Thursday, December 10, 2009

Movies We Can't Wait to See!

We haven't chatted about movies for a while, and my movie-going has been sparse since summer, so I am looking forward to this holiday season.  I broke my long stretch away from the theater last weekend by seeing NINJA ASSASSIN.  I know the reviews were horrible, but I was SO in the mood for some action.  I anticipated it would be bloody (Oh, man, was it!  I don't honestly believe the human body is going to gush like that for some of those wounds.)  But you know?  I loved this one.  It had the action I needed, a touch of tender (yes really!) romance, and good motivation for the hero to go ninja on everyone.  And the star was not hard on the eyes either.  Oh, baby, those abs!  His name is Rain, and he is a South Korean pop star, or so the interwebs tells me.  I totally believed him as a tormented ninja.  I want to give my current hero a knife-on-a-chain weapon just like his.  If you are in the mood for action, go see it.  (Just close your eyes the first five minutes if you're not into gushing stuff.)

Here are some I'm looking forward to:

AVATAR - Okay, I admit I'm not too sure about this one.  It looks like the story will be fabulous, maybe a touch of an environmental finger-wagging, but that's fine.  James Cameron usually delivers.  I can even get into the blue creatures (maybe).  Biggest draw is Sam Worthington who I last saw in the recent Terminator.  He is charming.  And every time I see the trailer, the part where he's introduced to his avatar, and he smiles that sweet, excited smile?  Sigh...  The only thing that will keep me away is time.  I just have a sense that this is one of those 3 hour movies.  Hmm..

My next must-see is NINE.  One reason alone will see me in the theater that opening weekend:  Daniel Day Lewis.  'Nuff said.  Or is it?  The cast of female co-stars is stunning.  And I don't even care that it's a musical.  Heck, I'm hoping it has some Moulin Rouge, fun, colorful, vibrant, sexy vibes to it.  I predict I'll be singing "Be Italian" for days to follow.

Both Avatar and Nine open on the 18th.  On the 25th, these are my picks:

THE YOUNG VICTORIA starring Emily Blunt who won our hearts in The Devil Wears Prada who was just 'one more stomach flu away from fitting into that dress'.  Rupert Friend plays Prince Albert, and well, I'm still dreaming about his role as the aloof lover in CHERE.  He is a gorgeous man, and an excellent actor.  This movie will be my costume-drama indulgence.  Of course, that means I'll be seeing it myself.  (Probably will have to see Nine myself too, unless I can convince hubby he needs to see Fergie playing a prostitute and Kate Hudson shimmying.)

Who doesn't want to see SHERLOCK HOLMES?    We saw an extended trailer before Ninja and oh yes, it looks awesome.  Action!  Adventure!  Mystery!  Robert Downy Jr.!  Jude Law!  Robert and Jude in some playful scenes that toy with their sexuality!  Guy Ritchie!  A good time will most definitely be had by all.

And finally, on Xmas day THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS opens.  Sigh...  A bittersweet goodbye to an amazing actor.  Though the movie looks odd, and I don't anticipate it to knock my socks off, I cannot stay away.  One last chance to admire Heath Ledger's awesome talent.

So what movies are you looking forward to this holiday season?  Do you go to movies on Xmas day?  With the whole family?  Or do you and your sweetie slip out one night to nosh on popcorn and snuggle in the dark while you stare at the screen?



Deborah Grace Staley said...


My family and I always go to the movies on Christmas Day. We get up and open presents, we eat all day -- snacky things with ham biscuits thrown in -- and watch movies on television and football, whichever is more interesting.

In the evening, whenever we feel the urge, we go to the movies. Sometimes it's the matinee and sometimes we wait and go later. We missed the tradition last year because I was sick on Christmas day, but we're looking forward to Sherlock Holmes this year!

All the best,

Deborah Grace Staley

amy kennedy said...

Deborah, that sounds lovely and so non-stressful...sigh.

Michele, I didn't need to see who wrote today's post, not when the first movie was Ninja Assasin! I love it. Can't wait to see it either.

Love your picks -- I'm literally having almost a panic attack (in a good way)whenever I think about Sherlocke Holmes.

But the first movie I'll probably see this holiday season is The Princess and the Frog -- and I'm happy about that too.

