Sunday, December 13, 2009

Visions of an Iowa Winter

I took a few photos of the snow and other ...things :o). Just for fun I thought I'd share them with you on this cold winter day. Enjoy! Cindy

This is the path to our deck and screened porch after the big blizzard hit. That's not fake snow on the Christmas wreath :o)
Now I realize that for you tough Minnesotans and Mountain Westerners, this doesn't look like a lot of snow - but this early in Dec, it's a lot of snow for us so soon in the year.

Here's a shot of the front of our house with the shrubs all covered with that pretty white stuff we love to look at but hate shoveling :o)

A view from the back yard. That's about a 5 foot drift covering the ground in front of the little play house my DH built for the grandkids.

Meanwhile, inside the house, I was going on about my business, cleaning and doing laundry and keeping warm while the wind howled and the temp hovered around zero. In this pic, I'd just removed a batch of clothes from the dryer and was about to toss in another ... but wait. Buddy found a nice warm place to sit out this cold winter.

So I shooed him out of the dryer and finished my laundry and decided it was a great day to wrap presents.
Oh course, Buddy decided the packages were a great place to take a nap.

Here's one final shot of the pasture beside our house. It's hard to see it but that drift in the middle is over 6 feet tall and about forty feet long. I love how the wind cut swirls into the snow and made all those pretty patterns.

Stay warm everyone!!


Rosemary Gunn said...

Brrr! I'm SO not ready for this yet...but I know it's coming.

Anonymous said...

Just three words: I LOVE YOU!

Cindy Gerard said...

Hey Rosemary. yep. It's too early for this much snow

Cindy Gerard said...

Rossella - you're welcome :o)

Indigo said...

Maybe I'm just a kid at heart, but I want your snow. Upstate NY hasn't had much this year. Mother nature is being stingy with us NY'ers. (Hugs)Indigo

KylieBrant said...

It is awfully pretty and count me among those who don't shovel. But walking outside everyday in it is a special treat. Especially now that the temperatures have warmed up.

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thank you for sharing those great pictures. It's definitely a white Christmas!
Happy Holidays,

GunDiva said...

We're getting plenty of snow ourselves and I'm enjoying sitting in my parent's B&B watching it softly fall. In a few hours, when we have to leave, I'll hate it.

Donna said...

Your pictures are beautiful, but, it looks WWWWAAAAYYYY to cold to me! There's a reason I live in Florida. I just cannot see driving in all of that snow all winter long. We do get our share of cold weather in North Central Florida, but, the last time we had any snow here was in 1989! You should have seen us Floridians trying to drive in that stuff with no snow tires, salt for roads, etc. We were paralyzed here. I'm content to look at your pretty pics. LOL

Cindy Gerard said...

It really is beautiful but I DO envy you southerners this time of year.

It's been fun today, writing out Christmas cards in front of the fire with the snow outside and Christmas carols playing softly in the background. I'm a real sucker for Christmas carols :o)

Helen Brenna said...

Nice pics, Cindy. Love the one of Buddy in the dryer. Too cute!

We didn't get as much snow as you did. But there's a lot of winter left, huh?

Indigo, just wait, sweetie. You'll get yours! lol

Dina said...

We got hit too, but love your pics.

Nutty Mother said...

You are making me homesick! Thank you for the snow pictures!

Between growing up in Vermont, going to college in Nebraska and living in Virginia for 5 years, I am a snow lover! And the Atlanta area really doesn't ever get any! I am so jealous!

Debra Dixon said...

Wow! We so don't see that kind of snow in the South. So pretty to look at but probably not so pretty to live with.

I loved seeing these pics Cindy!

Emmanuelle said...

Wow, great pictures !! Here in Paris we've only had our first snow flakes yeasterday morning. Of course it only lasted a few minutes and it didn't stick to the ground but it was nice to watch ;-)

Cindy Gerard said...

Deb, Nutty Mother, Dina and all - so glad you enjoyed the photos.

Emmanuelle - i heard from a friend from Rome yesterday and she's just drooling over all our snow and hoping for some of the white stuff to show up there soon