it supposed to be about the music and the singing? It was more like a 3 ring circus - not that that's a bad thing but WHY? Lady GaGa can sing. Pink can sing and yet NEITHER of their performances seemed to be about the singing. It all seemed so superfluous - like each act was trying to outdo the other in the outrageous department. Again, find for a circus but not for this purist. Although, I must admit, Pink's stunt was amazing. Vegas would love her act :o)

KylieBrant said...

I wanted to boo the head of the Grammys off the stage. The artists got like 30 seconds to accept the award before they started blasting music to drown them out. And that guy droned on and on and on for so long I was ready to throw things at the TV.

They actually went an hour with no award! I like the performances, but there were way too many of them.

Helen Brenna said...

I forgot about it, dang it! But thanks for the recap. What's the diff between Album of the Year and Record of the year?

lois greiman said...

Kylie, I'm so impressed with your current-music knowledge. And I loooove it that you have Taylor Swift on your phone. Your school kids must adore you. I watched some of the show, but, okay, I admit it, I'm a country music fan (am seeking help but there may be no help to be found) and other stuff often bores me. But I, and the rest of the world, do like Beyonce and it was fun to see the astounding talent of others when they were allowed to actually sing.

Michele Hauf said...

Ohmygosh! I missed Alice Cooper!

I never watch these shows, but ladies, if you know someone like Cooper is going to be on it, you gotta give me a heads-up. ;-)

Keri Ford said...

Um...Pro-Bowl was on last night and husband had the tv when we were home. :)

I don't often watch these for the winners anyway. I often end up frustrated by who gets it. I watch for the dresses and costumes. by the sound of Twitter last night, there were some doozies on there.

KylieBrant said...

Helen, there were a lot of people on twitter wondering the same thing! Many of the categories seem redundant.

Lois, I like country as long as it's country rock and not too twangy. Used to love Collin Raye. Miss him sooo much!

Michele, I had no idea Alice Cooper was going to be on it, or Elton John. Those were nice bonuses!

Keri, Pink wore little more than body glitter on that trapeze, LOL. My husband called me from the basement to say, "Do you SEE what she's wearing???"

Kathleen Eagle said...

I didn't watch--darn--but it'll be fun to see what Stephen says about it tonight.

I watched the Globes and the SAGS. Wait. Hmm. Are we talking about awards, or did somebody say something about women getting old?

KylieBrant said...

LOL, Kathleen. Colbert was funny. He kept asking his daughter if he was cool yet and the camera would target her and she was always shaking her head no. Until he won!

Pamela Keener said...

I'm with you Kylie I love Lady Gaga & I am old enough to not like her LOL