Playground Monitor said...

We're blogging about movies today too. GMTA, huh?

I want to see The Blind Side. #2 son and I tried to see it at Thanksgiving and it was sold out. So we're hoping it will still be on when he gets home for Christmas.

And Sherlock's definitely on my list too. Probably have to see it after I get home from my Christmas visit to my mom's house though.

And I wouldn't mind taking my granddaughter to see The Princess and the Frog. She's enamored of princesses now.


Emmanuelle said...

I'm more into romantic comedies. I'm really looking forward "Did You Hear About the Morgans" with Hugh Grant ans Sarah Jessica Parker stranded in Wyoming ;-)

Helen Brenna said...

Michele, you and I seem to have similar tastes in moves, so I think you just made out my list for me!

We usually go to a movie on Christmas day, but this year we're out of town. Shaking things up a bit!

Michele Hauf said...

Amy, is that how you see me? A ninja-assassin-loving weirdo? {lip quiver} It was all about the romance, i say! ;-)

The Blind Side. Forgot about that one. Looks awesome. Only heard good things about it.

The Princess and The Frog looks great too, but I am lacking grandkids to take to it. Not that I don't go to cartoons by myself...UP was fantastic!

The Morgans could be good or bad. I get a sense from the trailer that that's all there is for laughs. But I adore both Hugh and Sarah Jessica, so I think I'll wait to read reviews before deciding.

Debra Dixon said...

I'll be at Sherlock on opening day!

KylieBrant said...

I'm looking forward to Matt Damon in The Informant and Invictis, Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side and Morgan Freeman in Mandela. It's been a dry stretch for me since I've been to the movies so after this book is done I'm going to gorge myself!

Betina Krahn said...

The Blind Side was great-- Sandra Bullock should get an Oscar! Can't wait for Avatar and Sherlock.

We often go to the movies on Christmas Day, too.

On the IPhone and texting... Sorry for the brevity. Love your suggestions, Hauf!

lois greiman said...

i definitely see you as a ninja chick, michele.

but what about it's complicated with streep and baldwin. i love meryl.

i'm with you on all the movies. can't wait.

Michele Hauf said...

It's Complicated. I want to see Meryl, but Steve Martin? Sort of squicks me out if he has a romance with her. Hmm.... We'll see, though.

catslady said...

We make New Year's Eve our movie day/night with a nice dinner in between with friends and family. Usually there's at least a dozen of us. Some start out early in the day and others come later. Sherlock will probably be one of the movies and I do want to see Avatar. Blind Side and Lovely Bones are also on my list.

amy kennedy said...

Oh yeah, The Blind Side, my 10 year old, football lover really wants to see that too. And It's Complicated looks great.

Michele, I believe you on the romance thing, but puh-lease, I know you're an action kind of gal.

Up was fantastic!

Cindy Gerard said...

Loved the Blind Side. Nicely done and just, well, I loved it.
Want to see Sherlock. Also want to see The Morgans , It's Complicated and Precious.
Good list, Michele!!

Christie Ridgway said...

We go to movies a lot over the holidays. Lots of good ones! I knew nothing about Nine until I caught a commercial on TV last night (Glee?) and caught a glimpse of all those co-stars. Wow.

I saw Brothers with my mom this week. Heavy. Sad. Also uplifting, a bit.

Will see Blind Side tomorrow, in the morning, with girlfriends.

Cindy Gerard said...

Oh - there's a new George Clooney movie I want to see also - not the goat thing but another one. Anyone know the name of that one?

Michele Hauf said...

Up In The Air, i think, is Clooney's flik. I want to hear reactions from others before I decide to see that one, though the media seems to think it's awesome.

Kathleen Eagle said...

I haven't been to the theater in a while, and some of the movies I wanted to see have probably come and gone. I want to see "The Men Who Stare At Goats" and the other Clooney one. Dying to see Viggo in "The Road" but I don't know whether it's still out or ever even made the cineplexes. The new "Christmas Carol" with Jim Carrey and "The Princess and the Frog" are on my list for the holidays with the grands.

Pamela Keener said...

I am looking forward to Brothers, Precious & Sherlock Holmes.
Love & Hugs,